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NID24- Patience Progress Communion

1994-03-14-Patience Progress Communion
No Idaho #24 Sessions 1-3


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Elyon-March-1994
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Evanson, Elyon, Darid, Malvantra, Shawneewa
o 2.2 TR: Jonathan, Simeon
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Patience, Peace
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Practice
 3.3.2 Correcting Time
 3.3.3 Progress
 3.3.4 Relationship
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Opening
 4.1.1 Teaching Mission
o 4.2 Dialogue
 4.2.1 Objectives
 4.2.2 Manner
 4.2.3 Transmitting
 4.2.4 Divine Executioners
 4.2.5 Service
 4.2.6 Communion
 4.2.7 Transmitting
 4.2.8 Conferences
o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3
o 5.1 Lesson
 5.1.1 Outreach
o 5.2 Dialogue
 5.2.1 Acceptance
o 5.3 Closing

Topic: Elyon-March-1994
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Evanson, Elyon, Darid, Malvantra, Shawneewa
TR: Jonathan, Simeon

Session 1
EVANSON: Hello friends, I am Evanson. I am to warm up this meeting with an opening statement.

Patience, Peace
It is to your benefit to understand the relationship between patience and peace. Patience is a practice undertaken to relieve the lack of peace. Patience leads to peace. When peace is attained, patience is unnecessary, for it is implied within peace. Therefore, as you travel your days there will be ample opportunity to practice the endurance of desire by reason for patience. As you seek the ends, you set your sight upon the frustrations, the wayward leadings, distractions. All can be adequately dealt with by forbearing, by tolerating, by being diligent, by being graceful. You will successfully plow through obstacles rather than stop short because of them.

Once you realize all goals you set are attainable, you will then feel upon you a peace as a condition that can prevail always. In a sense patience is something you practice; peace is a state that you can become. You use patience; you are peaceful. No longer will the need be to bear burdens as you grow in awareness of spirit workings. Your confidence and familiarity will allow you to continue in any effort without feeling a fight to succeed for the fear of failure. It only becomes a matter of time.

In this state you will experience greater success and much less frustration. The Master has said, “Peace be upon you,” and, “Peace I leave with you.” This gift is yours to become. I am done with this. I am happy to receive your response and would allow tine for other teachers as you request.

Evelyn: Evanson, that was very nice. I hadn’t thought about the relationship between patience and peace quite like that. I tend to think of patience and action being opposites. Now I see that patience controls your attitude so that you can make wiser choices. When I’m impatient it clouds my vision. Being patient doesn’t necessarily mean being inactive.

EVANSON: It is true that does not mean apathy or inaction. It is not simply waiting. It can be viewed as a means of pursuing with the understanding that the pursuit will take some time. Patience implies a certain degree of drive; for if there were no drive, there would be no need for patience. Peace makes frustration vanish. It is a calmness which underlines your intentions and secures your desires such that even if you are long thwarted in your attempt to attain an ideal end, you remain stable and secure in your spiritual standing. It is like a platform that secures your standing. How’s that?

Evelyn: I have a tendency to give up rather than pursue patiently. That’s a good distinction to make, that you do need drive in order to practice it. It seems peace and faith are the only way to make sense of the apparent cruelty of life, the suffering that goes on. How can we be surrounded by all these great spiritual beings and yet go through all the vicissitudes? With peace and soul joy those things begin to, if not make sense, at least be easier to endure or watch others endure. Ultimately it will make sense. We just have to be patient.

EVANSON: You are quite correct in your observations. I am happy to observe the quick comprehension of my statement and encourage you to practice this attitude in your days ahead. Thank you.

Evelyn: I will try to keep your words in mind. It’s good to hear from you.

Correcting Time
ELYON: I am Elyon. I am glad to have this time to share, to provide assistance, and to acknowledge your persistence in seeking our counsel, thereby making our efforts rewarding. It is not for our benefit that we are assigned here, but it is to the purpose of lifting you to a stage of human development that is certainly attainable and long overdue.

Here on Urantia lies the task of great reorganization, some uprooting of systems that are deeply ingrained in your cultural mannerisms. There will come many episodes for correction. There will be opportunities for you to indicate to others the path of light and truth. There is much need for all to stand firm and strong for the righteousness they have come to know as truth and goodness. Without these elements presented to others then the cycle of stumbling will continue. It is here we must all apply ourselves; to uphold what we know to be real and to be progressive and to further the process that brings light and life. Have you comment at this time?

