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NID544- Sexual Practice and Spiritual Development

2008-12-17.  Sexual Practice and Spiritual Development

No Idaho #544

Topic: Sexual Practice and Spiritual Development

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan


I am a Brazilian reader of the Urantia book. Our country is known to be the biggest Catholic nation, on the other hand our country is regarded as very liberal when it comes to sexual human behavior. The Catholic church says sex is meant to be used for reproduction however it is not hard to find many people who disagree with this even though declaring themselves to be Catholics. Even the Urantia book says that humans should learn how to enjoy pleasure without debauchery. I would greatly appreciate if you could shed some light into this subject.


Question #1: How does ones sexual behavior affect his/her personal ascension career and ability to act as a T/R?

Monjoronson: The Life Carriers have thoughtfully introduced into the procreative cycles of all creatures a drawing power that will insure propagation of species, this incentive guarantees union. While many creatures do not understand the power of that association, they fulfill the needs and perform the function and accomplish the goal. The human race is one though not singly the only one which has developed ritual ceremony and has infused the action with a social element of pleasure as well as the physical pleasure force.

This questioner is aware of the Urantia papers and I offer note that it was Adam and Eve and their violet race that encouraged the playful element of such an activity. You spoke of the church and its perspective on such engagements. It derived its notions from an abhorrence of what appeared to be bestial and in its effort to foster what may be called a “more civilized function”, frowned upon trivialities. It attempted therefore to avoid what seemed to be animalistic on one hand and to avoid what seemed to be indulgent on the other and stripped it down to its primary function which is to procreate.

The human race has come to learn the value of intimacy and interpersonal care and love and this engagement is a means where two personalities may deepen their relationship. You will find today that even the churches foster deepening of relationship in the sexual arena, that while the primary function is procreation, a concomitant function is that intimacy and sharing and caring. And so I encourage an element of sanctity that such an undertaking be mutual, communal and not strictly for selfish gain.

The activity itself has no bearing upon the ability of a celestial personality to make contact with the mind of a mortal for this interface transcends the animal level. Your rested-ness from proper sleep, your freedom from chemical impairments and your emotional state will help or interfere with the contact of a higher being more than a recent engagement in sexual activity.

Question #2: Is it true that in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment one has to completely give up sexual activity? I thank you in advance for all your insights into this matter.

Monjoronson: No, indeed, not for spiritual enlightenment is in the realm of mind, the level of super-consciousness and interfacing with the level of soul consciousness. Again this tendency on your world to segregate spiritual pursuits from sexual engagements relates back to the bestiality perspective of the act and also addresses licentiousness and personality control. If you have attained such disciplines, have reigned in your impulses and understand the proper arena for your expressions of sexual activity, you are balancing them with your spiritual aspirations.

The act itself does not hinder relationship with God, it is the orientation of the heart and mind of the personality and the values held therein that will interfere with spiritual communion. Underlying such injunctions of abstinence to promote spiritual progress is the distinction between selfish pursuits and the pursuit of altruistic values in a divine parent. Recall that Jesus taught the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind.

Your relation to God is of primary importance but the corollary is your relationship to one another and so this procreative activity can enhance such fellowship if it is altruistic and not merely a selfish pursuit. I will conclude by stating that many beings of high orders engage in personality embraces, a level of intensity of connection which is a pattern found replicated in your physical activities of sex but we do not require a physical form to act out such embraces and it is done with no purpose to bear offspring and this is acceptable in the eyes of God that there be such connections.

Therefore I encourage you to spiritualize your sexual activities, to enhance them with the higher values of personal love, affection and care. Be at peace with the fact of your physical emplacement for you are raised up from the animal kingdom and while you are discovering the spiritual kingdom you are a creature of dual origin. Bring nobility to all your actions and be not overly concerned of certain functions which have been born of your animal legacy. Honor them for what they are, do not foster their distortion, enhance them with spiritual love. I thank you for the question.


Philip: We thank you Monjoronson for joining us tonight and giving us insight into this delicate issue, good evening.

Monjoronson: Thank you, I will withdraw, let us salute Michael and His associate the Mother Spirit of Nebadon, farewell.

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