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NID805- Surrender

No Idaho #805


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Surrender
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Serena, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Surrender
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Serena, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Hello my friends, while I agree that I am eager to get involved, I am uncertain about the ‘chomping at the bit’ reference but I accept all playful attempts to engage as meant in that spirit. Your comments of the day have indeed given good fertile ground for a lesson that may be of some useful service. You were discussing two terms and their differences and relationship to each other, the one term being surrender and the other term being acceptance. I would like to take a turn at bat utilizing these two potent words to launch on a journey of imagination.


CHARLES:  I would submit to you that the acts of surrender and acceptance are indeed quite related to each other as in step one and step two. It is true, what you made reference to, that there is a need to let down ones defenses, to concede to a higher power, to cease resistance. These are all good ways for you to visualize what surrender really means. Surrender means spilling some of your cup so that there is room for more to be added.

Surrender means being willing to concede that there is a greater circumstance that one should be associated with and having taken this first step, this initial journey, it then becomes possible for one to move into a state of acceptance wherein there is no more ceasing of struggle, rather there is an embrace, a taking up of what you have conceded that there is this higher power, a joining forces, a partnership, an act, an active role and this is the distinction between these two and their needed association, the one to the other, for before one can have anything added unto them they must present themselves as ready, as willing, as surrendering to the plan and then they can move into a level of acceptance, embracing, working with and moving forward with this new partnership.

I will submit to you that there is a third component in this triangle of association and relationship and that is the component of awareness because without awareness, these two different and related acts become very difficult to undertake. If there is not enough awareness one may stay in a state of resistance, in opposition for longer than is necessary. If there is not a state of awareness governing the movement between these actions then they may not serve as useful building blocks and teaching moments. Awareness conditions this whole circumstance which repeats itself over and over again in your experience.

You are confronted with a new and different version of truth, a reality before you and at that moment, once again, you must choose. Do you accept and willingly move forward and embrace this new truth or aspect and work with it or do you recoil and withdraw from engaging in this new and different version until you have had more time or until you are satisfied that it is indeed the truth to embrace?This dynamic of a growing awareness governing the movement through these processes is indeed a triangle for your consideration. It is almost a which comes first scenario, you need them all in order to move through the cycle. They are all necessary components of the same energy stream.

It is a joy to pick up a few of the serves that have been offered here today and return them in kind. It always brings me joy to come among this group and be so welcomed. I understand the format and gladly relinquish the platform for use by others. It has been a pleasure, good day.

LIGHT:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light here with you and I would like to try on one of these phrases here today and flesh it out a little bit with the offering of a prayer: Divine Parents, what a joy it is to be with you once again today and on this day and everyday I wish to affirm my surrender to you, my willing embrace of you, the surrender of my gift of choice so freely and willingly.

This is the gift I have to give, my desire to choose you and be with you and follow you. I so willingly surrender this to you as this is my choice, this represents my will. I see this as an act of love and joy to you my Divine Parents, not in any way taking from what I have but returning to me manifold that which I am willing to so freely offer. In this way, I understand, Divine Parents, that surrendering to you, surrendering with you, we both gain manifold in our offering. So on this day once again, I would affirm that it is my desire to gladly and freely surrender my longings, my will in your direction and having no reservations whatsoever, I freely give this gift. Make it so on this day and always. Thank you for this opportunity. I accept it, I embrace it, I move forward with it, it is my will to choose it and embrace it and love it. So be it, now and always.

This represents my will and thank you all for joining me in such moments of gratitude. I hope such a petition helps to illustrate for you the gift that it is, to be offered a chance to surrender to divinity. I hope you all are willing to make it so in your own lives and choices. Such joy it is to be among you today. I now understand there are more who would utilize this platform. I bid you all a joyous journey, farewell.

SERENA:  [Cathy] I am witness that the light is radiating from each of you, points of glowing light. You can indeed change the perception and move with us to the higher frequencies, a Light and Life advance. We are enjoyous of [the] spectacle of your expansion. Let us open ourselves to new connections and possibilities, we are ready.

MICHAEL:  [Mark] My dear loved ones, I have enjoyed your moments of silence and reflection and have participated with you. I’d like to offer you one final additional perspective on the act of what you refer to as surrender. I submit to you that your surrendering to the will of our Father, to my will, is nothing more than answering the call, is nothing more than responding to the bidding of your Divine Parents. That is what it is to surrender your will, to turn in the direction of the call, to heed the call and to pursue it and desire it. That you have come to know as surrender, that which seems to be a difficult task at times because you are somehow busy or inclined in another direction or taken up with other demands.

And all this is good and valuable and rich experience to have to yourselves, what it is to respond to the call even when you are busy, anxious, angry, afraid or otherwise preoccupied. You see, every moment of every day is a choice of where your attention will focus and what calls you will heed or respond to. There are those immediately before you like the fire bell which commands your attention and demands that you act and there are many many other calls which are more subtle, nevertheless vying for your attention. And all throughout the day one must make judgments and discernments about the nature of these calls and which ones you will answer and which ones you will let go.

This provides you with abundant opportunity to inject your experience with all manner of influences but always and forevermore and as long as you shall exist, there shall be the calling behind and above all of these others, the calling of the children back home, the calling of the part back to the whole, the summoning of all the fragments to recreate the masterpiece. This call shall always be in the background, shall always be present in amongst all the others and the degree to which you are able to hold your focus and maintain your choice in this direction is what your spiritual development is all about because there will always be ample distractions, there will always be the life that you are living which demands your attention, there will always be innumerable service projects amongst which you may choose.


MICHAEL:  And so it is that I value and appreciate as does your Divine Parent above, whenever you choose the subtle voice that is always present. This is a gift that you give to me, to Him and to you, a gift so warmly and well received. Thank you for giving this gift, this day, this hour. I embrace you all and bid you all have a fruitful and wonderful week ahead, farewell for now.

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