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NID816- Group Consciousness

2014-02-02-Group Consciousness
No Idaho #816


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Group Consciousness
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Group Consciousness
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles here delighting in observing your sharing and conversation this morning and delighting in picking up on a theme worthy of exploration. I will label this theme, observing the collective consciousness and the synergistic energy contained within. I invite you to go on a journey with me of description.


CHARLES:  First, I invite you to consider what your response is when you, through the power of your media and abilities to discover things far and wide, observe images of distant people in distant lands and on the one hand, there is the recognition that they are different. They live in different environments and appear differently in stature and appearance but nevertheless, you all will register at some place deep within that they are as you are, brothers and sisters on the planet, fellow human beings. And so as a result, you recognize that you are part of this group, that you are one among many and it springs up within you certain feelings of association, feelings of empathy for other individuals even though they are distant and remote from you.

Then I call you to observe how you approach such events as your celebration of your nation, your Fourth of July celebration, and how it is easy for you to identify with all the others of your brothers and sisters out there who are also embracing this identity to group, this association to the larger number, and feelings of patriotism well up within you. Such symbols like flags and fireworks are designated to portray for you a certain sense of satisfaction of belonging to a nation. This same sense may be contained within tribes or groups all around a certain sense of patriotism towards the clan, the organization.

Then I call you to observe such events as transpire on this day, major sporting events which bring out a sense of pride and patriotism of sorts to attain to a state, to an idea and its easy for you to observe that people find a great amount of satisfaction identifying with such an organization, being part of such a group. I submit to you, all these groups have similar characteristics of association, of belonging, of feeling like you are one of something greater, of literally tasting the synergistic energy created when you combine into such a group. I will refer to this energy as a collective consciousness of combined energies of the group which are then able to be embraced and taken up by the individual. This brings an empowering sense to the peace which is provided by the whole.

Now, lets move further down the chain and consider how important it is to be embraced by the group of family, how much comfort is derived by the synergistic energy of a family unit, the support that is provided to each member as a result of the unification of the team, of the coming together under one purpose, even under one roof. Such a powerful combination of synergy is a life blood to many individuals. They join religious groups for the same reason, to be part of a larger organization, to receive the support from such an organization and to enjoy the affiliation.

This same condition is created over and over in your lives with your work groups, with your social groups, with your music groups. It was noted how potent and powerful the coming together of those offering up their voice together really is. It is palpable, it is real, you feel it within your senses and this is because you have formed a collective consciousness, a group energy and you are tapping into that energy and experiencing it. It is in fact, altering and enhancing your own energy equation and multiplying the impact of energy onto your individual equation.

So now let us take this same theory of empowerment through joining together into a collective consciousness and take it down even further. The individual may choose to join in collective consciousness with their Inner Guide, their Inner Spirit and even with the association of your Divine Parents and others who you may choose to join forces with, become a member of a collective consciousness you join and help form intentionally and in this way, in the same way as you receive great support and empowerment by joining other groups, you receive the same benefits having formed your spiritual group.

All of these dynamics are quite similar and repeated over and over in your lives as you may witness. It is the same process of joining different associations based upon the energy contained in the system and whether or not you want to be a part of that, whether or not you want to participate in it, whether or not you want to benefit from it. There are innumerable groups who you may be associated with and yet you find yourself gravitating and being drawn towards those which resonate with you most clearly. But you are, as shown by my example, part of many groups and many sub groups and each one of these has its own energy loop, its own collective consciousness and you are able to more and more clearly feel these energies and discern the different characteristics that they contain.

So on this ‘Super Bowl’ day when so many individuals are focused on a specific event, at a specific time, under specific circumstances, I applaud your observation that such constitutes a great and powerful force and it is always good to observe these forces at play and to witness these principles in action. It may help define for each of you your association with these individual energy loops and how much or how little you would embrace them and be part of them.

