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NID803- Methods & Techniques

2013-10-13-Methods & Techniques
No Idaho #803


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Methods and Techniques
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, Unknown, Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Methods and Techniques
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, Unknown, Elyon
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hello to all my friends, I would honor your request and join you in this gathering of light. Truly it is a gathering of light beings and you are all shining so brightly today, generating your own light from within. It is not just about directing the light from on high, it is also about what can be generated from within, spontaneous generation of light. You are all little incubators of light of your own which you may use to donate to the cause, the cause of your choosing.

I have enjoyed this mornings discussion about various aids to the process of achieving more spiritual latitude and it is true, there are many who have come up with many methods and techniques that all may seem to tickle you or entice you because they are all strumming a certain string that is involved in the entire instrument, they touch on an aspect of the greater instrument and so it is that they feel as though they vibrate in harmony with the universe because they are a part of the whole, an aspect of the entirety and they can be found in tones and they can be found in words, they can be found in sincere demonstrations of faith throughout. They are what, those who have come before you have discovered, touches on an aspect in the great harmony that is the whole.

And so it is always intriguing and fun to go out and see what your brothers and sisters have discovered, what works for them, what tweaks their fancy, what piques their interest when they have been searching for spiritual aspects and components and see if you can as well, identify or relate to what others have sensed about these different tools, these different avenues of approach that you discover for if there is some validity in all these methods and all these approaches, they have been discovered by those before you and you may resonate with any individual aspect as you may so choose.

But likewise, one should never dismiss the magnitude of importance that an approach or a method or an avenue may bring to another because all these different avenues of approach are various fragments of the whole that may be grasped by any individual. Therefore should one grow to appreciate the distinctions and the differences that come before you as you make your way through these many many opportunities.

I sincerely appreciate always your thinking of me. Know please that I think of you as well. I consider you my closest associates and I appreciate your extension of such love in my direction. I honor the platform here today and would now withdraw to allow the presence of others. It is indeed my greatest pleasure to be here with you. Thank you all.

Unknown: [Cathy] [I have a contribution in the form of an unknown Chinese symbol.] I am returning to add a thought to your discussion. In my meditations at your mortal level, I found the energy created is a tool to be manipulated and expanded for healing and spiritual expansion. I was a solitary mortal for much of my experience. The ability to focus on energy and the component of light is a skill that is capable of refinement and enrichment. The action of intention is an ability to increase the intensity and [amount of light] that you are capable of allowing in and focusing out of your being. You are the tool that is to be developed and used with light.

ELYON:   [Mark] Good morning friends, I come to visit once again to who I consider some very old friends, I am Elyon and my heart is warmed by such a gathering, true comrades who have been in pursuit of spirit for some time. I know this as I was there from the beginning. It was my distinct privilege and pleasure to work with this group in its very beginning stages, to open so many doors and to go down so many paths and to go up so many peaks together. Truly we will all remember this relationship as being so influential and informative for all of us. It is the unique gift one gets when they invest themselves in relationship.

I must say that my heart is indeed warmed to witness the extension of your faith you provide to allow for your continued relationship with Jonathan. It is a supreme demonstration of faith and one that is looked upon with some awe as are many demonstrations offered by mortals of the realm. It is most impressive when it is most sincere and heartfelt and that is what we witness in a case such as this. I call you all to witness the rewards for such an offering of faith are immense, that you are all able to count in your lives the significance and magnitude that you have received as a result of your venturing out in spirit.

And so, the universe awaits your requests, awaits your desires to be made known so that it can move to facilitate and focus to generate that which you would direct. It is an honor and a privilege to be still a part of such a group who are still in such sincere pursuit of higher truths that it simply cannot be denied them. That is what happens when you bring the deepest of your faith to the table. It simply can’t be denied of you, your heart’s desire to know and learn and be, rather all manner of assistance may be channeled and funneled in your direction and you may choose to focus and utilize this energy as you so desire.

It is with great respect that I honor the occasion of a meeting such as this. It is my pleasure to bring my energy signature in once again and rub spiritual elbows with you. And now, I would allow this space to be used for others but I leave my love and a print of my affection for you all. I am deeply fond of this group. Thank you for that relationship, I bid you all farewell.

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