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NID825- Physicians Assistants

2014-04-27-Physicians Assistants
No Idaho #825


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Physician’s Assistants
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Physician’s Assistants
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT, Serena
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Greetings to you all here assembled in this portal of light and healing and love. This may be the first time that I have so openly and actively engaged with you, I am Dr. Mendoza. I have come to this meeting of eager participants this morning to facilitate in this exercise, but even more so I have come to this place to formally and with some authority, usher each of you into what may be perhaps a new dimension or simply an expanded dimension of your awareness. I invite you all to consider that there is a common usage among your brethren when they prepare to attend a physician for any variety of reasons, they oftentimes encounter in this process, before the physician arrives, the attendance of the physician’s assistant, that is, those who are practiced and conversant in the healing arts but yet are not considered full fledged physicians.

I would like to make the bold proclamation today that each of you here assembled are indeed physicians assistants. You are becoming well versed in the process of yielding of healing light and while you may not consider yourselves full fledged acting physicians, I tell you, you are practicing professionals getting practical experience as to how the whole program works and what parts there are to be played within the program. Physician’s assistants may do all of the actions of the attending physician. They set the stage, they assess the situation, they lay the groundwork for whatever may need to be done, they prepare the patient for the process, they get all the “ducks in a row” so that there is the greatest chance of success when the physician arrives to complete the circuit.

But I tell you plainly, they are an integral part of the process. They are the ones to first contact the patient, to first assess the needs, to first make the preliminary diagnosis and the first to see the potential healing pattern that would be most beneficial. That is you, you are on the ground, you are getting the phone calls, the emails, you are meeting your fellows on the street, hearing of the circumstances, assessing the situation, attempting to pull together that knowledge that you have which may be beneficial to the patient, attempting to schedule an appointment with spirit and projecting health and healing as an end result. Truly, this is a great assistant to any physician.

As you know, if physician assistants keep practicing their trade they become more and more fluent and skilled in their process and eventually, many will transform from assistant to full on physician. I acknowledge you all are in this role of physician assistants, practicing yourselves with each new case that comes before you, running your diagnosis by the rest of your associates, bringing to bear those influences you think are important. In this way you greatly facilitate the process, you line up the factors so that when the light is directed, it may be focused and purposeful and useful. You do this in so many ways that I am compelled to acknowledge your purpose in this process, your role that you play and in so doing, the significance of this role is widely embraced in the process.

Like with any physician or physician’s assistant, there is only so much we can do. Certainly we may bring to bear all the influence that we have and are in the process. Certainly we can offer these skills and gifts freely and openly but the equation is not simply contained within us. There are a multitude of other factors which are at play as well and over which we have little or no control. Nevertheless, we will continue to practice our methods and perfect our purpose and we will meet with a certain percentage of success, a certain success rate at what we do and this will serve to remind us of our potentials, of our purpose in this process.

Having been willing to give it our all and offer all that we have through the process, we must then be content and satisfied that we have completed our role, we have executed our task within the process, faithfully and to the best of our abilities. Then we must trust in the greater process, that even if we are not given to see our successes in each individual case, there is the benefit to the overall value contained in this circumstance. We have made a positive contribution to the whole process and all such contributions are valued and meaningful. That is all we can do, but that is a lot to do. So let us be content with our works, ever seeking the guidance and wisdom from on high but always content with the assurance that no act of love and kindness ever is disregarded or ever goes fruitless. Even if it is in the smallest way, a positive contribution changes the equation.

Indeed, it has been my pleasure to address you in this fashion and have the opportunity to respond to the invocation of my presence. I assure you I will gladly work with any and all of my trusty physician’s assistants who desire that I step in and facilitate their cherished efforts. So it is I am with you now and will be with you at your requests. I invite you all to join me as I, using your word, visualize a perfected state of being for those who have disharmony and who are experiencing this disharmonious interaction within their being. I invite you to join me as your Master said to: “See them as whole, see them as healed.” Project this state of goodness and maintain this space of health and healing for them to find and join us. Hold out in front of them this ideal state for them to reach and attain in their process. Create in advance of its existence, the state we would see them in.

This, as you can see, is where you can come in to the process, is where you may prove so very useful. You who know of this universal principle may put it in play, may activate it with your choosing, may create it. That is what we do and that is how we do it. I acknowledge all of you who are my assistants in this process and I assure you, when we work together, magnificent things may transpire but they will not be seen by us as magnificent. They will be seen for what they are, the enactment of universe principles which we have chosen to activate and create, not as miracles but as states of being we have chosen. Then, after having faithfully devoted ourselves to this cause, we then must trust and have faith in the process and the appropriateness of the process for all involved. You see it is not enough for us to create this state of wellness and well being, it also must be chosen by those who we would envision could be serviced by this. So I would conclude my remarks today with a petition to the Father above.

