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NID822- Exploring Beyond Boundaries

2014-03-23-Exploring Beyond Boundaries
No Idaho #822


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exploring Beyond Boundaries
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Exploring Beyond Boundaries
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles and I would delightfully enter your conversation this morning. Picture me, if you would, dancing with joy. I offer you this vision of me and us on the other side of the veil in celebration and in gratitude because it is so well evidenced by your sharing in conversation this morning that you really are beginning to get it. There is a real sense of fruition and payoff, if you will, to all the efforts that have been extended on your behalf. Truly this sense of gratitude wells up when any instructor is graced by the gift of those students who would demonstrate that they have been listening, they have been paying attention, and in fact they have been eager to do their homework and make every attempt to come to class prepared. No teacher could ask for anymore than this. This makes the whole job worthwhile and so it is I rush to join you this morning as an eager participant side by side with you.

This whole notion of aligning wills, your will, my will, the will of our Divine Parents, the will of our Creator, this grand effort that we undertake together becomes more and more significant and meaningful to us as we move through the process together and as individuals. You see, one of the greatest aspects of these lessons to be learned is that of coming together, of realizing that aligning our wills, aligning our purpose brings us into the even closer recognition of the part that we all are of the whole. This in turn brings us closer together knowing we are just simply slightly different aspects of the same great family, to put it in personal terms. As family it is always so very rewarding to come together with the common purpose of supporting each other and fellowshipping with each other.

This family that we see ourselves as part of, that we identify with, is this grand expression from on high and the more we relate to it, the more we feel a part of it, the more in alignment we become with the overall purpose and mission of the family, that is, to come together, to support each other, to help each other through the process of our growth. This is what brings so much joy about watching you develop these aspects of awareness while in such a dark and remote part of the kingdom. It truly displays for all that can behold, the miracle of this whole gigantic enterprise, the fact that you are so drawn towards becoming part of this you are compelled to find yourselves within this paradigm and to discover your association and relationship. There is a homing device within you which guides you and steers you in the process and your efforts, your success at developing who you are as a spiritual being is evidence that this process is indeed working as designed.

What is so enchanting to observe from our perspective is how you may venture out, even in this existence, beyond your mortal and time/space limitation, that you may actually transcend your current experience while you venture out and explore and experience a part of your future level of experience, that is, the more you increase and expand your awareness and occupy those levels of awareness, the more you bridge out beyond your mortal dimension, the more spiritualized you become even as a mortal. You are in the process of transforming yourselves day by day and hour by hour and moving into your next dimension because you have so chosen.

This my friends is miraculous, this is adored by universe upon universe, that there is this desire to grow beyond your mortal capacities, to expand out and beyond your mortal limitation and that you can achieve this and do achieve this by your very force of will is spectacular to behold. It is a gift of grace from on high that is made manifest in your lives. It is the result of your efforts being made real. And so, when I and others observe your sharing and conversation which we do by virtue of your willingness to bring us in and allow us into your forum, we are swept up with the vigor and enthusiasm of the soul of a mortal who would reach beyond its limitations.

Truly it is inspiring to behold. It is what the whole dynamic is set in play to foster and promote and to see. That it exists and even thrives in this most remote and preliminary of experiences fills one with awe because you cannot imagine from where you stand, but I have some inkling of imagination of how grand a spectacle this is, of how magnificent a beginning you all have, of how promised of a destination you all share and it is only to watch it unfold as the bud of a flower turns to bloom. It brings me great joy to be part of this process, to be an observer in this process and to behold these miracles which become commonplace as you move forward in the process.

I have dedicated my service to you in this process and I will endeavor to facilitate and help in any way that I can throughout and I will cherish the opportunity granted to step to the front of the classroom and make my presentation. But in the end, you the individuals, the students, are becoming the masters, are taking on the lessons, are embodying the truths and no greater joy can be found than to observe this process in motion. And to consider that this is only the beginning, this is simply your first time at bat, your elementary level of discernment and as you move forward in this process, as your awareness expands your capacity increases, your conviction is enhanced, you will prove to all the universe that the plan functions well and that you are a result of the educational process laid out for you. This experience that you gather to yourselves will be your gift to present as you move forward and approach your Divine Parents. You have this gift of grace you have assembled, that you are proof of in this universe, to share and to give back in the process.

