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NID533- Teaching Mission Questions

2008-10-14.  Teaching Mission Questions

No Idaho #533

Topic: Teaching Missoin Questions, Spirit of Truth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, we’re back once again to invite you to join us as we come together in the pursuit of service under the banner of the Q/A session of the week. We know you always provide your loving, nurturing assistance as we attempt to position ourselves properly to be conduits for the grace that we know you would bring to the equation. Thank you for this grace that brings us that which we seek in this process. Thank you for the love that we feel as we turn to you and seek your guidance in this process. May all that we do be pleasing in your sight as we arrive with our sincerity and our intention to be of service in this hour, in this way. We ask you to help us welcome Monjoronson to this forum that has been created for this purpose. We are sure that you hear our petitions and would join us in this process. We seek your blessing as we move forward in this process together. We are sure that we receive it from you, thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation and to join with you to promote this portal that we enjoy together at this time. We are ready to begin with the questions, thank you.


1 – Do Teaching Mission Groups Get Evaluated by the Teachers to Make Improvements?

Q#1: [Mary] Hi Monjoronson, there are two questions here relating to the Teaching Mission. Could you give us some idea about how the Teaching Mission groups operate now in that when a session is over with a teacher for a given week, is there some sort of evaluation process that the teaching corps makes at the end of the session to determine what adjustments to the group as far as who continues to participate in the content of future lessons? Is there some evaluation that the teaching corps uses after a session occurs?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question, there is in fact multiple layers of assessments that go on as these lessons are presented and received by eager students. We are in constant observation of how any given lesson or curriculum is received and we are constantly modifying the lesson plans to accommodate the interests of the students. In a sense we do our very best to follow you through the process and go where your interest is and pursue what you desire to pursue.

This is the most effective approach we have found and where this is not available as an option to us we will deliver a lesson designed to instigate this interest and thought wherein we may follow you where that may lead. Certainly there are basic lessons and concepts which are promoted such as stillness and the ever present desire to find the divine guide within but this is a highly interactive process wherein we have our greatest results when we speak to the question and interests of the students.

That same truth is evident in this format we use in this moment. We do not start out offering lessons to generate thought, but rather we solicit patterns of interest where we may expand on awareness that is already in flux. It is always true that there is a critical matter of timing that students must be ready for the lesson or else it may be wasted, although nothing of spiritual significance is ever truly wasted, it may simply lie dormant for some time until the interest of the individual is aroused and then it may be utilized.

And so the answer to your question is most definitely there in a constant effort to observe and evaluate the effectiveness of any of these communications and we have noticed as perhaps you have that we are most successful when we are speaking to your own interests. Thank you for this question.

2 – Will the Teaching Mission Become Blended with Non-Teaching Mission Groups Someday?

Q#2: [Mary] Also, related to the Teaching Mission, is there a reason to expect that the Teaching Mission might be blended in the future with other non Teaching Mission groups who also have celestial contact and perhaps doing so in the hope of bringing people to at least using the same language to describe universe cosmology and the names of the types of personalities revealed?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question. You may in fact have every reason to suspect that the many aspects and facets, some of which you refer to the Teaching Mission, will all interplay with each other as this entire program moves forward. You mentioned the Teaching Mission as your area of consideration but as you are well aware, we will stop at nothing to work within other frameworks and contexts to reach all those who would seek and all those who might be willing to find.

And so it is that there will be this blending of all the different aspects out there eventually being unified under the common awareness that any possible difference that may be experienced is but a fragment of the whole and therefore a piece of the bigger puzzle. Truth abounds in all areas and this blending together is a means to accept that truth is pervasive throughout. But when you refer to using a single language to promote a single awareness and understanding, this betrays the very act of blending together all the diverse ingredients for it is not so much desired that there be a common language of understanding as that there be within every language, an understanding.

There may be no direct translation between languages but there can be a common awareness among languages that may be shared. This allows for the diversity and the differences and the distinctions while still unifying with principles and values and truths. So I would encourage this idea of blending and add in the generous component of diverse languages and word symbols all attempting to describe the same truths and principles for it is not necessary that all humans on this planet use one language but it is desired that they have one understanding.

So however this may be accomplished, coalescing will be promoted and it is true that ultimately, blending is the goal and tolerance of diversity is a key factor in this intermingling process. I hope this addresses your question satisfactorily, thank you.

3 – Is The Spirit of Truth the Spirit of Michael?

Q#3: On another topic this questioner asks: Is the Spirit of Truth the Spirit of Michael? If so, how can Michael be in spirit amongst us because he is independent of time but not of space? Is it by means of the Holy Spirit, local universe Mother Spirit, that Michael is in the midst of all who join in his name?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It speaks to some of the most basic questions that humans have. Let us lay out some of the basics in as plain a language as can be had in this process. You are identified by means of your individual personality which is a gift from the First Source and Center and this identifies you as a unique individual in all of time and space with your own combination of personality traits. You then have along with you access to the First Source and Center which is provided through that aspect of yourself you would identify as the Thought Adjuster or your indwelling guide.

This is the avenue of approach you use to approach the First Source and Center. Also you have another gift freely bestowed by your Creator, the Son, and this gift of your Michael Son, the Spirit of Truth is as well a method of approach to Michael and his personality. You too have a third divine presence and that is of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of the Spirit. This has as part of it’s constitution your mind circuitry as well as your material being.

This combination of gifts which constitute your being are all now temporarily housed in this vehicle, in the material time and space realm. When you attempt to identify these different aspects of you, you may seek distinct and separate personalities to identify but this would be in error because none of these gifts which have been given to you carry with them their own personality, rather they are more like influences.