Evelyn: It’s a tall order. It’s easy to criticize, to see where we’d like people to behave differently. It’s far more important to fill that role by demonstrating a better way. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the whole planetary situation and not realize that just being a little example is worthwhile.

I’m curious about the cultural mannerisms. Are there any that I practice that you care to point out, or even of us as a group that we need to work on in particular?

ELYON: I do not intend to point out the flaws, as these are better overcome by your efforts to dig them out for yourselves by freely choosing those that must go. I can direct you generally to alert you about certain tendencies that disrupt progress. It is a tendency for mankind to recoil because of uncertainty against a new thought for fear it will invalidate all that preceded. In reality all that came before merely set the stage for the new awareness ahead. Thus, many times efforts are extended to disrupt and to preserve, thereby disrupt the progress and to preserve the response of all new activities in the light of validation that goes, “What is in it for me? How may I benefit?”

The perspective of the universe is to take note of the advancements and, in trying to discern the value, asking, “How will it help mankind? Will it benefit now or are there intervening stages that must precede in order to create a stable result?” These illustrate the mannerisms that can deflect or delay progress; one being fear, the other being the value of self-gratification. Have I been helpful?

Evelyn: Yes, Those are things that I can apply to myself, we can think about as a group, and definitely characterize our society. Yes, those are very good examples. Facing the issue of the “What’s in it for me?” tendency, lately I’ve been thinking about how it’s not important whether we like someone or some activity. It’s very secondary, yet it’s easy to give it unwarranted prominence in our decisions. If we like someone then we are more cooperative, more concerned for their welfare. If we don’t like them we tend to dismiss them. It really doesn’t matter whether we like them or not. We’re all brothers and sisters and we should be more concerned with their needs and how we can serve them.

ELYON: I am pleased with our responses. I will now turn this evening over to Darid. Good night.

DARID:  Hi. Darid here. It is a pleasure that I feel to witness our working upon a thought and concept that I have initiated; the realization of attraction and it’s merit and where it falls short of a greater absorption, that being the overriding concern for all. I say this so as to trigger your conclusion that we are working on the relative difference between love and what you call “like”. It is a value difference much in the pattern of Evanson’s presentation of patience and peace. There are attitudes we all can choose. One is close at hand, immediately applicable, easy to engage in. The other is overriding yet supportive, sort of all encompassing that will broadly extend in effect beyond the effect of the smaller though useful attitude.

I am greatly pleased, even overjoyed, to take this time to acknowledge that we are doing good work. It is important that we keep our minds open, that we be willing to receive what comes to us as events unfold, even when they do not necessarily quench our thirst they may be very important for another. They may at times be like extra weight in your pack which you must carry that later on will be beneficial to have brought with you. The requirement may not be pleasurable for sometime. What do you wish to offer at this time?

Evelyn: (Asked some questions about some family relationships being shallow.)

DARID: There is great uncertainty and insecurity in all concerned. The individuals of whom you speak are each so uninvolved with the lives of the others that even some curiosity about what another is doing has little place to start its probing. The time is short, the desire for pleasantries and, therefore, continual contact results in staying superficial, the fear being if too much is known polarization may result. As you indicate to me, you would like depth. This would in reality bring close camaraderie and is most desirable. It is when individuals feel threatened that depth is avoided. Sort of the less they know the better it will be. There is a desire for friendship but, without any common experiences, there is no certainty as to where to start.

I offer that you share with them regularly the trivial incidences of your life so that they can piece together their own perspective of you and what you are up to. As you do well now, create always the environment for them to share, and let them do so to exhaustion. In this process they will realize that the sharing is acceptable to you. It does not destroy the relationship, and they will reciprocate to know you. It will require that you hold love strong, that you maintain peace with yourself for it may be one way for a long time. You will need patience and you will (?) with what you like and dislike.

I am aware of the degrees of spiritual pursuit that your kinfolk make. They are proceeding well. There is a long road of ascension for everyone. Many skills to be acquired by each personality may be waiting for another realm. It is good for you to make the effort to provide the opportunity. It is not for you to take on the burden of having this become a completed accomplishment.

Evelyn: Thank you very much.

DARID: I am going to take leave at this point and close our engagement by saying that as you seek with sincerity the way of Michael, you receive with certainty his hand of guidance. This is a cycle that repeats itself and gives rise to the eventual beholding of one another in divine embrace. He spoke a profound truth when he said, “Seek and you shall find.” Good night.

