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NID706- Heart


No Idaho #706


1Topic: Heart
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Michael, LIGHT, Charles, Dr. Mendoza
2TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.
1.1Waiting, Expectation
1.4Perfection, Adventure


Topic: Heart

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, LIGHT, Charles, Dr. Mendoza

TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.



Waiting, Expectation

Michael: [Cathy] I’m glad you are speaking about the process of waiting. In my earth life I spent much time in solitude awaiting on my Father’s will. It is beneficial to detect from your expectations and attempts to still the human mind. Receptivity to the work of the Adjuster is a skill to be developed and refined by placing your intention to be guided. The process is enhanced by an attitude of gratitude and worship of the Father. In my experience it is a gradual process that you embark on a quest, so to speak, for your guidance by removing your tension from the distractions of this world.

In these times of disruption on Urantia it is even more important to turn your intentions away from fear and anxiety, towards the surety of your inner guidance; you can rely on the over care of our Father and the integrity of the original pattern. As we turn from the error of rebellion and the institutions which have been corrupted with wrong pattern, a new vision will emerge. You are all going to play a part in the crafting of this vision by your everyday choices and your actions towards each other. Each of you has light and truth in your breath, and with intention, each of you will act in accordance with your guidance from within. Together we will move into a new vision for Urantia. I hold you always in my love and protection.


Light: [Henry] Greetings my friends, this is Light. It is wonderful to be here, to be called into your presence in this circle of love and friendship, this eternal circle of gravity. Yes, this morning, listening to the conversation, how it is like stepping stones, and you begin to see things in reality and consciousness as they relate to your spiritual life, your spiritual growth, and your spiritual direction based on your spiritual understanding. I would say belief, but it is greater, you are past belief, you who have already experienced that which you have asked for, that know for certain that you are indwelt with a tremendous power, presence of spirit, that already understand and know that the universe is loving and available.

I am not talking to people who are still in the belief stage, I am talking to you who are practicing what it is to find that way to hold within your consciousness the thought of what you want, to be specific in visualizing whether it be in healing, whether it be in understanding how to negotiate and solve a problem, whether it is seeing yourself in a much more perfected and glorified state. To be able to see it in that moment that you see what it is you need to see you need to see the health and then you get a gut sense that you have seen the health; you need to see perfection within yourself and you get a gut sense of what that is; you need to see this is how you go to the future, it is called seeing.

Isn’t there a term on your world for people that are called ‘seers’? It is the same thing because in the dimension that you are presently in, it is tremendously difficult for you to see the past, present, and the future all in one moment. They all exist in the same moment and you can move in either direction you choose in that moment; you can project into the future, you can see. Seeing is colored by what you want to see and how you are seeing it, how it is revealing itself to you. Yes, this is different in each case scenario and in each person, how you perceive within the mind’s eye and how this is transmitted into your neural pattern in your body, how they respond for it is this traveling in this neural pattern that gives you this gut response. That way, when you get that response you know. The vaguest nerve has reached its final destination.

Like water which lubricates, light illuminates, and like water which seeps into everything, light penetrates. When you combine water with light you arrive at immortality [TA fusion]. You are the water, we are the light. Bring in the light, bring it into the body’s fluid system, bring it down into the complex layers of fluid in the tissues of your body. Yes, you can change the whole body in light by bringing it in through the fluid system [the body’s moisture which is 97% fluid]. The fluid system penetrates down into the cellular level because complex chemical actions going on in a cellular level are generated by chemicals in the fluids which surround the cells.


You understand by understanding the body; you can see how humans act. If you remove the mind we would all function perfectly but you are not drones, you are also not clones. Humans are individual creatures with individual unique responses to stimulus. So, part of finding out who you are is finding out your uniqueness, what it is that makes you particularly you. What is the light within highlighting in your life? The technique is a practice. Just like in human society, belief is not the technique, behavior is the technique because as humans, you read everything off of behavior. You do have beliefs, your mind does, but it is behavior that engraves and humans mimic. It is your nature.

For example: There are some behaviors by people that you would not gravitate towards at all and there is other behavior in people that you can’t help but empathize or gravitate towards, become compassioned with. The Master, when He lived his life, did not practice changing the beliefs. He tried to introduce a behavior, the behavior of love, the behavior of peace, the behavior of an expanded large family that is able to acknowledge and respect each other in life. This belief He kept simple. The Father who is all things also is in all of us so that we are all one.

Again, it is wonderful to come here and share a few thoughts with you. Continue within your practice, have a wonderful week and we will see you shortly again. I thank you for this opportunity, I leave you in peace, thanks.

Perfection, Adventure

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I, Charles. It is good to be here, thank you for this opportunity to be here. Thank you for the conversation this morning, your keen sense of spiritual awareness and your growing understanding of who you truly are. It is this growing understanding of who you truly are that I speak to today.

As the interplay between the Adjuster shedding light on aspects of your self, within your mind, your behavior, your personality, and your seeking, actively seeking and understanding of perfection, of something greater that will at one time be so that it is not only possible to project to that moment, but that you have a sense of what that is in your present reality, that even though you are not there you are gravitating towards it. In the spiritual universe it is possible to also see where something is going while you are actually going there so that you are aware all of the way getting there. You are aware of the journey going there, the journey of perfection, the journey of attainment, the journey of success, the journey of awareness, the journey of inspiration and creativity.

Truly the co-creative adventure, for to see through the Adjuster’s eye, to see what the Adjuster sees because the Adjuster brings the perfection, the Adjuster is the perfection, so to be able to see into His eye to see your own perfection, this is what you are talking about. You are also talking about in that moment that you can see it, to have a sense of it, that when you return into your present state of consciousness you will retain a piece of its essence because it is not possible to bring that perfection into the moment at this point. You have not grown strong enough to bring that perfection into this moment and when you do grow strong enough, you will be able to bring that perfection into this moment. Your understanding will have increased to the point where you know how to bring the presence of perfection into the moment you are in and in that moment you will be able to see it.

The word perfection, is the adverb of the word perfect, “Be you perfect as I AM perfect,” the primal utterance, the initial vibration. This truly is the understanding of the age, the time that exists here and now. When you get a sense of this perfection as Michael did when He was on the planet, you have a tremendous sense of knowing-ness that this understanding moves such a tremendous capacity of love within you that all aspects of love, the strategy, the thankfulness, the forgiveness, the capacity, is tremendously amplified in your life like it was in Michael’s life. This is why it was necessary for him to proclaim that he was the Son of God.

It is also necessary for you to also proclaim that you are a son or a daughter of God, you are a child of God, each and every one of you. In that moment of seeing yourself as a divine sibling, you have a greater capacity to understand who you are in the universe, what you are indwelt with. You begin to see what it is that you must take care of, what it is you must work on as responsibilities reveal themselves. Likewise it is tremendous to be here today to be part of this loving embrace. I leave you all in peace, we will see you shortly, thank you.


Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] Light heals all.

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