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NID535- What is Stasis

2008-10-21.  What is Stasis

No Idaho #535

Topic: What is Stasis

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael

TR: Henry Z.


Michael: Greetings to you this evening, it is I, your Creator, Father, Brother, Michael. This evening on Urantia, rests a great burden on the peoples of Urantia. The times which are upon your call for a reorganization of principles in the way in which the people on this planet are doing business. Mankind now recognizes globally the fatal mistake of propping up false words. The delicate nature of this world’s economy is threatened by the few who would unjustly earn their keep at the sacrifice of the many and just.

My heart and my mercy go out to this world during these times. These times, which call for a change and understanding, to a great part the message I have delivered to your world. It is unfortunate to witness continuing strife on a world which has such tremendous potential for universal brotherhood. These times which are upon this world are times of important decisions and active will. It is a time for righteousness, for understanding with love and respect that a greater life is meant for all people.

It is not a time to strive with your brother, rather are these times which are upon you now are times to cut back, reevaluate what one is endeavoring to bring a greater understanding to all. The nature of the tremendous work which lies ahead for Urantia could be made easier by the understanding of love and grace, of respect and mercy. What has taken place from the meticulous life I have lived on Urantia is an irresponsible and unjust conclusion to the actual life of love and understanding and respect which I carried to show forth as I walked by on Urantia.

The presence of the Spirit of Truth insures that all men in all countries have a chance at a greater understanding of peace and love. I also need to address by request, at inviting Monjoronson to assist in the sometime forthcoming adjudication of your planet. Many have asked for spiritual pressure from above, now it is truly being applied. Since the spiritual circuits which were previously severed for the quarantine of the Lucifer rebellion have been re-en-circuited and re-spiritualized, it is time for mankind to begin to benefit as having been readmitted into a loving, peaceful, intelligent and wise universe.

I ask those of you who consciously contact their Father to continue to show forth fruits of the Spirit. I leave you this evening in an embrace, loving embrace of mercy, again, good evening.

Monjoronson: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. It is again good to be here in this energetic presence of this group. I am ready to begin this evening.


[Mary] Hello Monjoronson, we have one question this evening which I will go ahead and read to you. This questioner asks:

2 – Please Define Stasis; What Is It & How Should We Work With It?

Q#1: Monjoronson, would you explain a little about stasis please. I understand it is rather like a hibernation state that hibernating animals prepare and find a den. My imagination sees us all frozen wherever we might be and there is a feeling within me that I would like my family to be close rather than scattered as most families now tend to be. I have no fear but I know my family members are unaware and busy with their lives. Thank you for explaining a little about stasis please.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question this evening. I am not sure what you specifically ask for in stasis other than stasis being a balance. The stasis of a human in a spiritual evolutionary sense is a balance between the humans life and the Adjusters will and presence working within that human. It is interesting to observe that Urantians constantly are endeavoring to witness some event which will bring everyone to some collective instant consciousness.

This is a purely human sentiment since the intelligence in the universe works through a wise directive. Tremendous times are upon you, extremely challenging times possibly, yet they are upon you, the people of this earth. You have brought these times upon yourself and nothing about these times will change until humans collectively decide to change the way things are done in order to achieve a different and more rewarding result.

There is tremendous help available to Urantia. It has to be asked for but there is no universe response to man’s dilemma as to alter the course of man’s choices nor to deliberately interfere where man’s will is concerned. Be careful what you come to expect for in the end you might realize that you have wasted a tremendous amount of time waiting for something which never arrives, at least arrives in a fashion in which you expect it to.

One of the most incredible and significant situations which present itself in these times is the seemingly insignificant, as Urantians would think, task to assist and help one another, in particular, these times. . . . So in considering that I have not answered the question that you have asked in a fashion in which you expect, remember that you can always have stasis and balance.

Humankind does not go through some suspended animation yet there have been times upon your world in which there have been rapid and tremendous conditions which do incur a most awkward fate for some, and life as it has been given to your world contains the program, its own program to correct itself and this is what you are experiencing at the moment, is life bringing mankind into balance. If mankind cannot move into balance and peace consciously, life has other ways to bring this into reality. Actually the choice has always been yours, I thank you for this question.