Session 2
March 16, 1994
Teaching Mission
ELYON: Hello good friends, I am your teacher , Elyon. I am delighted at your ability to pursue the course you follow herewith great dedication. It is not easy to undergo this process while unable to verify in terms that are tangible to you our presence. Yet you have transcended these difficulties by the exercise of faith. You are well beyond the pitfalls that many experience. It is my pleasure to have such dedicated workers with me in this mission. It is no doubt that we will be in association for a great time, and it will be a wonderful undertaking for us all. My main purpose is to bring again the message of Michael to this world and to do this through you all and as you all for I am unable to reach your fellows directly in the way that you are very capable of doing.

So, I look to you as my extension to make this ministry manifest in your realm and for the upliftment of your brothers and your sisters. By making this time available for myself you are providing an opportunity for me to accomplish what I have dedicating myself toward fulfilling. It is not an easy thing to be so on alert and ready for your teachers as you are very much integrated into your physical realm. But you do well. It is, as I say, to my great pleasure that this does occur. Thank you. I am here for question and I have my associates in attendance as well. We all are open for your inquiry at any time.

Simeon: Thank you, Elyon. It is good to hear from you. Sometimes you can impart more information in a small meeting than you can in a general group. Is there something specific we can work towards in our work?

ELYON: I agree that these small gatherings offer opportunity for deeper investigation into concerns of yours for when I address any assembly I must toke into account each and every volitional being and make my address so that all may derive some benefit. When we gather this intimately I have fewer parameters that need consideration. I am then willing to extend farther.

The greatest undertaking for you this time in our reinstatement into system function is for you to be what you discern as the way that Michael would be if he stood in your shoes. For you to actually own the idea that Michael lives in you and to manifest this continually. I know it is a delicate issue for it is hard to express to your neighbors this reality without the risk of yourself, feeling that you are somehow holier. In actuality for demonstration is intended to encourage another to be likewise. It is important that you go about doing good without recognition for this way you attain the attitude of Jesus without recognition.

In so doing you strengthen yourself for many, many tasks that are going to come your way. A time will arise when others will acknowledge your standing in the mission and will want to elevate you. This time is an important interval wherein you may establish a base of understanding where you know you are representing Michael, and it is him alone that you reveal.

Do not worry over others, for they will have their processes to work out. It is good that you all assemble and attempt to engage yourselves in good conduct, for there is greater accomplishment had in this manner. I am not one to choose an activity for you but rather to instigate within you a motivation to at all times be in the frame of the Master and select all activities that clearly uphold this ideal. Have I been helpful?

Simeon: Yes, you have, and I appreciate your help. At work people see me as on the edge, the religious guy,..

ELYON: I am pleased.

Simeon: Well, whether it’s good or bad. So, I rehearse and play the preacher jokingly. Sometimes I talk personally with people about values. It’s difficult to balance at work. There is a smorgasbord of people, there so I worry I go too far for some who may overhear what I’m saying. How do you feel I could better balance the humor and other elements?

ELYON: Most importantly the result of your activity should be the amplification of higher values. Beyond this, I should say, below this, the form you express is not as relevant in that you may choose any scenario as long as the result is for the glory of God. It is best to focus your attention on the individuals you are in direct exchange with. Clearly express yourself even in jest to them. If by being overly sensitive to others in periphery you will become distracted and unable to deliver clearly to your targeted individual, consider that those who overhear even though they may take your comments in a light otherwise than you intended, it is in actuality another seed you plant for another act in the play that you may unfold with them.

So, do not concern yourself with them until the time arrives but recall that Jesus put all at ease who were in his presence. Therefore, as you make light and play this is good. Always provide a lofty notion that can rise above the drama and linger within these people. As they go on in their lives there will be other events they encounter which will recollect your efforts and benefit will ensue.

Simeon: Thank you. I will try to keep on the higher way.

Last Tuesday I was disappointed in myself and felt Aaron was disappointed for my choking off in fear that I might get the message unclearly. What if I stated something that was pure baloney? I still don’t have as much faith as I’d like to think I have. Any comments?

ELYON: In effort to emphasize our acceptance of your action I will let Malvantra speak.

MALVANTRA: Here am I. I will firstly remind you that this experience of transmitting and receiving is 100% a free choice event. It is not an obligation that you must bear for any teacher. It is strictly your choice to be in this role of providing conduction from one teacher to another. Therefore, will Aaron and all other attendant or visiting instructors provide contact and accept always that a message may fall short in its delivery. It is true that Aaron squirmed, as he does take his task seriously.

