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NID820- Heart

No Idaho #820


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Heart
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Michael, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Heart
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Michael, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


SERENA:   [Cathy] I am most enthusiastic about the progress of the Monjoronson preparation. The planet is in an increasing energy vibration. This will enable all inhabitants to develop increased spiritual capacity and connection. Each of you is a valued contact point. Each of you influence others to make these connections a reality. Each of you multiply the potential of connectivity. On our side, we are waiting for opportunity to increase our effectiveness. We will take advantage of any opening that appears. As you take action to connect with another person we will amplify and enhance the connection. As more of you on the planet understand yourselves and spirit connection, you will come to love each other more. The oneness will become obvious to all.

Mark: I am prompted to lead in a portal building exercise. I would encourage all of you powerful co-creators, children of the most powerful co-creators, offspring of the Divine to join me today and to lend your energies to the portal, to come and meet there together, all of us, wherever that portal is in your consciousness, to visualize the strengthening of the portal, the expansion by virtue of the donation of our light to the existing light. This light is so powerful and so radiant we can feel this light, we can sense it. We gather around this light, this energy source, in faith and with trust.

We bring our confidence into the circle that we are part of this energy cycle. And, as part of this energy field, let us each one, let us all individually and yet together here, step into this energy field so that it may fill us up, so that it may surround and bathe us each one in this radiance. Feel it as we take it in, as we soak in it like warm water, as we feel this light radiate deeply into us, even through us as we become more and more light beings ourselves. Let us focus on this attitude of gratitude for such a pervasive force, such a sense of connection to this primal force and the consciousness which enables us to realize our position in relationship to this force, our connected-ness.

Father we are so very grateful for this universe principle that we have been informed of and that we choose to work with and be a part of. Please take our energies and combine them with yours and let us create together even [a] more potent and magnificent force of your love we refer to as the portal. Help us in our desire to help you create such an avenue of approach and help us to avail ourselves of your grace in this process, to breathe in your peace as we do this work as we approach you. Help us to see this light as bathing us, washing us, transforming our very molecular structure into your design of perfection. Help us to align our will so that your grace may pass through us and abide with us. In all these things we ask for our sake and for yours, we are together in this and we would join you in this process. Let it be so.

MICHAEL:   [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, I am pleased again to be given voice, I am Michael and I would fellowship with you a little bit more this morning, you my devoted followers who desire to build upon your awareness of my mission, my purpose and what you are discovering to be our purpose. I appreciate that you are grasping and holding on to key elements that I have desired be assembled as the pieces of a puzzle. They are arranged thusly, that you have come to know me as your Father, your Creator, one whose very dream you are.

Your text has informed you that I have also earned the position of a brother figure to you, one who has traversed the very paths you are traversing of the mortal experience and therefore have some firsthand knowledge and experience about the challenges you face and the triumphs that you experience in your lives. I have expanded these two perspectives and ask that in these times you consider me as well, your friend. This is an effort to bring me closer to you, to create an image in your mind of some relationship in current form, some friendship that you can relate to here and now, someone who is approachable in these times, in your time, which is in fact in our time.

I would go even one step further because I am attempting to grow this personal relationship with you, I would offer to you that this truth that I am available to you as a friend is an enduring truth. It is not meant for just now in this moment, take it or leave it. It is meant as an enduring truth for you to have and to hold, for you to carry with you forward, for you to rely on and trust in, as a result of your faith and to bolster it. This ongoing and current relationship I offer to you so that you may relax in some regards as to whether or not you have had enough contact with me to date, and know that I am available to you at any time, at any date, that that constant is a truth I would like you to fully embrace.

You need not be concerned that your time to share with me is in any way brief or short or that you may have missed it in any way. I am here for the long run and I desire to share as much of your life experience as you would offer to share with me. So doubt not that I will be in attendance in your lives and that I will be there to help clarify misunderstanding, to help guide when there is uncertainty, to bring an endless supply of comfort to you in just our sheer fellowship. These things I have vowed to give you and now it is my purpose to make you aware that this is so and having gained this awareness, it is incumbent upon you to choose.

So in the end you will notice that I have rested the certainty of the universe on you whom I trust and have faith in. You are the ones with the final choice to engage with the great process that is around you. You are the ones who will extend what effort is extended. You are the ones who must embrace these steps of consciousness which unerringly lead you to me. They may be presented in many fashions but they must be assembled, adopted and embraced by you. So as you are led, come to me, follow me through these steps of embracing our unique relationship and I promise you I will be there for you, that we will always have a place together, that I shall never forsake you in your journey because you are my children in whom I am so well pleased.

Proceed on in joy, lean on your faith, exercise your gift of choice and watch as the story unfolds. In as much as it is possible, fear not in this journey for I truly do have you in my plans. I have a place for you. You are a necessary part of the whole and you will never be forsaken. But these are only words and it is my effort to bring you this sense of peace through such symbols, but this is not where this will lodge with words. These truths will become evident and apparent to you when they are embraced, when they become a part of you and require no words but rather a state of acceptance.

Peace be upon you, this day and always and join me as we spread this peace about to all the others who are in such need. Let us be in joy as we go about the Father’s work in this way, and in such joy let us find our own peace, our own comfort, our own sense of well being because we are employing the will of our Divine Parents. Thank you all for your devoted attention and fellowship this morning, for your efforts at the building of energy fields, for your efforts at personal growth, for your efforts at assembling the pieces of this gigantic puzzle is a joy to behold. Go now in peace and take me with you as you are so able, good day to you all.


LIGHT: [Cathy] I am basking in the light bath created by your portal building. It is a most glorious gift for all the Father’s creation.

JONATHAN:   [Cathy] I too am basking in this light and add my contribution to our continuing project.

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