Mary: Thank you for that response Monjoronson, it is quite an interesting tack you took with that question considering I had in my mind the idea that; maybe since we only had one question tonight I might ask Monjoronson something about the fact that a date recently passed on which there had been a prediction of the appearance of undeniable evidence that we have spaceships in the sky or whatever and this date has come and gone and there were no reports of spaceships in the sky that everybody saw.

An Observation by Monjoronson: 3 – Examining The Predictions of Man: Recent and Old

These kinds of things have happened over and over as predictions of highly unusual events that will transform mankind and I just so much loved the fact that you addressed this question that was in my mind without it even being spoken. So that’s an unusual event on Urantia here at this time. So we move forward as best we can and we hopefully learn as we go with a little coaching from our friends. I appreciate you being here tonight Monjoronson, thank you very much.

Monjoronson: Thank you again to this issue of some type of happening which would engender a undeniable response in most men is something I would like to address on a broader level. This human sentiment that something will present itself which will undeniably alter mankind’s future has been around for quite a time on your world. Even during the times of Christ there were great expectations among the Jewish people that a Messiah would come and elevate the greatness of the throne of David and bring a life of ease to a group of people as they were able to subjugate the whole world to their doing, and yet many of them still wait for this.

The Master, Michael of Nebadon himself personally appeared on Urantia, and having left a compromised legacy which has evolved into fractured and scattered belief systems all over the planet, it is truly interesting to observe how man eventually comes to accept that his life involves his personal and social growth, his recognition of a central and unifying God and the greatness of life which all of Urantia has been given.

The evolutionary process is a slow one. It is not easy to justify two spiritual defaults on a world which laid the basis for the Michael bestowal and even though Michael’s true religion will one day reign supreme on Urantia, the peoples on this world will continually flounder and wander until collectively, mankind begins to work for the benefit of all men. The times you live in cry out for this, for the ability of everyone to work together to maintain some economic stability.

Man is beginning to be aware that the financial restructuring of an entire planet is necessary to insure that the efforts and the trust that the majority of the people on this planet have put into work, their communities, their organizations, their families, that this needs to be respected and supported. Mankind is beginning to see the folly of a few people ruining a financial system which affects everyone. Again, this is part of life; balancing, achieving health, a healthy planet with healthy people, raising healthy families, doing healthy business, living healthy lives, worshiping one great and true God and all peoples loving each other and showing respect and tolerance instead of indulgence and entitlement.

Urantia was made great to bring peace into the world. Peace demands hard work, dedication, conscious striving towards the goal, not willing to compromise halfway. The times are not ripe for whining and indulgence, the times are ripe to move forward with the next plan, the next stage of the peace program, economic peace, political stability, religious tolerance. The interesting part in this sociological phenomenon lies in the simple fact that it does not require a tremendous adjustment to bring things into balance.

It requires the ability to let go of seated opinions and conditioned ways of doing things to allow for new situations to present themselves, new decisions to be made. The chance awaits to try something which has never been tried before, the ability to stabilize, the ability to balance a global economy by the facility to balance ones thoughts, ones actions, yet at times the tremendous and overwhelming sense which is always present is not impossible a task.

Much work has already begun in this direction. Mankind deserves a greater life on Urantia, a life in which all men, women and children have meaning and respect, have food and shelter, have clothing, a job, security, security from fraud, security from harm. Again, in addressing these human sentiments to attach specific dates to specific ideas in the hopes that finally mankind will truly see, will truly change; it does not work this way on Urantia.

If it did work this way, the men and women of Jesus’ time and of Jesus’ persuasion would have been tremendously motivated to accept his gospel, to bring their religion to the next stage, to live in righteousness and fearlessness but this is not the way of man on Urantia. Man on Urantia lives in a constant fear and dread, fear that he is not going to make enough money in enough time to do what I am really not sure.


Slowly mankind will begin to re-look at certain truths which are self-evident and life certainly will bring mankind to the brink of such decision until finally mankind will give in and change. I thank you for allowing me to present these ideas, good evening.

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