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NID793- Michaels Birthday

2013-08-16-Michaels Birthday
No Idaho #793


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Michael
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


LIGHT:   [Cathy – evening of Aug. 16] I am indeed eager to interact with this group at the gathering. We have been preparing for additional information involving your group and the manipulation of light energy. I am pleased to offer you assistance in this activity. Tomorrow I would appreciate a time to bring forward some techniques that you could develop that would increase your ability to focus and concentrate light for promoting a new way of operating in your daily living. As with all skills, this is in need of introduction and practice so you become proficient and effective. I’ve been focused on this area since my creation and feel I have much to offer you that would make your transition time easier and more effective. You will need to set aside your preconceived ideas of the physical world and some of the currently accepted ideas of science. Let’s explore new areas together.


LIGHT:    [Mark – morning of Aug. 17] Hello my friends, I will make my way here to this family gathering and seat myself at the banquet table with you, I am Light. It brings me everlasting pleasure to join you all at times like this when there is so much camaraderie and fellowship. It also brings me great pleasure to bring into your consciousness the notion that we are about to shift some gears and the game is about to change a bit. But no worries, never fear, because as has just been demonstrated to you, your Parent’s love surrounds you, is pervasive throughout your lives. There is no where that you can be that is not surrounded by their influence and you have grown, even in your short existence, to trust in this fact and to rest assured that this premise holds true.

And so it is, we will move forward, relying on faith that we are loved and cared for and nurtured throughout our journeys and regardless of where the twists and turns in the road may take us. This will facilitate our journey and infuse it with an attitude of well being and peace. Even when confronted with uncertainties and tribulations, nevertheless we shall endure as those who know of this great family to which we belong; we will struggle to maintain this posture of awareness and of peace that this awareness brings. This will be our challenge, individually and together as a family. When we struggle individually to maintain the connection, that is when we come together in fellowship and strengthen the bonds that exist.

When we do this, as we enjoy now, we are recharged in our enthusiasm and in our conviction and subsequently in our peace. That is what we do for each other so that as individuals, we always feel connected, we always feel part of the great whole. So we are in realization that we do not go through anything alone, but as part of the whole and in this way we have communion, we have fellowship, we have bonding and we grow love. These are the rewards of relationship, of belonging to the greater part, of being part of such a magnificent family where we each and every one belong and are known and are cared for and are supported by all the others. Such value this is, this family unit, this belonging to the whole. Such peace it brings, such love it demonstrates. Let it be so, more and more forward in our consciousness.

Let it bring us the rewards of peace and the feeling of connection and belonging and purpose. Let us rely on these aspects of our faith and we are most certain to navigate any circumstances in good stead. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to join you in this love fest this evening, the parents, the children, the brothers/sisters, the fellowship and communion of the loyal spiritualists. It is always a great pleasure to drop in on such an occasion. I now bid you all have a good evening and invite you to reflect as you lay down to rest this evening, these many embraces that you’ve just received. Feel them all, each one, as they are meant for you. You are loved and cherished, you are part of the family. Feel it, embrace it and own it in your being. This is the gift of grace. Be at peace and in love and I will visit you again at another time, good day now.

Prayer: [Cathy] I would like to lift our consciousness towards the nest we have created to bring our thoughts of the nest and bring back light with us. Flood this area with light and welcome Light to lead us into more knowing and more effectiveness. We are so grateful to be here, to be bonded, to bring our strengths and to open our hearts. Feel the light pouring down on each head, flowing through the body like a flower opening to the light, bathing in the light, breathe in light.

Prayer: [Mary] Feel our pulse around the circle, the energies, the connection. Feel the love, the surety, the love that generates light. We ask Michael/Mother Spirit to come in and guide us, teach us along with our sister Light, bless the connection with us.

