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NID555- Morontia Worlds Witness Urantia’s Changes

2009-01-28.  Morontia Worlds Witness Urantia’s Changes

No Idaho #555

Topic: Morontia Worlds Witness Urantia’s ChangesChristianityAdjuster Contact

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan


Monjoronson: I am the Avonal Son engaged in this Magisterial Mission known as Monjoronson, I greet you. You may proceed with your questions.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we very glad to have you with us today. Before the inauguration of our first black president, this questioner was so overwhelmed by this experience that they couldn’t help but wish that their mother and grandparents could witness this history changing moment in America’s history. There are so many black people as well as other races of people that died believing this day would never come.


  • 1 – Do Those Who Have Passed on See Changing History in America?

Question#1: Can they see this event from where they are? Can our loved ones who have graduated to the mansion worlds tune into the world affairs of Urantia via the universe broadcast system which will let them experience this incredible moment in America’s history? Thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your inquiry. My short answer would be, yes; however, I will offer some context for that answer. Those who have departed from your world are in a dimension of time and space that you know as the morontia realm and this dimension is multi-layered. It incorporates many frequencies of vibration. You know of your technological advances which allow for a 3-D movie wherein a seemingly flat screen projection can be enhanced in to a 3-D sensation by way of viewing apparatus.

This is how one who resides in the morontia realms can assess the events that are occurring on the world from which they have departed, for that matter, from any other world of which they have not even visited. This is not merely a report of events that have taken place but it is more of a full experience of witnessing that event even though it is historical in its context. When you ascend into the morontia realms you will discover the beginnings of the broadening of dimensional function.

Today you live in a linear framework of one moment to the next and while you may attempt to function as a multi-tasker you are still functioning in a sequential manner. Upon receiving a morontia form you will find a multi-dimensionality of which you have not even fore-tasted on Urantia. So it is by this means that these departed ones may be able to follow the events that transpire on their native planet subsequent to their departure. Again, thank you for that question.

Philip: Thank you for your response. Our next question is from an individual who read the transcripts which asked about people who don’t believe in God and going to heaven. It helped them understand that we’re all preschoolers. As sometimes happens, sometimes answers can lead to other questions. You stated in part, “you are all part of this program until and unless you decide you will no longer participate.”

  • 2 – Does Suicide Change Survival Plans?

Question #2: Is the act of suicide as a “pre-schooler” as we are referred to on this level of spiritual progress, a permanent act of non-participation when we clearly know not what we do. Will people who commit suicide get a second chance and be resurrected? Thank you for your response.

Monjoronson: Again I welcome such an investigation into the functioning of the survival mechanisms for all souls. Each individual is adjudicated according to the conditions of their life and to the state of mind and the maturation of their soul. There are no wholesale conditions applied across the board to all individuals regardless of the specifics of their life except for one: Do they desire to survive? What is commonly known by many of you as the desire to do the will of the Father to unfold the potentials [of the self with the Adjuster through ] the talents bestowed upon you by Him, [is to] maximize those [potentials that will] bring about the full blossoming of your personality.

The act of suicide is the termination of physical life. If an individual were truly seeking universe reality incorporating the comprehension of the truth, the appreciation of beauty, and the expression of goodness, that individual would be resurrected in the morontia realms. He will be offered the opportunity to choose to follow the will of the Father if that declaration has not been made beforehand. This holds if the person were to have died a natural death, an accidental death, or a deliberate death known as suicide or even having been murdered.

It is the condition of the soul that determines survival, the orientation of the personality’s personal volitional power. There may be an individual who has already chosen against survival. Whether or not they kill themselves has no effect upon their eternal status. If they have declined the Father’s gift of eternal life and remain physically alive, they will do so until the energies of the physical form are exhausted or some other fate of the natural life terminates their existence.

Therefore the act of suicide has not bearing on the survival status. Your world is highly confused in cosmic orientation and many have succumbed to the dementia of orphanhood in a spiritual sense, and many of those have wrongly opted for a termination of life assuming that ends all. Because your world population is either ignorant or superstitious regarding the afterlife, those individuals who make that mistake will be resurrected, rehabilitated and re-offered the choice to continue.

