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NID1055- Pyramid Symbol®

2020-05-31. Pyramid Symbol.


North Idaho May 31, 2020   NID #1055

Pyramid symbol / unknown      TR: Cathy



unknown: Equality is more than a dreamy concept.  It is rooted in the experience and perception of each individual.  As society releases the bonds of the past and the misconception that has been implanted by forces working in their own personal interests,  the opportunity is open for a shift in group awareness and a realization that new ways of connecting are needed.  We on the Correcting Time team see this as a positive shift that will help bring hearts together with a focus on divine concepts and unity.  You have the opportunity to shine your light on the aspects of Spirit and unity.  Become an active participant in peace and harmony.  Listen to the voices around you to find a junction, a focus of commonality, to build on. It is there to discover.

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