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NID729- On the Precipice

2012-05-24-On the Precipice

No Idaho #729


1Topic: On the Precipice
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
1Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon
2TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers

Topic: On the Precipice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Henry] Father/Mother God, thank you for this circle of friendship, thank you for this connection to spirit, thank you for the opportunity to experience life on this planet during the tremendously fascinating and challenging times. We ask for guidance and wisdom this evening and a little perspective to nest ourselves in. We thank you for this circle of love and friendship.


Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings this evening my friends, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek here to take advantage of the discussion and the actuality of the experience of this Teaching Mission. At the beginning of the Teaching Mission I would like to say that it was debatable amongst ourselves whether this phenomenon would actually take hold and work. Of course, for the most part we feel that it has; we feel that the idea of humans recognizing and interacting with personal teachers and celestial personalities put a human perspective to the material which has otherwise been presented to the planet as the Urantia Papers.

It is also correct to surmise that you are on a precipice. You are right on the edge where something may suddenly happen and though it is up to conjecture what suddenly may happen, there is a stance that can be taken to assure your mental and spiritual and emotional [state] and personally secure sense in all of this. I am not talking about creating some artificial environment in your mind which protects you; what I am talking about is the indwelling Adjuster presence, the spirit within, the divine countenance of God which indwells all humans. Of course you are aware of the grounding stability a relationship with your Adjuster begins to develop within your own life.

You must know that spirit is and has been tremendously patient, watching this planet ever since it was first conceived as hot gaseous material from your sun. We have slowly watched it cool. We have slowly watched continents and oceans and atmosphere develop. LIfe was created here on your planet and marine life began to thrive, then land life began to thrive, trees, animals, the complex raw material of nature which gives birth to the sapient human species. Even then we have slowly watched your development. I personally have had the pleasure of being able to interact in the development during my own incarnation here, to experience first hand this unique planet and its people which the very Creator of our universe, Christ Michael, intended to incarnate on and live out a life in the flesh for the whole universe to see.

So yes, we have been tremendously patient. Even in the times you live in now we know that there is a tremendous amount of work yet to be done on the human level to reach a moveable threshold of probability that things will happen within the human race and the human species. We are forever optimistic as we are patient, that these things in time will express themselves within your world, within your social development. The greater number of humans which begin to grow exponentially on a spiritual level will greatly increase the probability of the whole social transformation on your planet. We do not mind watching you backslide, watching you repeat lessons. There is sometimes a huge advantage in repeating a lesson. The most obvious advantage is that you begin to recognize the mistakes you made the first time and you correct it the next time the opportunity arises.

Even though this is happening on a personal level, it also happens on a social level. But things can also happen exponentially on a social level. Shifts can happen suddenly, the timing of the momentum and the action and the little bit of flux that is needed. The analogy which you used to add to this mixture can transform something that as your society, as the way you do and operate within the world, can quantum-ly shift. You are on the precipice, it does not take much for this shift and I cannot say if you will experience this in your lifetime or not. The fact is that you are holding a tremendous space that allows the probability for this type of quantum shift within human consciousness. This primarily is where this shift will begin, in consciousness, and the effect of the shift will be able to be seen in a social context.

Exciting times you live in. There is great interest and activity on your planet which deals with the unknown, which deals with the idea that on some level, humans have been helped by others in the universe. Whether they were spiritual or physical, on your planet there are obvious references to visitation. There have been tremendous civilizations and cultures which have thrived on your world. There have been many scenarios which have repeated themselves throughout the history of the human race on your planet and according to your Urantia Papers, the history of the human race goes back quite a long time, hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years.

So what is it that man needs to do? What is the key that man is searching for to unlock the probability that we will be able to continue to grow without losing ground and having to repeat a tremendously tedious and difficult scenario? What is the ingredient which shifts and changes all of this probability? When you begin to search within your mind, you will be hard pressed to recognize anything greater than the possibility of growing exponentially within yourself in relationship to the spirit within because this relationship gives a foundation, a footing, a notion, an attitude, a way in which you live that affects everything about you and eventually those around you.

It does not intend for you to separate yourself from the rest of your brothers and sisters. Quite the contrary, it is an integrated relationship, one in which you are more willing to show love and respect to your brothers in not only how you feel or think about them but how you actually interact with them which is what this comes down to, how you are interacting with each other. How are you networking? Not so much the particulars of what you are doing but more of the notion of how you are doing it. How conscious are you? How loving are you? How and can you tell the difference between those you can trust with certain things and those you can’t? Is your notion of discernment that keen for yourself and are you growing aware of this as you are growing aware of your spiritual budding nature?