He did not find fault in you personally only the realization that more time must transpire before you could connect with an answer. That is where he . …(patient?) of your concern to represent Aaron with a clear conscience that you are not interjecting. So, your frustration is noted by us as a good sign. Do feel free to withhold information if you are tipped sideways while it comes along. It is more important the message be delayed rather than denigrated. Have I clarified this dilemma for you?

Simeon: Yes. As far as me as a transmitter, in personal sessions I would give more leeway. But with vague and open questions, as a struggling TR, if they ask questions of a personal nature to test me, can I limit that, or is that up to the teacher? I don’t like being thrown a curve when I’m trying to be calm and relaxed.

MALVANTRA: It is to the benefit of your teachers efforts that you retain calmness, clarity, as you indicated. Do realize that there will be times when inquisitors will test the spirits, so to speak. This is not new in the human race. You do have liberty in limiting these questions as equally as does Aaron. He may, as you know, defer to the time of a private session an answer. But if you do enter into a tailspin, it is good for you likewise to put it off, for Aaron wishes to help the other. If the translation in you goes off he has greater work ahead.

The only caution I provide you is to learn to sense when the student is open and the teacher is clear and Simeon is disturbed. That time may be one when your may need to pause, re-compose, and issue forth. It is an act of discernment that is tricky.

Simeon: I appreciate your comments. Not to test the spirits, but would it be possible to set up a time to work on issues and clarity? My problem is I’m a comfortable surface transmitter but a very uncomfortable personal transmitter. With this group there are more personal issues that come up. My experience is as a group TR delivering lessons and fielding questions on a variety of subjects. I haven’t had to deal with personal issues. To continue on this I need to work on this.

MALVANTRA: This is good. Note that such a gathering as now underway in your Friday sessions. The messages you are involved in transferring to groups are familiar to you for you have walked the path of light for some time. As you have learned to trust and turn over to the teachers and witnessed in amazement how they deliver, you have gained faith in the process. As you make yourself available for, as you say, the deeper issues, you will again undergo the same mechanics of turning over, allowing the expression, reviewing your sessions, and sitting back in amazement at how well it unfolded. Again, this will increase your faith. My words are, give it a try. With the Father holding your heart nothing can go wrong in a grievously serious way. Be ready to bounce. Remember that in every drop there is a rise.

Simeon: Thank you.

Divine Executioners
Evelyn: My question is off on a tangent. I was reading in the Urantia Book about Divine Executioners. What caught my eye was that they are part of a group of four working on the planets. The Divine Executioners are quasi-material and work in connecting with material beings. Is there anything more that could be revealed to us about them? Do they have a part in this mission? I understand they settle disputes.

MALVANTRA: Numerous groups of four reside here on this planet. The disputes they take part in adjudicating quite often are among the unseen populace. These contentions that arise among your Midway brothers and truly among the teachers . ..(inaudible) . .. be the Divine Executioner is able to alleviate some of the conflict by being so positioned as to bridge the gap between your supernal brethren and yourselves, thereby demonstrating for them some of your orientation, thereby clarifying and illuminating the reconciliation between them.

You will not necessarily encounter them this time, as the conflicts that you all encounter do not have the same weighty ramifications that your higher brethren’s do. But as things proceed on your planet there may come a time when human affairs are so much the more integrated with spirit affairs that conflicts will arise, and you will behold their manifestation. Have I helped?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you. I can see that.

The idea of gifts, some people know what they are supposed to do, that God has created them as a certain sort of person, they have a certain role to fill. Others, like myself, feel like we figure it out as we go along. Freewill seems to play a larger part than gifts, being some narrow mode of expression that we’re predestined to fulfill. Could you comment on that?

ELYON: Freewill is the largest factor in how your life unfolds. Recall the parable of the talents and the one who buried his choose to do so. It is true many are suited to fulfill certain activities, functions while alive here. Some recognize them and act on them. Others never know where their talent lies. And then there are those who sadly squelch theirs out of fear, out of embarrassment, out of improper instruction, or even pervert the gift to selfish means. Yes, freewill determines what will unfold. Do you find satisfaction?

Evelyn: Yes, the story of the talents is a good way to look at it. Some of the uses of the talents weren’t so much wrong as under expressed.

ELYON: I will add that if you know not your talent and never bring it to manifestation, you are not wrong. It is a deliberate burying that causes error. So do not lose sleep wondering what you are not doing when you do not know what that is. Seek with the knowledge and when you recognize it, make your choices and proceed. I detect some fatigue in Jonathan. He would like to be released. I am available if Simeon is willing. If not, I will always be around. I will pause.