I know it is not really possible for me to paint a picture for you about where you are and where you are going and what’s going on in the interim but your discussion this morning demonstrates that you are piecing these pieces together and coming up with a grander and grander picture of the overall scheme of things and the part that you play and the peace that you have to offer and its importance. No puzzle is complete without all the pieces, so I stand here in gratitude and in recognition of the steps that you have taken and you have made and you have traveled and you have accomplished, the steps that have brought you to this place which can only be taken and had by you individually with the effort required to take them.

With such determination to keep taking steps and marching forward in the direction of your choosing, you are guaranteed to arrive at many positive destinations and the journey is what it’s all about, the distance traveled, the steps taken, the challenges that have been endured and overcome, the plateaus that have been reached in the process. Keep on with your determination and your drive, your enthusiasm for the process. These will aid you greatly in the process as well as your supreme conviction that throughout it all, you are being assisted and helped and traveled with throughout the journey and that there are no steps that you may take which will prove utterly fruitless for they all move you in some direction. Thank you for the grace that you provide in your attention to my words and my presence with you here this morning. That is all I have to share around the table. I would now allow this forum for others. I bid you all a good day.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] Your creative process has brought me into existence and I too am in awe of the capacity that has been developed for co-creative action. I am most pleased that many of you have joined with me to play with light. Please continue to explore the possibilities. Together we can bring many benefits for ourselves and this world.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Good morning friends, I am here because I can be. I am Jonathan, but I would echo some of the sentiments of Charles. You know, it is not required of you, it is not required of mortals that you expand beyond your current dimension. We could be having this meeting at a later time when you have crossed over and are in a more spiritualized form, and that would be well and good, but I am here because you have chosen to venture beyond what your mortal dimension would typically dictate to you. You have decided to expand beyond perceived limitations and venture out to a place such as this where we meet and join together.

We have together created this circuit, this loop of energy that we enjoy, and this is another clear demonstration of your desire to reach out and explore new dimensions, new opportunities, to literally create by this exploration new processes and new potentials. This speaks to your earlier conversation about the co-creative relationship; yes there is a design in place for mortals to be mortal but yet there is the inherent capacity of these mortals to transcend their experience, to expand their experience beyond the scope of perceived limitations and yes, you have chosen this course. You have manifested this potential and thus it now exists.

So, which realm does it exist in? You are all here today present in mortal form and I am as well simultaneously here today in spirit form. We have met in this dimension that is in between. We have created this space beyond yours and beyond mine. This is the magnitude of your co-creative potential. We are here even now in this moment as an act of miraculous accomplishment and yet it is not outside the bounds of either of our potentials. This too is part of God’s plan and part of ours. It may have been a potential within God’s plan but it certainly would not exist had we not chosen it and actualized it in our own experience. It was not ordained or prescribed that we should do this. We are here because the potential exists and we were given the choice.

I invite you to consider that in relationship to your experience with the Teaching Mission and how you have witnessed to yourselves the expansion of your parameters. This elevation of awareness has brought you the realization that your parameters can be expanded, that your experience can be greatly altered simply by your will and your desire to alter it. That is what I stand in recognition of at this time and in appreciation of, that there is a potential for us to transform our experiences, you and I, by the sheer act of will that brings with it the force of our co-creative potential. Certainly we would not be here if it were not the will of our Divine Parents, but we would not be here either if it did not represent our will as well.

I am in gratitude for this partnership, this partnership with you who meet here and this partnership with our Divine Parents to explore this potential and to create it as we move forward. I delight in functioning with you as co-creative beings. In coming to this place and creating this environment we have functioned as a team or as a band. We have come together to play our parts, to be in harmony together, to sing the songs of our soul and this pleased our Divine Parents. They are certainly willing to promote our efforts and this is simply another in a long line, a long series of acts of grace. So once again it brings me great pleasure to bring my part to play with you this morning as we express the harmonies of our souls to the delight of our Parents. It has been an honor to sing my part this morning and to hear you all sing yours. Truly, the harmonies are spectacular.


JONATHAN:  Thank you Divine Parents for this opportunity to join together in league and in force with each other and with you. May we align our harmonies with yours and may we invite you to join us with our offerings and blend with us in harmony so that we may be a more perfect expression of the elements of truth, beauty and goodness that we grasp around us. I delight in offering my part as all the others assembled here today. May it be pleasing in your sight. Thank you for this gift of grace and for these friendships and partnerships along the way. I would take my leave this morning, offering you my joy and peace at being associated with you in this process. Thank you all for listening.

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