Father, may we, your physicians assistants, be led by You, guided by You, supported by You in this process. We desire to lay the groundwork whereby You may facilitate the healing. It is our desire to be your hands in this process, be your voice that brings the soothing tones. Let us all work together in this chain of command that has us in place to lay the groundwork for what is in the end, your desire for health and well being and healing. We are of the same heart in our desire to help. Show us the way and we will make every effort to follow. Let it be so.

I pray each of you who hear my words recognize my energy signature behind and underneath this communication and call on me as necessary to work with you in this process, to be part of this chain to work together for the common good. It is my desire, it is your desire, therefore it is only to be chosen by us. Let us create this partnership and work together more closely. We have worked together in the past. I have been present at your exercises. I have been involved with each of you personally and individually because of my keen interest in all of you who have shown yourselves to be physician’s assistants. This is merely my attempt to broaden the awareness and expand the functionality of our relationship.

Even in this moment, accepting the invitation offered, let us place these two individuals in between us as we surround them. Let us see the light from on high purify the environment. Let us create the space of health and healing that may be attained, may be entered, may be chosen and let us express our desire that this be so for these individuals, that they see the light, feel the higher way and choose it. In this exercise we are united, our prayers are as one and our efforts are endorsed by our Divine Parents. Thank you all for your service, for your practice at your healing skills, for your desire which propels you ever forward in perfecting these skills. It has truly been my pleasure to make my presence so well known at this time. Thank you all. I take my leave now.

LIGHT:  [Cathy..I received a message which started as a drawing of a center-place and the light coming out in streams, which reminds me of a sprinkler pattern where it is all spraying out in a giant fountain.] The nest is a generator of light that is able to spread in a large area for good effect. In you work with light, be assured that there is an effect even though it may not be seen in your vicinity. All applied energy is effective in uplifting the vibration in the applied area. It is not necessary to be in the physical area of the recipient for the energy to be applied. Together we have the ability to play with this element and enhance the availability of light.

LIGHT;  [Mark] Greetings to you all. A few more words of illumination. When you get together with your idea of creating light, bathing individuals in light, directing light, focusing light, you are literally the generators as your nest is, of this desire of yours and you wield this power with intention and purpose. I would like to simply point out that this act alone, is an act of grace that you do for others because as you well may know, the greatest obstacle, the biggest challenge for your fellows in the realm in which you exist is the overcoming of the feeling of being in the dark, of not knowing what to do, of needing illumination so that you may even examine what the issue is let alone find a solution.

That whenever you bring light into any equation, any amount of light means by its very definition, that there is no more total darkness, that you have and do alter the equation for people with this focus of light in their direction. They no longer can feel isolated and in the dark when there are rays of light shining in their direction. There may be some distance but nevertheless, just as stars on the horizon may be used, these lights that you show and shine on them act as reference points, change the dynamic of their circumstance for they know there is light in the equation, they are not simply left in the dark. Even if this is the only purpose that you serve it is a valuable and worthy purpose, to be that light for people, that guiding light that illuminating light, that light of direction, that beckoning light.

This service is so valuable because the greatest fear that man has is the fear of the darkness and the unknown. It is within your power to dispel some of this darkness, to drive it away with your very application of light, to change their very circumstance by inserting light into the equation, peacefully and lovingly and yet your contribution transforms their entire experience, may even bathe them in light to the degree that all darkness is dispelled and a new sense of purification, of belonging, of being encompassed by the light, may come to define their new reality.

This is only one of the purposes you serve and I pray that you can embrace the magnitude of what you might consider this small act of service for who among you has not been greatly relieved when finding yourself in the darkness: someone arrives with a light and all things are transformed, fear subsides and all because somebody showed up with a light. This is the service you provide, ready with your light at a moments notice to help another who appears to need the light in a moment of darkness. Just some thoughts once again on the meaning and value of light, always my pleasure my dear ones. I now take my leave as well.


SERENA:  [Cathy] We want to encourage your efforts to bring mercy and compassion to the planet. It is an integral part of this Correcting Time. We are actively working to change perception of compassion on this world in all areas. This connection will bring forward a new perception of brotherhood among the inhabitants of the world. This is one way of shifting perception of reality in this rapidly changing environment.

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