Jonathan: As a form of bait, I would like to ask a question. Jesus reached a point in his life when formal contact with the Father wasn’t so important because he was in more or less constant communion with the Father. I have been having difficulty finding time regularly for meditation lately. Although I catch moments off and on during the day, I don’t think I come close to what the Master did. How do I provide incentives for myself to find that formal time?

ELYON: Do not apply guilt to this season of activity which draws your heart desires in a temporary fashion. Sometimes the road requires detour, catch a bite on the run…(tape flipped) Create the moments of awareness more often. Consciously work to rely on the presence indwelling you to join you. As well, take your being to task for your windows of opportunity lost and foresee how you can better approach the structuring and organization of your time and energy. Release guilt from thought for even though (lesson? unclear) . your specific reach, the time you spend in higher thought.

Jonathan: Thank you. The ideal is constant, unbroken communion with God. I know meditation and worship time is the way to attain that. I reject that my shallow catches here and there are any substitute for concerted effort toward quiet time. Your mentioning guilt is insightful. When I feel guilt I tend to ignore it altogether rather than return to a disciplined meditation time. If I could release that then I could return to what I “should” do.

ELYON: This, friend, is a reshuffling of awareness that you are involved in. Know that awkwardness is only steps from here to there. You will find the time. That found that… time creates a dis-sensitivity to specific awareness of our presence. It is becoming more comfort able as we continue. But it is noted that we are a little bit rusty.

Evelyn: When you say that it was rusty, was there anything that Jonathan said that you would now say differently, that Simeon could express differently or more clearly?

ELYON: Always there is a difference of release dependent on a few factors: motivation, sincerity, heightened awareness, relaxation. But in my release to begin converse with Simeon, he was unsure of the connection because the time that we have not communicated directly creates a certain dis-sensitivity.

Jonathan: In light of this sensitivity, I think of the honeymoon effect. Sensing the teachers is at first a rush. After awhile one grows used to that. I want to keep in mind not growing so used to it that I don’t seek the relationship. You remind me to continue to move forward to develop our relationship.

ELYON: This is true. As you come to understand the presence more clearly and it becomes second nature, your passion subsides somewhat. This is when the initiation of learning takes a new direction. In the beginning you have much excitement, curiosity. As this becomes controlled, you then have possible two directions; the need for further sensual stimulation and the desire for increased informative dialogue. We would prefer the latter. Though it is good to continually seek the presence, not to become fixated on this. The call for balance.

Jonathan: Next week is the anniversary of when you pushed me out of the nest. Up till then I felt maybe yes, maybe no. Thank you for that nudge allowing me to enter into this new phase.

ELYON: You have entered for a time. This is not new for you and your pursuit is lauded.

Jonathan: Thank you. In the past I tried not to go overboard in sharing what was impressed on me. Now I think, in light of the Teaching Mission, I can give credit where credit is due. If a teacher is working that is fine. Others may not understand, we may have to work quietly for awhile. Thank you for confirmation that there has been work in the past.

ELYON: Yes, you have a good balance in your approach. You can come more often for growth and understanding personally. Take steps to increase your participation with the presences throughout your day. But remember when you have the time and opportunity that we are but a stone’s throw away.

I would ask a question of you about your views on how this gathering is coming about, for now you have initiated the first point of no return. I have seen stress and relief, curiosity and excitement levels. How do you see yourselves in taking on this enterprise going forth in a positive light?

Jonathan: I find it exciting hearing from folks. It was something of a fantasy, and now we are hearing from real people. Simeon is in contact with many people, for me it’s new and exciting and I’m proud to be involved especially in light of the negative press going around lately. I’m willing to go down with the clowns, so to speak. Hopefully it will be a renewal for everyone around the country and awareness of our brotherhood.

ELYON: The clowns smile and bring smiles, too.

Simeon: I’ve had some stress and relief. I’m dedicated to it. I feel we’ve done the right things. It’s up to us and the spiritual advisers how this goes from here. I remember your comments that if we initiate this you will take it in hand and spread the word. We hold you to that advertisement campaign.

Jonathan: I have a calm confidence that Teaching Mission people are so oriented towards camaraderie rather than needing to be entertained that they will jump in and make this happen. We share our teachers. I have the notion, “You won’t believe how many will attend!”

Simeon: Don’t say that! That could mean 5 or 500.

Jonathan: I think that refers to teachers.

Evelyn: Well, at least they don’t have to reserve space.