MICHAEL:   [Mark] My dear ones, it is with such great pleasure that I join you at this time. You warm my heart so tenderly and dearly when you gather together in remembrance of me. I thought it my pleasure to open your meeting here today to let you know that I am drawn to you as the moth is to the flame. Your energy of spirit burns so brightly that it is almost irresistible to those of us who are looking to fan such flames and grow such light. For all those who will attempt to build these fires and create these lights will be assisted and all efforts will be aided in this process. It is possible to build the finest university and to appoint it with all necessary aspects but in the end, it is designed to be used by those who are its students and will avail themselves of the facilities to grow and to learn.

So all of the work of our Father and of myself sees fruition when you so willingly come and join in at the university of spirit, when you sign up for the next assignment, when you show your devotion by attending class by referring to materials by sharing with each other what you sense to be the value contained in these lessons. These are the rewards of those who build the university, these are the delights of the parents as the children grow through the process. And so it is that I am so very interested in all that you have to be about in this process. It thrills me to see the plan at work, the whole design being executed and you receiving all that has been designed for you to receive in the process. That is such great satisfaction and joy that I cannot express it to you. You are simply functioning within your paradigm and receiving from your efforts and I am witnessing the whole process in play around you, with you and though you and it is thrilling to observe.

Do not ever let yourselves become downtrodden or subject to the notion that the plan may be corrupted or somehow soiled for I assure you that there is every contingency and every manner and mode available to bring to fruition the best from any and every situation. And, I sense that you are beginning to see this as truth in your own lives for throughout you can witness that the hand of spirit has been generous, has been merciful, has been peaceful and has been present throughout. So you should consider that there can be nothing else for it has been shown to you in your own lives. Surely, if your parents have provided for you up until now, they will not cease.

And now you come together on this day of recognition and would once again sign up for a new task, a new assignment, a new class to be taken so that you may grow further in your experience and I have heard your petitions of the heart. Our Father above has heard of your petition and knows of your seeking. And so it is that, to those who seek, they shall find. I now offer you the desire of your heart, that you may interface as you are able with your liaison and friend and mentor, Light. I simply wanted to once again, rub our energies together and co-mingle our energy signatures so that we may be, each one, flavored by the other. I now respect your desire and stand aside to allow for all that you are willing to create. So be it.

LIGHT:   [Mark] Dear friends, I am Light. I stand in gratitude that you recognized my petition and are honoring my request. I feel emboldened to make such a request because I feel close enough to you to do so. You have embraced me and accepted me and I feel at home enough to desire to put a little of my own ambition into the equation. In my time spent with you I certainly recognize that your hearts desire is to be of more and greater service and you wonder what obstacles you face to increasing your service and expanding your effectiveness. And so, it is my great pleasure to have some more discussion with you about how to be more effective.

First, I would applaud your effort at communal focus, that is what you participated in at the beginning was to rally yourselves together, attempt to still the distracted thinking and focus in a common direction. This activity harnesses the mind circuit and directs it towards a useful function. I bring this up because so much of what happens with mortals of the realm is simply following mind pattern. When one allows the mind to wander and one follows it where it wanders, there are so many distractions that a focus is not maintained and any energy is difficult of focus when there is not a concentration, an effort to focus on one particular thought.

So I invite you to consider the importance of the focused thought pattern versus the random thought exchange and seek to direct your thoughts as the servants to you that they really are. Remember that your mind is there to serve you, it is a function of your will, not the other way around. But, if you are not considerate of this hierarchy, it is easy to become led astray by errant thoughts that simply pop in and go across and leave your consciousness much as clouds that float by in the sky. If you are going to be effective light workers you will need to maintain a posture of focus. You will not want to be distracted by every thought that passes by, but rather you will want to train yourselves to return over and over again to the thought that you would have, the thought that you would direct, the thought that you would impose on the circumstance.

Let’s discuss this in reference to prayer. When one is in a prayerful attitude there may exist great sincerity and focus as to details of the prayer. Then another thought comes along, another pattern then is followed and the original focus becomes lost. While any time spent in focus is good, to be effective, it is required that you hold the space, to maintain the focus, perhaps not continuously but steadily throughout. If for instance, your focus were on healing, it is not sufficient to simply one time focus your intention and then to completely relinquish all focus from that point forward and assume that you will be ultimately effective. The real masters are able to hold the space of healing for a significant time, to revisit it and to build that space to be a permanent one.

