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NID19- Humility Service Duty Destiny

No Idaho #19   Sessions 1-3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Elyon-January-1994
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Abraham, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Plans
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Humility, Service
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Lesson
 4.1.1 Duty
 4.1.2 Destiny
o 4.2 Closing
• 5 Session 3
o 5.1 Opening
o 5.2 Lesson
 5.2.1 Opportunity
o 5.3 Dialogue
 5.3.1 Teacher Contact
o 5.4 Closing

Topic: Elyon-January-1994
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Abraham, Michael
TR: Jonathan

Session 1
ABRAHAM: I extend my thanks to you for your purposes and the extension into your life activities. I am Abraham, Machiventa’s partner in this mission.

It is pleasing for me to witness those of my ancestry, those of origin on the very sphere where I took my initial flight of faith, extending themselves so wholeheartedly toward the purpose of Michael. I am greatly cheered by the progress being made at this time on this sphere, as it is my goal to do what I can to help this planet. I lend my support to you in all your efforts toward accomplishing our shared purpose.

Do be assured that I am contributing to the project so near at hand. It will bring surprises to you as you work towards this event to witness our guidance and our help as you step forward and lead the way. We will not only draw you toward beneficial aspects, but we will wholeheartedly be at your side to help you fulfill what you choose for yourself to accomplish.

This event is one that intrigues all the teaching associates of mine. However, I ask you to hold in your mind’s eye the clarity that this event is mainly for your human brethren. It is for them that you are drawn to this service. Teachers are to help you. Be not concerned that you must entertain us, or that you may perchance disappoint us. We are most thrilled, and we will be on the staff with you helping. This is my comment tonight. Good bye for now.

Simeon: I’m kind of getting a concept. That the best organization or coordination is done by those hardly seen. It isn’t as pronounced. When something is running effectively, those who are running it need not be pronounced or highly visible to allow a smooth, continuous operation. I’m getting that if we take this approach in bringing forward this gathering, simply coordinating the information and letting it flow to its logical conclusion, that it will be much smoother than if we try to make every event the most special, or over-organize. Simple is effective; just to take what we have and utilize it to the best of our abilities in a way that is conducive to all. (thought to be from Elyon)

Humility, Service
CHRIST MICHAEL: Good evening my children. It pleases me to be among you tonight. In getting ready for your event, remember what is the purpose of my mission: the furthering of the Father’s will, the recognition of your brotherhood with each other, the cooperation and love shared among all.

Topics are an interesting conversation for the furtherance of the individual in this mission, but forget not the teachings of the mission itself. These are what must be spread to those outside your circle. These are that which will change Urantia, which will bring it into Light and Life. My love and support is with you always. Call on me at will. I am there. This is Michael. Stay with it.

Jonathan: Thank you, Michael. When Simon mentioned the concept that came to him of unrecognized and behind the scenes service, I kept feeling this thought of humility. On reflecting it seems like there is a way to be humble and yet very active, getting some thing done and doing the Father’s will without being entangled in self-recognition, or those kinds of things. Then there is the (false) humility that says I can’t possibly do this.

Simon: I was thinking on that too, that it isn’t necessarily saying that just because we’re willing to take on the ideas of coordinating this conference that we should be uninvolved with the process. If you wanted to do some presentation, like the relationship of the T/R to the teacher, then fine. What I was getting didn’t seem like that’s what was being said. Just that in the coordinating part of the conference, we shouldn’t worry about recognition for our efforts or to think that we have to go out of our way to make it spectacular. These things will take care of themselves if we just take the task at hand.

Daniel: Like we read about the Master’s ability to take the task in front of him and devote everything to that task without the thought of anything but the accomplishment of that task, not what it would do for him, none of that. The Father’s will will be expressed. It will be achieved.

ELYON: I am Elyon. I take great delight in recognizing the growth that you have made in this year’s sojourn I have spent with you. You have made great steps forward in your understanding, for you are now indicating to me that you have attained and are enacting what has been my training for you. The initiative you undertake on your own free will is the very result I strive for in my mission assignment. I want you to know that I am very happy for you and the personal ascent you each are making. I am equally filled with joy for the success I feel my group is making. Keep up the good work.

ELYON:  Listen well to the words of your teachers. The more this unfolds, the more you will recognize how nearly equal we stand with you. This mission has no ranking in regards to attainment. There is no missionary ladder to ascend. We all work for Michael singly and work to help one another. All of us are growing. I will close by saying, “Fight the good fight.”

Session 2
January 7, 1994
CHRIST MICHAEL:  It is a blessing that you give when you offer yourself for the service of your Father in heaven. Know that you cannot find a duty more worthy than to accept His divine leading in your life and to follow it to whatever ends may be.

I hold you dear in my being and I know as a son of mine, you are truly desirous of following the will which my Father sets out for you. I hold you. I love you. I fulfill myself in your being as you fulfill yourself through my being and the being of the Father.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Hold clear in your mind that duty which is before you, that duty of expanding the consciousness of your brethren to what you feel is noble and right and just and truly understandable by the mortal thought process on Urantia. Now is time for the growth of the beings resident on your planet, to understand the capabilities which can be accepted into being. I hold what is new, what is yet to come. Know that I will make my presence known on your planet, and that you may yet witness what I have in store. Be capable of discerning the presence of the Spirit within you. Listen truly for its guidance. It will not fail you. You understand much about where your leading can bring you. Let it. Do not fight the process which is so inherent in bringing forth the material creature to its goal.