Very challenging times you were born into yet they certainly are quite different from the time in which I appeared on the planet but nonetheless the challenge was the same. The challenge was to get the information out there because at some time, at some point, someone will be affected in a positive way by the information. And, people will talk about the messenger. They will talk about the loving and supportive nature of the messenger. This is what it is in a spiritual sense. You have no control over the outcome, all you have control of is your delivery of the message.

This is what we in this Teaching Mission have been intending to correct, was that this notion that a tremendously beautiful relationship can develop within the human nature with spirit and that this beautiful nature which develops lays the groundwork for man to grow and attain the next stage of your progressive evolution, the age of sustainability, the pre-dawn ages to Light and Life, the age of social consciousness, that unlike children who think only of themselves, you have become mature spiritual adults who think about others, what can be done to make it more pleasant for others, for everyone to enjoy the same type of life and experience as particular individuals enjoy, that everyone can come together and eat at the same table, that there is room for everyone. This is the kind of notion that the Teaching Mission has been intending to procure within your thought consciousness, the notion that we as spiritual brothers begin to show a loving and interest in you as human, and you would also begin to show a loving relationship with us.

The greatness of the Urantia Papers is that it is a book of printed words. The greatness of the Teaching Mission is that there are live celestial personalities having relationships with humans, that the black and white words of the Urantia Papers are slowly coming to life in technicolor, in a sense that you are able to touch the awareness, the presence, and the intention of spirit. Like Christ Michael when He was on the planet, He did not weigh his fellows down with the operation and necessities of a universe, the duties of a Creator Son. He dutifully went about his way, kindly meeting people, meeting everyone he could, talking to everyone he could, to correct their thinking, to show them a greater relationship in recognizing the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all men.

With these words I thank you for allowing me to present this lesson this evening. Thank you very much, I will now step aside and allow for others this stage of opportunity.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Elyon and it is my pleasure to address this group. I have never addressed this configuration of individuals before, in fact this exact configuration of individuals has never occurred, it is a matter of time and space coming together. I have been privileged to be involved with the No. Idaho group as the original teacher assigned some two decades ago now, and in the beginning it was a real struggle for teacher contact to be made in the beginning of the Teaching Mission time. It took real dedication and great extension of faith to open up the connection and make it part of our reality. It took the intention of individuals such as myself and others on your side to reach out and reach together and form a bond, create a bridge that we could use to traverse the distance between us.

I have such great and fond memories as I know all those involved did, of the times when it was difficult, when we really had to try hard to make the connection because it seems as though now we have put those days behind us, we have grown into another phase. What that phase is, is to be determined. It is to be determined by the juncture, by the conditions of space. The environment in which you all find yourselves present are the conditions of space and the additive ingredient of time and here we are on this timeline for planet earth and the human species and the evolution of all that has been created, the growth and the structure that is to be defined.

So all these things come together in a perfect storm, a juncture where time and space collide and you find yourselves in the middle. You find yourselves the ones who are the lubricant to all that goes on around you. You are the ones that can be used to reduce the friction, to be used as the differential, the point in between. You are the spark plug that creates the small but all important spark at the right time in the right circumstance and creates the great combustion around you. That’s where you find yourselves; that’s where we find ourselves. I consider myself there with you as we go through this together. I am fortunate enough to be associated with the likes of you at a time and a place like this. It is my great privilege and honor to join you and observe with you what happens at this unique juncture of time and space with you as the points of light, as the spark plugs which can ignite the environment around you.

That is how important all of you are at this time. Your use of intention is paramount in the equation because what you intend creates a certain frequency. That frequency draws to itself harmonies to that frequency that need to match, need to correspond, that want to be the same. So generate the frequencies that you can envision as your highest and best possible choices. Continue to create this environment around you by intending the highest frequency that you can manifest and all that is around you will grow to match your frequency. This is how reality is created. You determine the frequency and the frequency determines what is real.


Thank you for this opportunity to bring these thoughts into the thought stream this evening. It continues to be my great pleasure to be associated with you all who will be associated with us in the Teaching Mission, in this process that we are creating as we go forward with it. I bid you all farewell.

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