There is but one personality resident within you, your individual personality, but there are means given to you by virtue of the gifts which provide you avenues of approach, one to the First Source and Center, one to your Creator Father and one to your sustaining Mother Spirit. So if you are seeking distinct different personalities to look for, you will not find them because the personality that they will identify with is yours and therefore they are hard of individual distinction.

When you ask about the Holy Spirit, it is most familiar to you as your mind circuit and your nurturing environment and existence. When you consider the Spirit of Truth, it is most evident in your approach to knowing Michael and when you speak of attempting to identify your Thought Adjuster, it is your attempting to identify that fragment of the First Source and Center. All of this is done around this nucleus of life that was granted to you in the form of your individual personality.

And so it is that when you are most experiencing your interface with the Spirit of Truth, you are coming closest to your awareness of Michael and will register his personality and in this way it is possible to feel Michael’s presence as you access this avenue of approach. Michael’s presence knows no restriction of time or space and his omnipresent nature allows for him to respond to all those who will utilize this avenue of approach.

It is this that he uses to bring his influence and gain access to you as you so invite him through your opening of this avenue of approach. I hope this has been helpful in defining some of the components that were blended into this question for you are a complex being and it will take some time for you to even settle on all the components of self and their relationship to each other, but the fact that you are asking such questions is proof positive that you are engaged with these gifts which have been provided to you and it is a joy to see, thank you.

4 – How Can We Effectively Communicate with Something We Have No Direct Perception Of?

Q#4: [Mary] Monjoronson, here is a statement describing the problem this person is experiencing and then a question. I cannot identify in my perception such beings and things as for example: Michael, Nebadonia, Thought Adjuster, the First Source and Center or any other celestial whatsoever. As far as I can perceive they are nothing more than the concepts in my mind and those concepts most likely are not even valid reflections of what those beings and things actually are.

When I try to communicate, even in my best efforts I do not address a being, I address my mental concept of that being and when I try to listen I have no idea how to hear from a being behind a mental concept or where to listen in the first place.

Question: How can a human effectively communicate with something he has no direct perception of? Is there a way to gain that perception? What other insight into this communication thing could you provide Monjoronson? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your sincere question. To address it we must discuss a couple of things. First, it is not and has never been the goal for you to, through some exercise of your will, develop the ability to sense specific personalities as a means of gaining some form of communication as you state. We are really talking sometimes about two different things, communication and communing.

Communication, what we are engaged in in this moment is a process distinct and separate from communing and feeling in touch with different personalities or even different aspects of the individual self. If you are seeking communication there are specific avenues of approach one can use to develop these circuits and open up these portals but they are not the intended goal of all of these communications that we avail ourselves of.

Rather these communications are meant to bring you more than just the word [forms] which transpire but rather to bring you as well the presence, the vibration as you might call it, the sense of these presences and vibrations are carried on the wave forms of the words. One of the difficulties of even translating spiritual thought patterns into material thought patterns is that they must somehow be funneled and translated from one means of communication into another.

As you know it may be difficult to translate one human language into another accurately and that many translations still do not properly capture the intent and this is between human languages so you can imagine the gap that must be bridged in this process of bringing spiritual thought patterns and concepts into material thought frames that may be understood. The next obstacle we encounter is the overwhelming desire to understand with the mind and embrace with the mind, the totality of the experience and here we encounter another difference in translation.

If you consider the difference between art and science you will begin to consider the difference in perception that we encounter because this process of becoming aware of these different aspects is not scientifically valid. There are no measurements which may be made to obtain verifiable results, rather some of what must be experienced must be felt as in the appreciation of art.

When an artist goes about to make a statement there are innumerable approaches that may be used and he must settle on his best offering of how to convey a feeling, an idea, a belief and after having fashioned his art, there then is much interpretation engaged in about the meaning of such art. In fact, no two individuals may come to the same agreement as to what the meaning is. But this attempting to distinguish the different ways of perceiving illustrates the distinction I would make between attempting to understand what it is you would sense and simply allowing yourself to feel, even to be in tune with, what it is you are sensing.

The one is an intellectual exercise which will look for details and facts to support its awareness, the other is a giving in to the awareness and the sense that it is so. When one looks at art on this world they know they are not attempting to quantify it as being equal to or greater than anything else, it simply stands alone to be experienced and so it is with your attempt to approach the different aspects of yourself. They cannot be analyzed, or scrutinized or qualified by any means of the mind but rather the mind must allow the space for them to be sensed and felt and known.

As I stated in the previous question, if you are looking to identify the Adjuster or the Spirit of Truth or the Holy Spirit by personality, it is non existent within your realm and so you can more readily identify the influences of these presences rather than label them as your mind would have you do with distinct characteristics and traits that you would identify with personality.

But in all cases of sincere seeking, I encourage you to try and try again. If it is the sincere desire of your heart, then you will find that which you seek. It may not be in the arena in which you expect it, the arena of mind and categories and delineations, but it is destined to be part of your experience for you to truly know of these different gifts that are yours as your ascension career takes you into experiences. It is in these experiences where you may utilize these various gifts and the approaches they provide for you and in so doing become familiar enough with them to finally recognize the influence they have and how you have routinely interfaced with this influence in your lives. You simply have failed to identify this experience as such.


I hope this provides some insight and I honor your seeking to find the answers to your questions. I hope I have been helpful in some regard in that way, thank you.

Mary: Those are all the questions we have tonight Monjoronson. Thank you for your help and your presence, your time, until we meet again.

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