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NID562- Zero Point Energy, Decimation

2009-02-24.  Zero Point Energy, Decimation

No Idaho #562

Topic: Zero Point Energy, Population Decimation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Father, grant us in this time and in this encircuitment, courage, wisdom and understanding. Help reveal to us a greater meaning in this experience. Give us the strength of connection, the strength of courage to completely trust in this encircuitment. We ask all this in the name of Monjoronson and that his presence stimulate the evenings conference of questions and answers. We are ready to begin.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, this is Monjoronson, I certainly am present tonight, thank you.


Question #1: Would you please give me understanding of why zero-point energy is still not being considered at this time of energy crisis?

MONJORONSON:  Thank you for this question. There is on this world of Urantia a tremendous, almost overwhelming, necessity to do things a certain way. It is a human tendency that not always includes foresight but rather is an impulse reaction. Man must be given the space to evolve into a majority in action. What may be shared individually and in a small group does not necessarily immediately infiltrate the larger arena of play. One has to consider the older players on the scene. Their affiliations are not ready necessarily to . . . influence a young character, especially one that threatens their limited stage existence.

Not everything you will understand and comprehend within your human mind will necessarily be made manifest in any timely fashion. But be certain, that which is held in consciousness will eventually be expressed if it is worthy. This notion of eagerness, this notion of one group or one individual having all the answers, is not tremendously supportive in an ideal community where everyone has an equal voice. At this time I would suggest that one learn how to live with one’s human fellows, and their pace of change, and their pace of understanding. Acknowledge their shortcomings, their faults, for no man, nothing short of Paradise, is completely perfect.

Even the Thought Adjusters which proceed from Paradise take a chance within the minds of the mortals that they inhabit, thus insuring that man has a direction in perfection. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: Thank you for your response. This next question is from one who recently posted a question about “angels playing cupid”. You encouraged him to “continue to seek within this vein” and he responded, okay, I will.

My question is this: Do our Thought Adjusters play cupid by bringing men and women together to create sustainable families that will eventually lead to creating offspring with certain desirable genetic blending which will bring into the world a Mohandas Gandhi, a Martin Luther King or even a Barack Obama who will burst on the world scene just at the right time in world history? Is this how and why Mary and Joseph were chosen to be the parents of the Christ Child Jesus? Thank you for encouraging me to seek deeper.

MONJORONSON:  Thank you for the acknowledgment and in response to your question, the Thought Adjuster plays no part in the cupid game yet the angelic presence and ministry of the Mother Spirit with her seraphim, Sanobim and Cherubim do play a part in the ideal gothic sense of the races. They do seek for enlightenment within the races. [They search] for those blends of genetic possibilities which when present within the brain chemistry of the individual [improve] the ability to comprehend, be aware, use courage and knowledge, counsel and intuition, to understand the purpose that man plays in a greater scale within societies. [It is the individuals within societies] which sustain themselves and are happy and functional,  [and are] free from fear, free from disease, free from poverty, free from restraint and oppression, free from crime in all its abusive forms [which form the best communities].

This is forever the ministry of the angels and the angelic corps which serve the human species on Urantia. The Thought Adjuster is the gift given to such citizens as yourselves, of worlds such as Urantia, where conscious animal origin beings have evolved to receive such a great and divine gift. There is a great interplay between the multi-leveled, multi-layered, and differing aspects of spirit. In the will of the Father, all things are co-ordinated. Like a true sailor that can set the course at night by reading the stars, so can a man indwelt with God journey through life and through his experiences with his fellow man, grow into a greater and more practical understanding of the Thought Adjuster. [Such individuals who] reveal the brotherhood of men and women on Urantia in a peaceful, loving, acknowledging and respectful way; who live in true faith are in true adjustment to the reality beat of the eternal tempo of the Father’s will. Thank you.

Philip: This individual states that he greatly appreciates the connection he has with you. He further states that we on Urantia have some old sayings one being “mind your own business”, another being “keep your nose out of other peoples affairs, and “that is none of your business”. He says that I’ve noticed that when we ask personal questions about people like Lucifer, Satan, Caligastia and even if Adolf Hitler went to heaven, you tend to gently guide us back to our own back yards if you will. You know how we Urantians love to concern ourselves with other people’s welfare instead of focusing on our own.

Question #3: My question is this: Is minding your own business a universal law?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for this question. The universal law is respect. Minding one’s own business is an interpretation, a reference, to respect. This is true throughout all the worlds of time and space in the greater picture. In that sense you must make the judgment call. True, I do guide one to one’s back yard, one’s safe haven, one’s own battling ground of consciousness. It is here within the vision of the soul that the action of the Thought Adjuster’s input begins to train the individual so that the individual is brought to task to learn respect, and that the individual is guided in the areas that are strengths for that individual.