So while you are considering where to put your energies and light, consider that you are creating the space for what it is you would desire to manifest and that it is up to you to create that space, to build that space and to maintain that space, at least long enough for it to be accepted as reality by others wherein they are able to assist you in the building of this space. Done as a group, this can be highly effective for many can make a contribution and take turns building and maintaining this space of awareness, this space of projection, this holding on to a place wherein such a truth or reality or condition may exist, indeed desiring its existence even before it thrives and creating a place wherein its survival is welcomed.

So I offer you the perspective that you may adopt to play with, and that is, when for example, you meet another individual and you perceive the light energy around them and you perceive their energy signature, that you may foresee a condition for that individual wherein the greatest expression of their soul may manifest. You may help any individual to build a safe place around them for the expression of their soul. This is nothing more than what you might call wishing them the best or praying for their good fortune or success but bringing an element, because you can, of awareness into the circumstance, that you are co-creatively building around another an energy field of love, an energy field of peace. By simply having and casting the thought that you wish the best for another, you are literally stirring positive energy into their field, into their equation and helping to fulfill that very desire of your heart and of theirs.

But even more so than the passing by and the subtle up-liftment that you might engage in simply for fun and for service, you may go further and visualize the circuit that connects you all and the touching of each individual by this circuit and thereby reinforcing the circuit, strengthening it and making it more palpable, more real for all who are in contact with it. This is done easily and quickly by any of you who would donate your energy to creating a circuit of love. You do it so willingly and generously as it is. This group is a love fest and so I am telling you nothing new. You are all familiar with what it is like to desire to spread this love among and between you, sometimes resorting to the touching of the flesh but many times being content in your faith that you are touched in spirit.

Perhaps today, as another whole wave comes into the arena, [a visiting Urantia youth group], you could have an attitude and projection among and between you or great warmth and welcome, of great peace and joy, so much so that others who are unaware of your intention might wonder why it is you are so at peace, so in love and have so much joy and desire to interface with you about what it is that brings you to this state, to this place. No doubt, you will each one encounter opportunities if you should so accept them immediately before you to be in some dialog and discussion. These are eager young participants in what is ultimately a spiritual movement. There will no doubt be opportunities for you to witness each and every one.

This is where you personally and individually may channel this focus of light through your spirit, through your being and present your unique flavor, your unique version of this spiritual truth which you have come to know in your lives. It is not necessary that you speak about things beyond and outside of your experience. It is far more potent that you simply share your own observations, awarenesses and understanding of the universe principles which are at play. Your description and your experience are unique and valid and have purpose. They may be greatly helpful to others who are sharing your mind circuit and who need to utilize words and thought patterns to describe what it is they are experiences. Let them see you as secure, as full of faith, as eager to exchange. Just as these young new leaders are, let there be a burning fire within each of you which recognizes the burning fire within each of them. Let you kindle each other with spirit infused ideals.

I mentioned previously that I would like those who would like to consider this challenge to begin to let go of perceived parameters. I am well aware this is easy to say, but you are surrounded by thought patterns which represent obstacles to you: This usually doesn’t happen or, I’m not sure that this can happen, or that’s such a long shot it would be a miracle. These ingrained patterns are as hurdles to you, each one. You may be off to a good start down the track and you come up to one of these and sometimes you are able to leap over in faith. But many times these hurdles in front of you as you come up to them and confront them, seem insurmountable, and you so easily fall back into patterns which tell yourself it’s okay that you don’t try because you usually can’t leap that one or you haven’t before or you’re not sure it’s possible.

I would like to tell you in the plainest terms possible that those thoughts are your greatest obstacles and enemies, that they condition your success more often than you would like to think. I can point to many examples that have shown you in your own experience that boundaries may not contain your activities. My presence here with you today is one. Had you succumbed to the doubt and fear that were present, then we would not be having this conversation, but faith was summoned and courage and strength were summoned and we were able to get over that hurdle together.

