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NID738- Spirit Creativity

2012-08-12-Spirit Creativity

No Idaho #738


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spirit Creativity
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Unknown, Inner Voice, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Power, Creativity
 3.1.2 Spirit, Peace
 3.1.3 Service, Light

Topic: Spirit Creativity
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Unknown, Inner Voice, Machiventa
TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.


Power, Creativity

Unknown Source: [Cathy] I want to join the discussion of your reaction to the power that can be wielded on this planet through intention that joins with the Father’s will. Most of you would say that you are small and not powerful. I am here to affirm that you have great power from the Father at your disposal. You need to acknowledge first, that the piece of Divinity Within has access to all creative prerogatives from its Source.You also need to acknowledge that as the human mortal component, you have free will choice to manipulate these creative capacities. In all things you are more powerful than you know. In all things you have a direct link to the First Source and Center. In congregation you have the ability to magnify and enhance these capacities. I encourage you to become all you can be. This is how to approach eternity.

Spirit, Peace

Inner Voice: [Henry] The Father always resides in peace, even inside of you. As a personality aspect of the Father, He still resides in peace. This is what you call the parallel universe, the peaceful universe within yourself that is parallel to your own experience of reality. This is part of the irony of spirit; unlike yourself, spirit can be in two places at once. Spirit can actually reside in peace yet partake of your turmoil, of your agitation, your anxiety. It is not the function of spirit to interfere in your experience of reality. You have the ability to allow spirit by asking, by surrendering.

Spirit can greater help the individual in their present experience of reality, but spirit will not inadvertently interfere. You must allow spirit access to your reality, your experience of reality. Only you can access that peace which spirit truly desires to impart to you and in this peace you will begin to get a sense of the tremendous grounding nature of peace, the harmonizing and synchronous loving quality of peace, the calming and the certainty aspect of peace, the knowing-ness and the beloved aspects of peace. It is like walking around with a gold coin in your pocket. It puts a smile on your face. It gives you a certainty; it gives you a calmness, a surety. This aspect of spirit is like this gold coin.

Begin to believe in the possibility that one day you may become one with this aspect of spirit, that you can actually now begin to experience the power which this spirit can unlock within you. Begin to realize that all aspects of spirit work in coordination with the aspect of spirit which resides in you. You are spirit indwelt. Father spirit indwelt actually, as distinguished from Son spirit indwelt. The tremendous clarity that resides within this peaceful spirit is worth accessing. What results from following and acting upon these internal leadings, these internal shimmering, is truly what the mortal seeks.

All of the so called ‘great masters’ who have lived on the planet characteristically exhibited these qualities of peace, of knowing-ness, of a loving nature, of a wisdom and understanding which surpassed human questioning; in other words they were great to be around. You would feel as if you were completely safe in their presence. This is what you must become, safe within the presence that resides within you, completely safe, peacefully safe. Thank you.

Service, Light

Machiventa.  [Henry]: Greetings this morning, this is Machiventa here to remind you of the tasks at hand. The greatest contribution next to actual service to another individual which you can make to the planet as a whole, is to become responsible in carrying the light which resides in you in a way which others can perceive it, that others can actually sense the light in you. This is the task at hand, not to act as if you are in the light, but to own the light you truly have, to believe this light and to wear it proudly on your sleeve as they say, or on your shoulder as a mantle, to wear this light in your eyes that when you happen to glance at another they perceive the surety, the calmness, the peaceful quality and the caring nature which is within you.

There are, of course, many other things as a spiritual human being that you could be doing, and many of you find these things to do, but just remember that one of the most responsible things is to be responsible for who you truly are, and one day that will be – becoming a being of light. This is who you truly are and this is how we truly choose to view you. We know that you are a little rough, a little dirty, a little road weary and worn from earth’s grating existence. As a spiritual perspective it is wonderful to actually see people living as if they live in the friendship and company of spirit.

There is enough information already on the planet for you to access what I am saying about becoming more in tune with spirit. It is a practice at first. It is something which you must daily and constantly remind yourself of and with a little patience, one day you too will stand brilliant as does spirit now stand within you brilliant. Even though it is a small minute aspect it is still brilliant. It is brilliant enough to obliterate all of the darkness which resides within you; this is how brilliant it is. The fact that this brilliance resides within each one of you says there is enough light to change the world, it already exists here. This light is ready to change the world person by person, not like a mass riot but like a peaceful assembly all coming together honoring the great spirit within. This is where we are today, hand in hand touching each other and honoring this great spirit within. Thank you.

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