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NID719- Connectedness Peace

2012-03-11-Connectedness Peace

No Idaho #719


1Topic: Connectedness, Peace
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
2TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


Topic: Connectedness, Peace

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.




Charles: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am here to join in conversation, I am Charles. I really can’t resist jumping into such a fertile field. You guys bring so much to the table that it is a feast for the ears, a feast for the soul. I would toss up the idea of connectivity this morning and how you just mentioned you are together in spirit. You are together in spirit and this is so very true of times like this. It may also be true to the degree that you maintain it all other times in your lives as well. It is easy as a mortal of the realm of moving from task to task to task, from coming together and coming to church so to speak as you do now, bringing your intentions, your desire, and your will to come to this place in spirit and to create this experience you now enjoy.

Then, the human mind has a tendency to say, we did that, now we’re going to do something else, and you move on with your day. I would just like to point out that this connectedness that you enjoy in these times and that you so thoroughly allow yourself to experience at this point is also available to you throughout the rest of your experience, throughout the rest of your day, to the degree that you will reopen or maintain this connection.

There was discussion earlier of the artwork, a depiction of an individual attached to this merkaba or this portal opening and that is the minds attempt to put an imagery to that universal principle. This image of you being attached by virtue of light is quite serviceable. You are attached by virtue of your will which creates this individual portal of light which then connects you to the larger energy field that you create here. In this way you can take this centralized energy source out with you to be attached to you wherever and whenever you find yourselves out and away from this moments experience.

This moment may be recreated over and over again as you decide to take advantage of it and reconnect this energy field. This connection happens on so many levels as was just observed, there are many means that you may use to connect in this mortal world, especially in these times of high connectivity. And as well you are all embracing the reality and the truth of this enormous spiritual connection that you share, that you have become familiar with and that you are even learning to wield as you become a more and more functional part of the system.

It is my honor to join you again this morning and my intention mostly to let you know that I am with you in observance of your meeting and in appreciation for my association with all of you, thank you.


Light: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I Light this morning also taking this opportunity to address this circle of friends. In particular I want to address the notion of peace. The brotherhood of man is truly a fearless association, fearless in the sense that there is nothing restricting you from acting upon your beliefs, feeling a sense of responsibility to beauty which an ideal brotherhood entails. Once fear is circumvented, the group becomes virtually invincible. This is why it is said the true religion of Jesus will set you free. It will set you free from all bonds of fear and the many human aspects and conditions based upon fear.

Perfect health is fearless. There is a relationship between the two just like there is a relationship between fear and the brotherhood of men. So do intend and focus on places that are incremental to the spreading of peace on the planet. The opposers are a tremendously small group in number yet at this time they are still an operable group, not a group which needs to be feared, actually as you already know, there is nothing to fear. The beauty of peace is its fearless quality. Focusing on this fearless quality is focusing on the progression of peace.

The ability for the world to express itself with all of the things that it has at the moment which are good, spreading to everyone on the planet so that all have access to this goodness even if this goodness results in very simple commodities, having running water and sewage, having enough food to eat, being able to support yourself in a livelihood, being able to practice what you believe without interfering with others. This world can move into a peaceful stance without losing anything except the carnage of war, the stance of hate and the mind of fear. Peace will bring forth a blossoming to the human race. The genetics are in place, the potential is here now for this peace to exist. The last great struggle is at hand. Hold it fearlessly and hold in minds light for all to enjoy this fruitful blossoming which indeed is intended.


My friends, go forth in peace. May each of you begin to share a greater sense of this proportion of peace you have already attained, thank you.

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