Each one of life’s challenges before you are simply another one of these hurdles and I will tell you something, this is a key. Each one of these hurdles that is before you are no bigger, are no greater than any hurdle you have crossed. You have jumped hurdles before relying on faith and you have seen directly the benefits of your efforts. Now you will be confronted with additional hurdles. They are no taller, there are no greater obstacles to you than you have easily overcome already. So any fear, any doubt, any trepidation that exists over the next hurdle being somehow harder or more difficult is misplaced. They are simply hurdles of the same or smaller magnitude, simply challenges to rise up again in faith and dominate.

Begin to see these hurdles as simply challenges again and again, nothing more, and as you are ready for them you will jump them. As you are ready to embrace the fact that you can, you will, and the more experience you have at having done it, the more you should relax and be at peace the next time you are provided with an opportunity. You will all witness that the more experience you have at anything, the more relaxed you are when undertaking it, the less fear and apprehension are involved. So it is with the lessons we are embracing currently. Practice makes perfect and you are practicing step by step, day by day, hurdle by hurdle, and when you are ready you will leap in faith and you will triumph over the hurdle. It will cease to be a barrier for you and merely turn into a milestone, an accomplishment.

This is your destiny, this is all yours and all due you in time, in the course of your experience. That being the case, it is simply up to you to decide when you are ready to take the next and the next and the next hurdle. You’ve been trained, you’ve jumped them before. You have arrived at this place because you have navigated several of these hurdles. So what then is the difference? You are merely somewhere in the race. So when you act with intention and when you desire to focus this light from on high through your being, I invite you to do so with the faith which you have traversed these previous hurdles and the awareness that just like you triumphed then, you will triumph in your efforts.

So perhaps, just by way of suggestion, rather than become entirely distracted when you are besieged by a crowd, what if you were able to maintain your focus of light, of peace and of love and not be completely distracted by the conversation but rather seek to infuse it, seek to energize it with the space you are holding, the space for spirit to grow and be free and express, the space that you would invite another into no matter what the conversation, what the word symbols that are chosen to be used, even what thought patterns were being expressed? All of these may be conditioned by your desire to bring them into the space of light, under the focus of light. I think that if you will try this you will see that you are able to guide, to a higher place, each and every interaction if it is your desire to do so, if you set out with the intention. If you hold the space then others will join you, others will be attracted to this place of spirit, will be influenced by the effects of light.

And who better to play this game with than those active spiritualists who are gathering together to ask what now? Just like you, they are asking the same question, they are approaching it from their vantage point of youth and energy and desire. You may approach them from your vantage point of spiritualists with experience and those who are calling universe principles into play at their will and by their command. They need your experience, they need your demonstration of faith, they could use your perspective and you can take from them their energy and youthful expression and burning desire to be about the will of the Father and co-mingle these things. Bring them into the space that you have created where they are infused with light and both of you surrounded.

I trust I do not go too far with offering my suggestions since you asked and since it is a recognition that you too would ask, what now? So it is I feel free to offer and answer, at least a possible direction to go. Truly you cannot understand the magnitude of the opportunity before you as you all gather together to drink of each others cup of spirit and of faith and of witnessing and sharing that which has meaning and value to you. Golden opportunities are these, rejoice in them, celebrate them, take them in. They will be some of your fondest memories as you move forward through your spiritual ascension. As this exchange is one of my fondest associations and memories, to be with you in circumstances like this, to have the opportunity to grow together through some of life’s most exciting opportunities and challenges, to face another hurdle together and to be willing to lean on faith.
I think that is enough from my side today, however, if there would be more dialog from questions or offerings I am most pleased to stay in attendance.

