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NID1060- Light Opportunities in Dark Times®

2020-07-05.  Light Opportunities in Dark Times.

North Idaho July 5,  2020   – NID # 1060


Machiventa   TR : Cathy

Machiventa. It is good to see the celebration of freedom and family in these turbulent times.  You are strategically placed throughout the United States, and indeed the world, to provide a network of connection.  Connected with spirit and our Divine parents, each light worker is an opportunity to vanquish the surrounding darkness.  Remember the dark exists in smaller pockets and is diminishing constantly when brought to Light.  Each of you strengthens the circuit to correct these areas of darkness.  To some it seems like overwhelming dark, but remember that you have only a localized perspective and may be in a concentrated dark that does not exist in other areas.  You have the power of intention as a tool and have been trained in its use.  This may be why you are in this “opportunity zone”.  We support and uplift you in Being the Light that is needed.

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