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NID538- Calm Before the Storm

2008-11-02.  Calm Before the Storm

No Idaho #538

Topic: Calm Before the Storm

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Unknown, Elyon, Monjoronson

TR: Cathy MorrisMark Rogers


Unknown: [Kathy] “In the calm of the storm” is a good phrase to describe the position that should be adopted during these turbulent times. We are glad to see that the members of this group are open to adopting this attitude of living in stillness and openness to new ideas and positions as they may arise in your daily experiences. As events around you unfold there may be some who are tempted to react with fear and panic. It is necessary for mortals to feel anchored in the faith and surety of the Father’s over care.

In this period of indecision you will be called to remain focused on the ideal of the future events that are needed for change to move in the direction of light. We who are able to see the broader picture are not tempted to be drawn into these transitional events. You also are able to focus on the end result of love and light and remain calm and secure in your vision and proceed to take the day by day steps needed to create the future we desire. Find your strength in stillness and let the calm from your parents envelop you. All is well in this process. Be joyful as you proceed to create the future for our world.

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings, I am Elyon, once again to accept the invitation that you provide in creating this avenue of approach between us. There were so many good threads to pick up on in the discussion prior to this meeting that I will only attempt to pick out a couple of the many worthy thought patterns that have been offered. First I would acknowledge the validity of your observations of the power inherent in your individual thoughts and choices.


Truly you are beginning to grasp that this is the part you play in the partnership with the divine. This is the contribution you make, this is your role to play in creating that which you may have as an ideal or a vision in your consciousness. Each and every time reality will be composed of what you choose it to be. Nothing happens as a mandate from on high when seen from your perspective or growth level.

All things in your environment and in your journey along your ascension path are impacted or affected by your individual component of self which is the interface between the materialism that surrounds you and your connection to divinity. Your personality is in the middle, able to perceive both and choose between and the more you grow into awareness the more active a participant you become in this partnership process.

When you are very immature in your awareness, one may see their experience almost entirely from the material realm of cause and effect and not think that they have in fact been part of the cause which has created the effect but rather see themselves as an observer or a victim as the case may be in witnessing such cause and effect. The more you grow in awareness of your divine component and your spiritual nature, the more you are able to see life from a dual perspective. The material component is observable but so is the spiritual component at some point and this transforms the interpretation of the material component and elevates your perspective to see things from a different vantage point, the larger view as you have referred to it.

So as you are witnessing in your own lives, the more you function in awareness, the more sense the picture seems to make for you are bringing into your scope of vision and observation, the vantage point of different perspectives. So if you are now coming into the realization that you are impactors of all that transpires around you, then the next level of awareness brings with it the question, what will you create, what thoughts will you perpetuate in your process of choosing and creating?

I would point out that offered here today were two examples worthy of consideration. In both examples offered was the component of an inspiration from one individual offered out to the whole which then registers with another individual, perhaps many other individuals and can be taken up as a seed concept which can be grown into a whole new manifestation of awareness and understanding based upon the individual interpretation. The combination of art being expressed out and then being interpreted by different personalities is a profound demonstration of how significant it is to offer goodness, truth and beauty as you perceive it in your individual perspective so that these offerings, the expressions of creativity on your behalf can be out there to be seeds for others to nurture and grow within their own internal garden.

In this way your every offering of creative choice is a seed offered to the Supreme. It may or may not fall on fertile soil, many do not and fail to reach full expression, but as you have noticed with observing your art or your music, many times it strikes a chord of resonance within you and arouses a part of you which can identify with this expression of understanding. These are very significant and valuable contributions that you all make regularly to the thought stream of humanity.

It is simply my attempt to enlarge your perspective to more fully embrace this role that you play and the significance of such a role for as was stated, it seems so often that you, to be faithful to spirit would have a subservient role when in fact spirit depends on your active and creative role to manifest. Without your role, spirit would fail to bloom and would simply wither away with no more attention to its expression.

So these examples provided of individuals using other individuals inspiration and building upon this with the addition of their individual inspiration is inspiring and illustrates this value of the premise that if you are going to create, why not create something good, true and beautiful and have it be the seeds that are offered to the Supreme.

You mentioned the distinction between choices like this representing your higher selves or higher choices and the contrast of succumbing to other directions which you see to be of lesser value such as doubts, anxiety, fear or being stifled in your creative expression. Those you view as choices inferior and your perception is correct in so far as you also understand that no choice that you make is condemned by your spiritual parents because as you have illustrated, you never can accurately tell the ultimate benefit and outcome of any situation and so to declare any choice as clearly inferior flies in the face of your growing awareness that all choices will be turned to the good and used in the service of spiritual growth.

So try not to be hard on yourselves if you fall short of your desire to always choose the best, highest, loftiest option available to you and realize that all choices made in sincerity are significant aspects of your growth and will be utilized to bring you that which you need. Many fine concepts offered here this morning in this group discussion that I begin to wish that your words were made as available as mine to your brethren for you are beginning to express morontia concepts and awareness in your discussion and it is a pleasure to witness this.

I honor this opportunity that you create for us to share in this way and I would now withdraw to allow for interaction by any others who might take up the invitation, thank you.

Monjoronson: [Mark] I greet you as well, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation. I would return another one of the serves offered here this morning and have a few words about inspiration. It is observable phenomenon that as a brotherhood of man on Urantia, the tendency is to have great respect and admiration for those individuals who have access to something you call inspiration. We observe that your culture and your race of man tend to see those individuals who manifest these inspirations as being gifted or somehow different from a majority of the others who see themselves as not.