In this reference to respect, it is always paid to those above you as well as to those below you on the evolutionary ladder no matter what conditions may be upon either direction. For example, on Urantia there is a peculiar respect for life, [while] some humans have no respect for other humans, some humans have no respect for animals. The humans that do show respect are a small yet struggling minority. There is still the struggling majority to be won over. At  some point the majority will change face, they will be counseled to take a new direction of understanding.

This idea of honor deals with one of the issues which is the most important social matter of every living thing,  acknowledgment and respect. [It pertains to] all living things from animals from lower life to higher forms of life. On a planet [of diversity and differences], everything needs acknowledgment and respect. This lesson learned will truly open the channel for a much greater reception between one’s consciousness and the consciousness of the indwelt Thought Adjuster. One will begin to understand [that learning to show respect is a]  true soul experience– the [soul ]embryo [brought forward through] a Thought Adjuster indwelling the mind of a human.

It is the Father that commands respect and acknowledgment therefore all life is responsive to these two basic social needs. Again thank you for this question.

Question #4: Thank you Monjoronson. We have one final question tonight. This woman read a statement that you made which was talking about the days to come, a new connection with our on-board partner and with the great spiritual pressure being applied to this dimension, all of us will more easily commune with our Inner Guide and there will be a great shift in awareness and we will at last enjoy a sense of conviction. Then you spoke about the age of Agondonters which will come to a close and their progeny will not know of this age except as you pass on these stories to them. You mentioned that many signs of change is in the air and that indeed a great shift is underway.

The one thing that worries her is the statement that stems from a statement that you predicted a few years ago and that was referring to the population decimation which would take from 1/3 to 2/3 of the world’s population. It seems to imply that our generation will be the last of the Agondonters, and therefore, she wonders if this decimation is to take place soon within our lifetime? Could you speak to this for her please?

MONJORONSON:  Thank you for this question and your concern. In answering this question which is more like a statement, [I comment as follows:] Some parts of the [transmission] are chunkier and are harder to chew and swallow [than other parts are]. [You must understand that parts]  of the phenomenon attributed to humans communicating with non-human spiritual beings, is a process which is tremendously delicate. When a T/R receives a large picture of something and overreacts to it, there may be a sense of urgency [given] to the transmission [not intended]. [On the other hand with] other T/R’s that see a large chunk at once, there is not so much overreaction [which then allows the thought to] delicately unfold to reveal the understanding that is within [the statement and provides] understanding and awareness of a greater reality and larger picture.

There have been many conditions set in motion on Urantia that will have to play out. That does not mean that man does not still have choice, options, a will to exercise, work to be done, and the Father’s will to be accepted. It means that the way that things have been [already] done on Urantia have not been done in accordance with the will of the Father. At an adjudication that is the time when the spiritual universe corrects. [Adjudication] corrects by shifting its tension [and focus] on different aspects of a planetary society.

It is the same way within the human body. To accommodate trauma the body must negotiate tensions within the nervous system, ligaments, tendons, even muscles are called into play and to compromise. A person who has a lot of physical trauma is in a position to learn a tremendous amount about the human body if he will allow the human body to show him what must be done to allow it to correct itself, the same way the human species must allow the planet to show forth the ways that it needs to correct what has been done to it.

And what has been done to it? True, parts of Urantia have been turned into a garden but what parts are those? Gardens littered with pipes and wires, asphalt, the pollution of the water supply? Yet these are experimental worlds and the world which you inhabit is particularly an experiment. Spirit can make any call it needs to, whenever it sees fit to, these are the facts. Mankind should read the writing upon the wall and then determine his own facts. Spirit works within the ability for man to become more conscious. A more conscious individual is able to better correct his behavior and better respond to being led by the spirit.

In one way or another this world is to prepare you for an eternal journey. These worlds are meant to be somewhat gritty, somewhat indecisive in an effort to generate a greater consciousness within man to awaken to a much greater potential that involves all life on the planet. Mankind has not been responsive to this. Let us be perfectly clear at this point that it is not spirit causing things to happen on Urantia in a physical sense. Spirit works purely upon the soul and the personality of the individual, groups of individuals, families, communities, and nations of individuals.

Spirit works to protect, and part of protecting is to offer options which become available to mankind. One of the great tests a human will go through is the test of adversity, and ladies and gentlemen, you live on an adverse planet. Thank you for your concern this evening.


Philip: Thank you for shedding some light on this troublesome subject. This concludes our questions tonight, thank you your counsel, good evening.

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