Question: I gather from what you said that, perhaps you heard our conversations here earlier, that I desired a meeting or workshop like this because I walk down the street and see various circumstances with people either as a very happy family or a troubled someone. I get inspired to throw them light, encircle or drench or douse them as it were. Of course my question is does this have any benefit, does this have an effect? I gathered from what you said that indeed it does but a way to strengthen it is to consciously perceive the ‘connecting tissue’ as it were, the connection, the pipeline through which the light is traveling from me to them, thereby not only helping them but bolstering the pipeline as an entity unto itself for everybody, the pipeline is bolstered. If that question makes any sense to you I congratulate you on the understanding of things and if it has an answer, I am all ears.

LIGHT:   I make bold to attempt an analogy. First I would say in recognition of your truth, all acts of kindness are valued, a smile, a hand, a glance of fellowship. There is no small act of kindness that is unrecognized or that is unhelpful. You may rest assured that each and every contribution you make, matters. It matters not only to those who you feel you are assisting but it provides for you another opportunity to practice. So every action of this sort is worthy action, doubt not.

Now, I will make the analogy in an attempt to flesh out the lesson of adding to the space. If one was to walk down the street and see a homeless person laying on the sidewalk and decided that they wanted to effect change, one could at first perhaps bring a blanket to that individual, that would be the passing prayer. If one wanted to wield the forces of the universe and create a different reality for that person, one could come back and work further on building that space by perhaps bringing a tent. If one truly desired to affect great change and was persistent enough, one could bring back a camper and if one truly desired to manifest glorious changes and set themselves to do it, one could effectively build a dwelling.

My point is that, at each of these levels is a different degree of commitment, a different level that you would take your focus to. One may simply desire to help enough to provide instant warmth to get out of the cold and a blanket suffices. One may desire to change the equation permanently and build a dwelling and all levels in between are in direct relationship to the amount of energy put into the equation. So therefore, if your desire was for a healing and you put some initial energy into the pain and the focusing on the relief of the pain, then perhaps that would be the blanket to the homeless person, perhaps that would mask temporarily the circumstance.

But there may as well be the underlying condition which causes the circumstance. It may be required of you that you put more energy than just masking the pain and feeling better to creating the correct environment and space to correct the underlying condition and alleviate the cause of the symptoms. That would be a greater commitment and require more energy into the equation. And so once you know of this relationship, you may determine that different circumstances require different levels of commitment for your attention and focus and you will have to decide at what level you are content to walk away, what level you consider your service to have been effective and this is all part of the gigantic exercise before you, to realize that any condition, any circumstance can be completely changed and altered by the introduction of ones energy, ones intention, ones focus, will, desire.

These influence markedly any circumstance and so you are left with the consideration of which circumstances you will donate your energy to and to what degree. When you start understanding the significance of this and start relying on the validity of this process, then you will become more discerning as to how to apply your energy, at what point in the circumstances and for how long and for what duration and what intensity because each of these, your choices to make, each of these choices represent a different outcome and I tell you plainly that if you set your whole being to accomplishing a change in the circumstances, there is no factor on heaven or earth that will prevent you from affecting great change.

That is how the laws of the universe work, that is what the principles in play dictate and that is what the light worker relies on in complete faith and confidence that it is so and thus, the truth is borne out. Was the truth borne out to create you an opportunity for you to believe? No, the truth was borne out because you believed and you executed and you acted in faith so how else could it turn out? So don’t seek outward signs to bolster your faith, rather bolster your faith and then see the outward signs. I hope this analogy helps to illuminate the different levels I was referring to.

Question:  Yes.

Question #2: Light, I have a question. The examples cited were not unknown to us, the four examples you gave. The example that he originally pointed out was the sending of light when he viewed the individual. My question is what are the next steps of ‘sending light’ that might apply. I have no idea.

LIGHT:  The next step besides simply shining the flashlight as it were on the circumstance, is to create the space where the light will continue to exist and that is, by the sheer force of your will you may create an illuminated space and not just simply shine the light for a brief moment on another as you pass by, but rather hold an illuminated space as you so desire. This exercise may not be intended for everyone you pass walking down the street, may not be practical, but for those who are willing to engage with you in the games of spirit as all of you are, then by building and maintaining this space, you are taking it to the next level.