When this world has accomplished the turning of the tide, the finishing of the correcting time, you will note far fewer souls choosing the premature termination of their life on their own. But until then, many an angel and ministering spirit stand ready to take them in their arms and to lovingly assist them in coming to a greater understanding of the value of life and to also engage them in the methods and manner by which they may come to terms with difficulties and obstacles which may have led to their frustration and the ultimate decision to opt out of a physical life. You may continue.

  • 3 – How Would the Magisterial Mission Affect Christianity?

Part 1 of Question 3

Philip: Thank you for that encouraging response. The next question reads as follows: The realignment of our western culture with those values associated with Christianity into something different is bound to take place when your Mission is underway.

Question #3: How do you see the changes in Christianity taking place? Will it collapse or implode from within? Will we have to congregate like the believing Jews did when Jesus died as a sect within Christianity?

Monjoronson: My efforts upon this world has no religious boundaries. While Michael was on your world He resided largely within the Jewish culture and religion though He did influence other cultures in proximity to the Jewish state wherein He resided and so when He took on the Apostles, He had for the large part, men from the Jewish culture. In so doing, upon His return to Salvington, these human beings worked within their culture to foster the teachings He left with them and so Christianity became a subset initially of Judaism.

Today I am on your world which functions in a broader global capacity and so my efforts will be injected into every culture by one manner or another. You are witnessing my efforts in this manner even tonight. Those of you who follow my program, who are also readers of the Urantia revelation will find that that segment of spiritual aspirants will not be so much a subset of Christianity as it will be an overlaying conceptual rescue for the secular mindedness prevalent on your world today. It will be the retreat for those who have abandoned religiosity and yet the soul still hungers for a sense of connection and purpose.

There is where we will present the new truths and bring about a rekindling of spiritual fervor. Christianity will continue for millennia to provide the nourishment if offers just as the various other religions on your world that are even older continue to nourish to this day. It will not implode, it contains within it the seeds of the Gospel of the Kingdom. It will grow, it will adjust to the changing mores and it will even reluctantly be forced to alter its mythologies to conform to a modern civilization and that will be slow in the undertaking. It will do so for the benefit of its adherents while my Mission and the Fifth Epochal Revelation will be broader in its reach to far more people groups. And your second part?

Part 2 of Question 3:

Philip: Well, I think you answered part of it but I will read it anyway. Is this something you and your staff will promote, or will the new form result from within the God-seeking community of believers on its own? Thank you.

Monjoronson: It will be a mixture, for I recognize and my administrative staff likewise recognize the multitudinous orientations of the people of Urantia, and we will work broadly and not neglect any particular group including those within Christianity. But Christianity is a highly adaptive religion, it may not appear so to those who resist their forms of indoctrination and creeds but the Christianity you see today is not the Christianity of 1500 years ago or even earlier. It will also change from within itself.

If you pursue the history of this great religion you will discover the many transitions it has already undergone and find the Christianity of modernity quite unlike that of antiquity. Thank you for the question.

  • 4 – Are There Stillness Techniques to Better Help Adjuster Contact Be Made?

Philip: Thank you for your response Monjoronson. We have one final question tonight. This deals with people who are having difficulty with the practice of stillness. It reads: Hello Monjoronson, as many of us have difficulty with Adjuster contact, the thought occurred to me after reading some of your comments about the necessity of searching within the soul to find answers to our problems, that developing some technique for accessing its wisdom might be in order.

As I am part author of my soul, which to my understanding is formed by the intention and will of my mind agreeing with the plan of the Adjuster, I consider it as a form of earned knowledge. I understand that the soul is minded and if I were to have some instruction as to how to access this soul mind, it might serve as a form of scaffolding which I could use until I was more spiritually mature and could access my Adjuster. I see this possibility much as one who had seen Jesus or been privilege to His teaching as getting a better understanding of the Father.

Could you please comment on this?

