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NID686- Energy


No Idaho #686


1Topic: Energy
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael
2TR: Henry Z., Allene Vick


Topic: Energy

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael

TR: Henry Z., Allene Vick



Prayer: [Henry] We gather here today in this circle of friendship, this circle of energy, this circle of love. Today we ask to be connected to the heart center of the universe, to Michael and Nebadonia. We ask for your inspiration, your wisdom and your clarity. We thank you for the support and the opportunities which are constantly available to us.


Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is good to be here this morning again. This is Charles, it is good to be a part of this energy circle and to further shed light on the quality of life which you are experiencing in these times. It was interesting to note this morning, the concern and awareness about the human energy field during this mornings discussion. It is good to know that humans are becoming sensitive enough to be aware of their energetic fields, what these fields are and how they relate to the person and the social consciousness at large.

It is also good to know that there is evidence of a particular facet of the energy field which acts as a protective shield from negative universe transmission energies. What you will discover is that the earth is moving into a new space in which the universe energies have a more direct affect on the planet at large, some aspects from the space energetics need to be protected from human contact and in an energetic sense this is what’s happening. The protection is coming in the form of an energetic grid around each person that encapsulates, protects.

Then again you are already aware of the compassionate amount of spiritual pressure and concern on your world and it should be no surprise that the spiritual universe is compensating for the lack of love and compassion that are in your lives. It is our love and compassion that are encapsulating you and protecting your field. These energetic fields are tremendously subtle and also tremendously sensitive. Awareness of them increases the support they give you both from the sense of the emanating energetic presence of a living energy system as well as the energetic boundary which defines what ambient space energies can enter or not enter.

This in no way affects you personally. It is another way in which you have detected that you are loved and cared for and it should come as no surprise to you that the spiritual universe does not judge who it protects. It loves and nourishes and protects all. Your ability to be conscious of this can facilitate an inner awareness of peace, tranquility and compassion. These times through which your planet is moving space-wise further indicates the nature of the change which is at hand. Continue to nurture the inner sanctuary, the soul space between you and spirit. This is a tremendous spiritual grounding, this connected-ness to the inner quality of life.

Again it is good to participate with you in these discussions, in your awarenesses, in your continued support for all that is transpiring within you and upon your world spiritually. Open your hearts and allow the energies of love from within to fill you this morning so that you may go out and empty forth your soul to those you come in contact today in love. I leave you in peace, I am your friend Charles. Thank you.

Light: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Light. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of this inner circle which you provide today. I wanted to mention and give reference to the discussion this morning about the shape of the energetic field which is being detected around humans these days, the rectangular pattern of the grid. These have to do with a magnetic grounding to the planet and it has to do with energetic directional velocities, mainly the magnetic grounding affect is what dictates this pattern shape. Again, this does not in any way interfere with the functioning in any energetic fashion to the nature of humans at large.

Know that you are loved and cared for. Unfortunately, this energetic protective sheath does not in any way protect you from what is going on on the planet in a social sense, in a human sense, or in a sense of relationship to the planet. As has been said previously, this only protects energetically the ambient bombardment of negative energies coming from outer space. Strengthen the inner space. In this way you build a spiritual immunity to the negative effects of ideas and rhetoric which go on in which you are constantly being bombarded in these times with.

Realize the quality of light which is within each and every one of you. Focus on this light, focus on its luminescence and its quality. This light is the spiritual energy signature given to all that it may grow within your being. Thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts with you this morning. Again I am your friend Light, I thank you.


Question: These energies we are being bombarded with, are they of a material nature or is there some personality behind them, or is this kind of like the repercussion of original sin?

Light: [Henry] Thank you for this question. The energies which you are being protected against are raw material energies which at this time are not being filtered by the systems which are in place upon your planet. It would be of little concern to filter out negative personality energies since you live on a world which abounds already in tremendous negative personality energy. For this you have been given the choice of will to exercise to block out these negative personality energies. In this area you are already well equipped. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes it does. Last night I watched a [PBS] special on the ‘pole shifts’ and it appears that every 700,00 years or so that there is a magnetic pole shift and during this transition the defenses [to solar winds] are down. Would this be in the ballpark of what you refer to?

Light: The effects are similar. It is like likening the planet to your body. Right now the planetary immune system is weak. Part of this weakness results from magnetics, part of this weakness results from an imbalance of gasses in your earths atmospheric conditions. Know that these planets in which life is harbored are designed to protect the life plasm on the planet from harmful substances from outer space. Much has to do with solar radiation. Again, the immune system of the planet has been compromised from within. What you are experiencing now is a result of the chaos and commotion on your world which is caused by the inability of humans to come to agreement and terms with what is best for human life and for planetary life existence.

You are beginning to become aware of the relationship of the internal life and how it effects external reality, no matter how transient it may be on your world. This is in stark contrast to a planet in the beginning stages of Light and Life in which the human nature has been somewhat synthesized; people [are] at peace, people are in agreement, people are in a capacity of service. This is reflected in the physical nature of the realities of their world. The chaos and confusion within the human mind has for some time shown itself in the external nature of reality on your world. As of yet you have not collectively realized that it is a choice, that something can be done to prevent its continued deterioration. Does this help?

Questioner: It gives a broader perspective on the situation and I appreciate your comments, thank you.

Light: [Henry] Thank you. Again, it is important to know the inner life, who you really are and to become aware of ‘how you are,’ affects everything else around you even to the level of the ultimaton. Thank you.

Michael: [Allene – 2011-07-23] While I am talking to you this morning, I will confirm for you that the boxes that Diane is seeing are indeed real and are encompassing each of my children to protect them from radiations and elements that are coming to your planet at this time. You have enough toxic elements on your planet as it is, in fact as you were just thinking, they can’t in many ways protect you from a lot of toxic elements that are in the environment around you. These radiations and elements are not so much toxic as they are just not properties that your physical bodies were designed to handle and would cause many disruptions in your physical systems causing undue stress on your already stressed physical body.


We are all living in very stressful times on your planet in all areas of existence. You have learned to come to me and ask for my peace. You are able to open yourself up and feel my peace through your whole body. As you and others are able to maintain this peace in the midst of chaos, others will be drawn to you to understand how you are able to stay in such peace and thus you will be presented with many opportunities to share my peace with others. It is good to remember that as you maintain this peace, it spreads to the area around you in deeper and more profound ways than you are able to grasp at this time. Others are able to feel some of this when they are in your presence and it affects the environment around you. Just know that as you stay in my peace you are feeding my sheep as I asked you to do many years ago. Please share my message with your Sunday group tomorrow.

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