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NID1058- Father’s Day Message®

2020-06-21.  Father’s Day Message.


North Idaho TEAM June 21, 2020 – NID #1058

Michael   TR: Cathy



Michael.  On this day in honor of Father’s Day ==  I join you to recognize the power of our Heavenly Father.

On your planet the original Adam was to provide guidance and example for all Fathers.  In the Adamic default this visual example was removed.  There were memories of strong Fatherhood retained in some families.  In these troubling times of upheaval, it is the Father’s role of guidance and strength that will be enabled to bring the harmony and peace desired.  I am working through the Correcting Time to enhance the connection with this concept as it was originally brought by Adam and Eve.  Community with strong family will b e a key element in bringing brotherhood and harmony to all on the planet.  Proceed in joy to enhance the Harmony and connection we desire.

I bring you my Peace.

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