I give you such love and I receive from you your love. Know that as you can bestow this love upon others, you will find an increasing sense of belonging and connection within those you can touch. I give nothing away which has not already been given freely by my Father. If you are truly desirous of understanding what I can give to you, I will certainly bestow this upon you. As you can fulfill yourself to what is necessary to bring you forward, then I will fulfill what it is that you long to become; the certain son of destiny which you can be and are. It is given to you because you have such a capability in your being to discern such truth, such love, and to deliver that. Learn about it. Trust it. Understand that you can impact people with your presence, as you can wholeheartedly tune to the Father’s will which guides you from within.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Grow in mind and heart, in purpose and stature. Allow yourself to be true in your approach to others, humble in your approach to the Father, and heartfelt in your reach towards receiving the love and giving the love of your Father. Hold yourself dear. As you can come to love and understand yourself, you will truly impress that on those who would work and be a part around you. Allow yourself to be held by no human bonds. Let the chains of societal ramifications be loose around you. Hold yourself to the highest standard of universe growth, that is the mind, the will, of God. It is capable of choosing you if you are capable of choosing it. It is not a destiny which will play the puppet’s hand. It is a destiny which asks for the receiving hand to accept it.

This is the Will, as defined as you may understand it. It is like a beggar in the night, looking for someone to offer out to it. It will allow itself to be taken by any who would reach out and offer to it. The will of the Father; it is by your standards that you shall see it. As you set yourself forward to attaining this understanding, you will comprehend what is given to you. I set forth upon you my love, my blessing, and my call for you to go forward to understand my Father with more sincere, heartfelt reaching. You know of your love. Devote yourself to this attainment. If you do, then you will be boundless in the opportunity to create a brighter goal.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  I have spoken as your Creator, as your Father. I send you away with a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. Allow yourself to be what needs to be and set this straight before you. Together we shall go.

Session 3
January 26, 1994
ELYON:  Hello again. I observe in you the great ability to adhere to your responsibility as citizens of an era yet to come. Even in your times of recreation you hold central in your life the motivations of spirituality. It is my pleasure to see this in you, and it gives me great hope toward the unfoldment before us all in this calling back into the arms of Michael all planets previously astray.

ELYON:   I am Elyon. I here encourage you further in developing your skill in manifesting the truth as it has become experienced by you. You are my representative extensions to those about. They are of equal interest to me as compared with any who sits to listen to me directly. I hear the longing and the cries of all to answer the depths, the vacuums, that call for filling. I am in a position both to have seen the way of one before the full knowledge of God’s indwelling and now with the complete embrace of fusion.

Now with this attainment, I am drawn toward those whose potential is evident such that I may help them recognize how to reach. Here in this gathering are my extensions. We have work ahead, though it is wondrous to those fortunate enough to have an inkling of what’s ahead. Here is an opportunity to which few are given a chance; turning the tide, the course of drift, into the flow of a universe on a given world. Yours is the pleasure to participate and I say this with more than hope in understanding your dedication. I am finished.

Evelyn: Thank you. I’ve missed you.

ELYON:  I feel the same.

Teacher Contact
Simeon: Could you answer me about how our guides work with us. Tonight when I was talking to my good friends about their marital problems, things were coming out of my mouth that I wasn’t sure I knew. I’m not exactly full of knowledge about relationships. Did Aaron or someone come in and speak?

ELYON:  Here is a subject of great diversity for each teacher companion approaches their contact associate in manners appropriate to the relationship. Aaron has gained a thorough understanding of your mental working and emotional configuration such that he participates with you. It is more detached than your contacts of communication. He is like a spotter along-side a trampoline. Much that goes on works from within you. He does nudge and push, but relies on your having done your homework and paid attention at prior times. He is delighted when he recognizes your expression that meets the moment. Do not worry if you do not make the grade. He takes delight in knowing where the next process of education may begin. The fumbling is only the beginning of the correction, so at all times Aaron enjoys results. Are you comprehending?

Simeon: Most certainly. Thank you very much. I appreciate your presence here too, Elyon, and in my increasing awareness I would welcome you to speak with me anytime.

ELYON:  Yes, and you inviting us increases the likelihood that you will be successful in your ministry.
I am willing to continue our meeting. I desire this time to persuade you to gently abide by your loftier inspirations to make full consciousness of the Father’s presence real as you live each moment, to continue efforts in Adjuster communion. This is the secret to Father awareness. No happier times are had outside of this pursuit. Make the time to embrace your God. Illumination will follow. Elevation to soul perception will continue. Realize, as you have read, this is how our Michael chose to live in your form. I am always willing to be alongside during your endeavors to help you steer the mind toward Him.

I will break this connection at this time. Live the way of Michael. Good night.

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