Monjoronson: Indeed I will and I will with gratitude for your interest in such an important engagement as that of the embrace of your soul with the presence of the Absolute and Divine Father of all. Communication– though more properly stated, contact with this Thought Adjuster– is very pure and that purity entails freedom from descriptions that are limiting. The Thought Adjuster transcends symbols and descriptions, or perhaps more accurately, precedes such efforts in mind to develop constructs which describe the Divine Presence.

And so stillness in its purest form is an encounter with the Divine Presence. That encounter is absolutely unqualified. It can not be described. And might I say, it even lacks the sense of recognition [by soul/mind]. This I understand will be difficult to the human soul and the human mind which seeks relationship. But the ultimate stillness is fusion with the Divine Adjuster and that is to not have a recognition of one and the other [as in a relationship] but to become one. You are correct in seeking techniques within the soul and the mind and even the minded soul that will assist on the human side to orient oneself for the eventual permanent embrace.

Stillness, Adjuster contact, does not entail symbols. Those symbols are techniques such as traditionally apply; mantras, prayers, bowing and other such engagements, even the reception of words as you do receive tonight, are unnecessary in Adjuster contact. Such a pure contact is devoid of description and will often frustrate the human soul who attempts to describe that contact to another for it is, as I have mentioned in your first question, somewhat like reducing a 3 dimensional image to a 2 or even 1 dimensional description.

There are many techniques on your world by which you may approach such an inward state of an awareness. But I encourage you to also assert your own creative power and to address your own sense of spiritual well being and then to modify adopted techniques to your own liking. Develop your own techniques which are pertinent and immediately relevant to your own personal orientation. Remember always, that the Divine Spirit does not approach you from the outside; it rises up from within. All techniques adopted are taken on from the external realm, but it is your use of any technique that transforms it into an internal experience.

I cannot offer a specific exercise to direct you to the encounter of the Divine Inner Presence. I can only ask you to apply those which you find resonance with. My main emphasis in spite of all manners of engaging in stillness is to, in every way possible, pursue that encounter for however much you grow, however broadened your awareness becomes, all your philosophical, spiritual engagements are converging upon that eventual event of Adjuster fusion, the ultimate stillness experience. Thank you once again for asking about a very important human undertaking.

  • 5 – What Is The Value of The Human Soul/Mind Contact with The Adjuster?

Part 1 of Question 5:

Question #5: [Philip] Monjoronson, if I might ask, are you saying that the soul mind is also an inner experience? Part of the thrust of the question was how to access the soul mind and since the Adjuster is involved in that then you would consider that perhaps an inner experience and as such follows the same rules of Adjuster contact?

Monjoronson: Yes, the choice of the word “soul mind” can bring about a sense of confusion for that mindedness attributed to the soul might be compared to the functioning of the human mind of intellect and emotional responses. The human mind is astute in observing differences and discerning greater and lesser things of value, of sorting between that which is important and not, dangerous and safe. The soul sensibility we’ll call mind, is all embracing, it is not so much a thinking but an awareness, it is not a feeling but it is a sensibility.

As I have said, the encounter with the Divine Spirit is wordless, soul mindedness is likewise. If I may offer an example: When you receive an inspirational idea, the entirety of the vision is instantaneous but the description and outworking of that vision is a process of the human-mindedness. The initial visionary reception is a soul-minded acquisition. Does this further elucidate?

  • Part 2 of Question 5:

Well, an example I would offer is my vision of the soul being kind of like a balloon. Every time the Adjuster and my mind see eye to eye a breath is added to the balloon. I have experience in that process and somehow I seem to feel that I have access to that experience in order to access soul-mind. Is that off base?

Monjoronson: It is precisely on base.


Philip: Okay, and thank you Monjoronson, we really appreciate you being here tonight answering our questions. That concludes our presentation for the evening, thank you very much.

Monjoronson: You are welcome and I am more than happy to engage with your team of receivers and transcribers and I am thankful for all the efforts each one makes towards providing a platform wherein many may assemble and engage with one another in such discussions and inquiries. I am honored that you are so dedicated to pursue this project and to do the technological work required to make it available to many people. Again, thank you.

Philip: Thank you and good evening.

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