(A lot of joking about the teachers arguing about who goes first and needing a Divine Executioner to settle their disputes. And maybe we should be worried about the conference, why did Elyon bring it up?)

ELYON: There are many advisers on our side here who are communicating about this event, and brother Ham’s response to his group is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be an increased effort to attach this gathering as an opportunity in advancement in fellowship. Keep this approach for you must know that there ware many who will come looking for an answer for what this is all about. Some of us will be coming with this same question.

For your information only, Will, Daniel, LinEl. Rocman, Rayson, Felicia, these teachers have already made their intent known even if they have not notified their students. For the ones that I could not bring through (Simeon) there are many more. Some visitors may come from other planetary efforts for there is always excitement when a gathering takes place. And, of course, you did invite the universe.

Balance yourselves in your efforts understanding that you have a role to fulfill in coordinating and bringing forth this gathering. Relax in knowing that most of the details will take care of themselves. Be efficient in your response to increase and volunteers. Would you have any more questions ?

Find time to bathe in sunlight for you have given and pursued nobly. Continue and let your burdens be light. Bring the atmosphere of camaraderie, and the bleachers will be filled. Good night.

Session 3
March 23, 1994


MALVANTRA: . ..the answers seem to find. Have not doubt as to your purpose simply to fulfill what you believe from your personal responsiveness to your Father fragment in dwelling you (some lost) No other way exists than to proceed slowly with your understanding. Do not shy away from your beliefs, carry them with you. Do not change your approach when you feel certain that it is truth that is guiding you, knowing always that truth is sensitive and just, as well. In growing forward is it wise to revert to prior status? Or must you go forward to find what lies ahead? Share in confidence the message of Michael which comes to you in your heart reach. Remember that the argument is in proportion to your uncertainty of actuality. Kindly pull(?) the bounds which tells you that all sides must be seen. From this you derive the approach containing the largest measure of truth possible. I am Malvantra. I seek in my efforts to move for the coexistence of growth with the lovers of truth, beauty, and goodness.

ELYON: I am your guide, I am your trusted teacher, and I am your fellow in faith, Elyon. I am always pleased to receive the embrace and touch of our Melchizedek, for he is one who brings perspective that we all seek to attain. He is our elder brother, ever willing to draw us into the awareness that he holds within. I am at this point able to introduce Shawneewa. She is one who beholds light, manifests the love. She is capable of great instruction and is ever willing to minister to her kin.

Shawneewa: I am here. I thank you for the reception. I am willing to present my thoughts as you are willing to receive. Bring into your being the radiance that surrounds you . … embrace. Release, let go the love, shower upon your brothers and sisters, let light cascade on all. Be as a spigot gushing with this love. If you can exhibit this that you know, you will encourage others to grasp, to own, to share of this reality. I am for you, V. I have been about and among you for quite some time. It is now that I make my name known. We shall continue our relationship for quite some time. Thank you for all for receiving.

Group: Thank you.

Evelyn: I have a question for whichever teacher cares to respond. This evening I got a call from P. If you know anything about him, do you have any suggestions on how to deal with him in a constructive fashion? I try to be moved with the spirit, but I do often react impulsively.

ELYON: Accept this one who seeks our Father with open arms, knowing fully that he is sincere and trusting the God we share. He has as you note great difficulties to surmount which may require a great length of time. As he seeks he will encourage your input. My advice is to provide as you can with full knowledge that there will be no resolution, no conclusion, at any given encounter. He is one with a heart wide open. Take only a step, be not concerned for the extent that must be traversed. This one is for you to minister, to uplift, to acknowledge, to share as he grows. Your comments?

Evelyn: I like him and admire his God-focus. His quirks make him difficult. I look for common ideals but he is so wired, he has to have something to rave about, to disagree about. So, I agree that there won’t be resolution, it would just shift to something else. We should initiate contact, and not always let him be the one to call.

ELYON: This is good. Note that normal mind is relative. As we observe it would be easy to conclude there is no normal mind here. (laughs) It is the task of all to embrace each other and make efforts to uplift. (tape flipped)

Simeon: I feel a lot of presence tonight. I keep telling them not to come through me.

Evelyn: Thanks, Simeon.

ELYON: This signals the times are turning. As you come out of what you feel is a slow cycle of the winter to the spring, you can feel the restlessness for action and the direction varies. The time to look for connection, it is a busy time ahead, indeed, for you will see growth coming into your patterns, and you will respond. Feel the greatness of being alive, the lesson constructs which can avail your senses. Be in love with love and be in love with life.

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