There are your artists and poets and painters and carvers and writers who have set themselves apart in their abilities to manifest their visions and to act on their inspirations. So where is it that such inspiration originates? All of your kind are equally connected in spirit so far as they all have access to this divine Fragment within, they all have access to the Spirit of Truth and they all are connected by the mind circuitry of your divine Mother and so in this way it would appear as though you all are quite equally endowed with potential.

So what is it then that illustrates this difference between some who would step forward and offer their visions and ideals and others who would hold back in timidity and uncertainty and in almost all cases with those who step forward to offer manifestations of creativity, they would tell you they are not certain where it comes from but they feel it, they know it, they have experienced it and this brings with it conviction to be bold enough to bring forward your vision, your ideal as you have seen it in your minds eye.

When you are open enough to receive it is when inspiration happens. You are the gatekeepers to your internal environment and therefore you control what is let in and what is kept out. At some point individuals must become comfortable enough with opening this door and allowing inspiration to enter before it can become part of your consciousness. If you are not willing then you will not be able and if you are not open to allowing, then certainly inspiration is never forced.

But if you do condition yourselves to be open to that which is available to you then you register a flush of inspiration, that is a fresh breeze of awareness into your consciousness which oftentimes will raise your awareness and shift your perspective. So many times we observe that those who are most creative in this life are those most willing to receive creativity and to follow through with their part to bring forward their inspirations and accept their partnership in choosing to promote them.

This then becomes a powerful alliance because inspiration has now partnered with the mortal material personality and has been chosen by this personality to be empowered, to be brought forward and made real. Many an inspiration has found no root in the inspired individual and would only go so far as to bring inspiration to that one in that moment but some who are known as the artists of the world are also inspired to go that second step and to manifest the vision, to bring forth the ideal so that others may be able to relate to it and identify with this vision offered.

So I invite you all to see yourselves as artists of life for you are constantly and steadily engaged in forging the direction and creating the outcome. If you consistently will seek the divine inspiration, then it most certainly is available to you to partner up with you in the process and this divine inspiration may then be taken up and made real as a result of your choosing to make it so. That is true artistry, to work with this inspiration and to realize your partnership in bringing this forth and making it real.

It does not need to be an incredible marble carving, it can simply be offered as an inspirational thought as was mentioned earlier here, it will still have an impact to others as they sense the inspiration and partnership behind the offering. So in this way we see that all may have inspiration but the artists are the ones who will partner up with this inspiration and go forward to bring this inspiration into the material plane.

It is always a pleasure to be offered this opportunity to share our energy signatures and to grow closer and closer to each other in this process. I have nothing else to offer at this time. If any would have questions or observations they are certainly welcomed, thank you.


Question: Monjoronson, with reference to our creative ability one thing came to mind; in our text, on the morontia life there is a [quote] #20 which says: ” Only a poet can discern poetry in the common place prose of routine existence”. If I have aspirations to be a poet and I read that, how do I adjust that with what you spoke of regarding inspiration?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. It implies the desire to be recognized as a poet and in such a case one could petition spirit for the perspective of a poet, for the eyes of one to be able to see the poetry within. This inspiration could be received by you when your desire is put forth that this be so, you see, this is a two way street, a partnership. If it is your choice for instance, to be a poet, then by all means the resources of a universe may be funneled in that direction and you may expect some help from divine inspiration to actualize your desires.

This process is as a result of your birthright as a child of the Creator, the First Source and Center. You are as well a mini first source and center of all that will transpire around you and your choices are honored and supported and this inspiration that we refer to is not the first step in this process. Rather the first step in this process of creativity was your choosing to allow and express. Your choice to make it so then provides the space for it to be so and the inspiration can fill that space and bring you that which you seek.

Such inspiration does not fall out of the sky and present itself if there is no space for it to manifest. You have to have created this space with your intention and your desire so that it may be filled with that which you seek. So in this way, it is important to realize the role that you play in being the artist or the poet is in positioning yourself to be inspired and be open to be inspired as a result of your foundation of having cultivated these desires.

So it truly does start with you and your decision and come through you and your partnership. All the resources of a universe are simply potential until you choose and until you act and then they may be channeled and directed to you and through you but this is a passive process that must be welcomed by the individual who desires to be part of this process. This is the partnership that has been referred to, to assume your role in this partnership and to provide this space is your part and then spirit may be infused into your equation and inspiration may arrive to promote your desire and to answer your prayers.

That would be my suggestion on the surest and quickest way to activate the circuitry. It all would start with you and your willingness and your acceptance and your preparation of the space so that you may join together in partnership and manifest that which is a combination of your perspective, your personality, your desires and divine inspiration, wisdom and connection. I hope this addresses your question.

Comment: Yes, thank you for your comments. I had always viewed that statement through the eyes of a common phrase that a poet was born, not made. Thank you for shedding new light on that.

Monjoronson: If I could take liberties with another’s inspiration just offered in the form of that statement, I might expand it to say, the poet was born and then the poet was made; to illustrate the fact that you have been created and granted all this potential, all this is yours by virtue of who you are in relationship to your divine parents and your brotherhood of man. So in that way you were born with these potentials but if you never chose in your life to activate these potentials, to expand on your abilities then they would lie dormant and await your choosing them.

So there is most definitely a component of inheritance and potential but as well there is the ever important aspect of choice, of becoming a partner in this process, of manifesting this ideal because it is your desire to do so. Nothing short of that will get it accomplished. It is not thrust upon you, it is not required of you, it is an option to be exercised and one that you and you alone are responsible for choosing and activating.

So in another way to look at that statement, it is both; you are granted this potential and yet you also must choose it. I hope this is another way to broaden the perspective on that.

Comment: Yes, thank you very much.


Monjoronson: If there are no further questions I would bid you all good day. I express the warmest of regards for extending an invitation for us to be together. I cherish it as I perceive you do. I will take my leave now, enjoy your day and your week, farewell.

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