I appreciate the opportunity to offer this analogy of energy loops and systems and your ever expanding awareness of them. I invite you all to observe closely as your interface with each of these groups is constantly in flux, is constantly up for grabs and may be determined by you to be expanded or diminished as you are free to make your choices daily. Thank you all for hearing my words. I am always pleased to join your group and offer my contribution. So be it, farewell, enjoy your week.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Greetings to you my friends, I am Jonathan. I am here in demonstration of my desire to maintain my connection with this energy group, this collective consciousness that we both share of being spirit beings and joining together with others who are intent on exploring and defining what exactly that means. It is marvelous and miraculous that both of us can be in this same group together, you on your side of the veil and me on mine; likewise, both are participants in this same energy circuit, this same collective consciousness. We both are desiring to grow ourselves spiritually, to unfold who we are as spirit beings and while we have different life circumstances at the moment, we are unified in our purpose to come together under this pursuit to support each other in our efforts, to aid each other in our processes and to simply share the camaraderie of the voyage.

This is what brings me back to this group, this opportunity that is formed, and I would bet this is what brings you back as well. So, we share the same desire, we seek the same opportunities and lo and behold, we find ourselves here together again because there is still something in it for us, there is still something that resonates with us, we desire to still have association with this energy loop. And so it always brings me great pleasure to drop in once again, to let my energy signature to co-mingle with yours, to help uphold and build this energy circuit just as you do.

Together we make this place, this platform wherein each one of us can sense this association, can truly feel this membership and can appreciate being a part of that which we have created. It is always my pleasure to co-mingle with you as the opportunity provides. I appreciate the opportunity. I take my leave now, thank you.

MICHAEL:  [Cathy] I invite you to participate with us, your Divine Parents, in a group of loving family. Feel free to invite us in at any moment to harmonize with you. It is our greatest joy and satisfaction. It is a great accomplishment we seek, a unified consciousness on your planet. We have many of these groups reaching out in a global family of love. Let us join our voices in the chorus of love and worship. Together we demonstrate the availability of this valuable circuitry of love. Together we create a love concerto, a chorus of The Father.

MICHAEL:  [Mark] I would offer a few more final words, I am Michael. In observation of this mornings discussion I would offer to you that you are indeed part and parcel of certain groups by virtue of your birthright and your heritage, your families, your nations, your states. These are things which you were born into and you may choose to support to your hearts desire. You are a member of these groups and you may augment that membership to the degree you desire. There are other groups which you choose, which are up to you, your groups of association. These constitute and represent your free will choice in action, your desire to participate is purely voluntary and up to you and therefore these groups have even greater potential for meaning and value because you choose them.

They are not thrust upon you, but chosen by you. They represent your hearts desire in action as you choose them, so therefore they are infused with an added dimension. This extra significance that they carry is because they are voluntary, they are up to you to uphold or to let pass. Therefore do I cherish your choices to come together under circumstances such as this, to come together and support each other while you are seeking spirit and finding it in your daily lives, come together in pursuit of spirit and exercising your faith to do so. This truly is an enhanced opportunity because your faith is in motion, your spirit is longing for such association and groups such as this are the response to your hearts desire. They exist to provide you that that you seek.


MICHAEL:  And so it is always my pleasure to come and support you in your effort, to be part of your process and yes, I invite you each and everyone personally to take advantage of such association, to see yourselves as a valued member of the group, as one whose harmony is required, is supported, is loved and cherished. Come to me as you are able so that we may join voice together, so that we may both share the union of our consciousness, so that we may both benefit from this association.

This is my hearts desire for you, each one, that you have full access and full embrace of our association and the greater association of the group and the greater association of the brotherhood of man. All these are yours to be embraced, all these are meant for you in your development and it is my pleasure and privilege to assist you as you are so willing to embrace more and more of all that is yours. Let it be so, even now and forever more. These are my words. Take them now and go in peace with them. My love I leave with you, my presence stays with you. Thank you all, farewell.

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