It is one thing to smile on your brother and cast light upon them and all that is well and good. It is another thing to create a mutual space of light that you can both enter and both be illuminated by, so palpable that they will want to join you in this space, they will want to be in this hallowed space that you have created and that you will uphold; even they may be in relative unawareness that this is so. Your awareness is enough to hold this space, a sacred space, a place where they are comfortable and free and open to come and be with you and all because you have focused.

You have thought to do this, that it represents your will and your desire does this space exist. You create this parlor to welcome them into and they will accept your invitation. The step I am referring to is the preconception if you will, of this place, of this space that you build and hold so that any may willingly bask in the glow of your parlor and this parlor that you offer for them to join you in is what I am referring to you offering each and every individual, not so much shining the light on them as inviting them into the light of a place of mutual connection, communion and reflection.

We are entering uncharted territories. This is our task, this is our hurdle before us. I am attempting to describe to you in word form, concepts which you are barely able to grasp and only able to touch by virtue of your venturing outside your comfort frame and investigating spiritual options. And so you are willing to follow me as I am willing to lead and yet we still have this issue of communicating what it is we are attempting to do and how it is accomplished. Nevertheless, I will persevere in my attempts of explanation and you will persevere in your attempts of understanding.

I welcome your questions to facilitate in this process, your interactions at any time. I am in a very real sense, flying by the seat of my pants so to speak. I am untrained in what we are adventuring about with just as you are and we are both trying to find common language and understanding so that we may proceed with these explorations. As always, fear not. There are no wrong choices to be made, there are no failed attempts. It is only building on experience and practicing and as long as we are in the game and trying, we all get an A for effort.

I also offer that our effectiveness cannot be judged in this mortal capacity. Much of what transpires will be on the spiritual level and indiscernible by the mortal eye, but not by the human heart or soul. You will know, you will have that warm fuzzy feeling when things seem to be working and feeling well and likewise, you may feel empty as though something hasn’t quite connected if it doesn’t. But, you are among friends and what can go too wrong between friends if they are sincere and each trying to accommodate each other. Did I approach your question in any way?

Comment: Yes, what I’m getting, what I feel would be the next step, I’m getting first of all the sending of light, then creating the space and what I’m hearing, the next step is to invite you into the situation, perhaps Michael with the key he places around our neck of faith because I don’t necessarily have any idea of where to go in step two and three. If you are there when I ask, I hope that will present a new situation that we might move into, fair enough?

LIGHT:   Indeed, you know that old game of ‘warmer/colder-hotter/colder,’ you are getting warmer and warmer my friend. It is true, let’s consider what you have just said. If you were to become adept at creating this space, this parlor, this arena of spirit and another was to come into your proximity, it’s possible for you to cast a line out so to speak and draw you into this arena which you have taken it upon yourself to create and maintain. Now that you and another are in this potentially limitless space, think of it as the ‘holideck.’ You may then as you have described, invite any one of us to join you. You may as easily invite Michael to join as myself or Machiventa or any of the others who have shown themselves willing to join you in your sacred space.

Now consider what you have done. You have brought another from the outside into a whole other arena where they may then contact your friends, your associates who are in spirit. You have provided the very groundwork, the framework to expand another’s consciousness by simply maintaining your own. In this way you can literally bridge the gap. For instance, if I may be so bold, you have eager individuals coming out here to share with you in fellowship about Michael’s life and act in devotion and appreciation. What if then you were to be able to at will and by command, invite them into your arena where you have already invited Michael to be present and they walk in so to speak, to this space that you have created wherein that which they are seeking, Michael’s energy, is present.

You see how great a magnitude this could be to the seeker, to the one who is looking to bridge the gap that all spiritualists seek to bridge. If you are already on that bridge, if you have already bridged the gap, if you are already on the other side beckoning their arrival, what a service this is. Your beacon, your light is now showing them the way and all they need to do is to enter therewith. You see the service that this can be if you have prepared the way. You have created the parlor, you have invited the individuals and you are now ready to interact in this other realm, this realm of spirit and that is why you must be focused to do this. You must have it in your intention to maintain this place and this posture because there will be an onslaught of conversation, distraction, thought, ideas and it will be easy to have your space overcome with a variety, a mixture of human thought, emotion and intention.

It takes a true focused spiritualist to maintain the integrity of this parlor throughout such an intercourse but you are up to the challenge. Keep bringing yourself back to the focus. What [has] your parlor prepared? Is your space strong? Is the light surrounding your space? Are there other personalities there with you who you have invited? Is there room to invite another individual in and to share all this goodness and glory with them. These are the focus points to return to as all manner of trivia goes on around you and look for ways to invite people into this space.

Look for ways to entice those who are eager in their desire to find spirit to seek it out and search for it. Let them see your contentment in having found it, let them witness your peace and offer to them in the softest of terms, an opportunity to open the door and simply join you. They will come to you as moths to the flame. This is what I was referring to as taking it to the next level, carrying with you the integrity of your spiritual space so that no matter what goes on out there, there is always a sacred space that you have that you offer to share, that you maintain because it is your desire to do so, that you recall and remember and refresh and support. These are the things that create the reality, these choices. So what will you create, many things.

Question: Am I being too literal by seeing the tent outside as a place we could create a space today?

LIGHT:   Absolutely not, I once again will remind you, there are no boundaries around what you would decide. You create what you will embrace and so it is quite possible. For instance, I call you all to witness, you have probably all walked into what’s considered a sacred space, a church of some sort and have felt that there is a presence, there is a space there, there is a sanctity, a holiness and this is because people have desired that it be so, have built that space, have created that energy, support that energy and so much so to the degree that it is palpable to those who come in from the outside. It is registered even in your physical senses that there is something different about this space, it is not the same as even outside.

I invite you to consider that any space may be turned into the same sacred space whether it be your gathering tent, whether it be your car, whether it be any space you can imagine, even the space just between you and another individual. But as great as that is, the ability for this space to be surrounding you, for you to be creator and sponsor of this space, it is your version of holy ground, your vision of an ideal circumstance and it’s your willingness to uphold and support it that maintains its integrity. I will tell you that it is quite effective for you to establish a given parameter that you can relate to and identify with and to envision both internally and perhaps even with your material external efforts, the boundaries that you would draw from creating this space.
I invite you all to witness that even going under that tent when you first arrived, there was a certain feeling of sacredness, of special-ness because you have done it before, you have created and enjoyed that space before or in this room as was mentioned. There is the recognition of an energy field that was created once here before and it’s not so difficult to recreate it and simply pick it back up again and support it. These are all the same principle in action, the same universal force at play, the same idea on different levels and different scales.

Yes, do them all, I invite you to play and experiment on every level. You may do this around your own home and dwelling. Make it a sacred place. You may do this in your own vehicle, in your own place of work and certainly at your own spiritual gathering. There are no limitations on what space that you can change and alter and infuse with spirit and make it a sacred place. So let’s play, the world is truly your canvass and all that you can imagine, all that you can focus on is your privilege to play with. It’s your game, you decide and it’s one you cannot lose. What a game to play, one you are guaranteed to win.

Question:  Thank you Light.


LIGHT:   I feel as though I have used many word symbols in my attempt to express meaning and value. Now you use your mind circuit in an attempt to assemble these word symbols into meaning and value as you understand them. I have pledged to be with you through this process and I know of your hearts desire to work with me and so it shall be. Let us move forward on this day with perhaps just a little more faith, a little more willingness to execute that faith, a little greater desire to allow reality to unfold rather than to condition it by what our understanding of it may be.

Let the games continue. I am here for you to call upon throughout the event this weekend but I will tell you, more and more the game is in your court. Certainly you may come to us for guidance and instruction but you are well rehearsed students and in fact are now full fledged teacher assistants so therefore it is incumbent upon you, when the class arrives and stands before you, to proceed forward and witness and own the truth that you are aware of. You cannot go wrong in simply portraying your truth as you know it. Peace to all, my love surrounds you, good day.

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