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NID827- Accelerating Change

2014-05-18-Accelerating Change
No Idaho #827


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Accelerating Change
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Accelerating Change
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


MICHAEL:  [Cathy] My children, I join you in spreading the power and love of light. Together we enhance the availability of spirit and healing.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning my friends gathered here around this circle this morning, I am Charles and if I might be so bold as to barge into your sacred moment, only because I have faith that you do so allow me this honor. Perhaps we will have a few words this morning about change and stability. As has been mentioned in the preamble this morning, you are all registering around you many changes happening at what appears to be an accelerated pace. You see life changing around you in rapid ways and you observe that new technologies have swept through your population and that customs may become washed away within decades rather than generations. You see with the advent of your information age an explosion in the availability of information and so far as this translates into the rise in education of the populace, you are seeing its affect ripple through the society.

So much of your life experience on this earth depends on when you were born and where you were born. People born in the age of the telegraph certainly could not even fathom the smart phone age and now from such an age, what is before you that you cannot even fathom? It is indeed a moving target, this experience that you have, and as all the different influences on your experience vary, you are more and more getting the sense of impending change around you as you see the new thing come around and the old thing be pushed aside. In the very short time it has been, you will have a hard time finding a routine telephone anymore. Your food chains have been entirely altered. The very air you breathe is being changed. The impact of the population on the planet takes its toll daily and so all of these factors along with the rise in technology which enables you to experience them contribute to demonstrate to you this accelerated pace of change that you observe for as more and more energy is added to the system, it grows an energy of its own.

Much as your light circle grows an energy of its own when you all contribute to it and fans the flames of light much as the tornado draws to itself the elements and creates its own energy, so do your efforts at channeling light, so do the efforts of mankind at channeling the move forward in its evolution. These energies combine and draw more to themselves and create a life of its own and it’s this combined force of energies which has so much potential to wield the change. This combination of energies channeled and directed has great power and great potential. This is what works so well on smaller levels, the same as it works on a larger scale. This combining and channeling and directing of energies becomes a potent and powerful resource.

Perhaps one of the most influential components in this full scenario is the caliber of those who are wielding this potential and in how much awareness they are of their role in the process because a few focused and directed and committed individuals working together in awareness indeed wield a great force, perhaps even greater than a combined use of energy which is less than directed or specific, less than applied in awareness. You see this functioning on a cultural level as well as the individual levels you are familiar with. Throughout all this change there are the constants of the principles which are at play so it does not matter if you are in the age of the telegraph and having to wait weeks or months for communications from your loved ones or in the modern age where you carry a tool so powerful you can search the halls of congress libraries.

It is your awareness and your predisposition of priorities that will be the constant throughout that will determine your course of action, whatever tools you may have at your disposal. It is certainly true to observe that tools of great capacity may indeed prove to be a great distraction as well, but nevertheless, free will choice still comes into play as the constant, free will choice remains the tool that individuals use to choose among any number of choices.

These are some thoughts I had this morning triggered by your discussion of the observation of changes that are happening around you. Their meanings have yet to be defined, their significance have yet to be determined. It will only be in the context of time that these things will be determined to have been as positive an influence as they are reckoned in this time. I always appreciate the opportunity to join you at these morning meetings. You make me feel welcome and at home and I am forever grateful for this grace that you provide me, thank you all.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] I am aware of a growing power in the use of light by this combined group of individuals. You have been experimenting and are becoming more proficient in drawing in the light as well as directing it. Please continue to experiment. I will aid you as requested.

LIGHT:  [Mark] Hello again, I am borrowing from the thought concept of my associates in making some remarks having to do with the feeling that technology or modern advances may indeed wash over you and sweep you all up with it. I invite you to consider that among you by way of example, live a group of individuals, and I refer to the Amish who have made a conscious choice to not be swept up in the age of modern technology. They live quite full and successful lives, deciding that they will not be a part of some of the modern advances which you are referring to and which are so indeed dominating your life experience.

So among you live groups of individuals who have made an active choice not to participate in what has become a more normal way of life. In this same way, you may as individuals, choose not to be swept up in the tides that sweep over your brothers and sisters, the tides of fear, the tides of doubt and uncertainty. You may choose not to participate, to not be swept up by the ubiquitous news broadcasts. You may choose not to believe the predictions of doom and gloom. These are illustrated to you in this example of a culture within as culture. You may be individuals within the whole yet holding your own beliefs and positions, subscribing only to that which you would have and forsaking the rest which you deem not to be in your best interests.

So while these parameters have yet to be defined, nevertheless the point is made that just because it is, doesn’t mean that you have to choose it. Just because it exists, doesn’t mean you have to use it. Just because someone says it, does not mean you have to believe it. Always go within and seek counsel, even refer to your emotional connection. You will be guided and all of these uncertainties of a life lived on Urantia will be navigated and will be traversed. Doubt not that spirit will be there at every turning point. Thank you all and have a great week, farewell.


JONATHAN:  [Cathy] Friends, I am pleased to join you in this circle of light and love. I have been working on this side with many personalities that are enhancing the effective use of this phenomenon. My view of light in the mortal phase was extremely limited. I have been learning great attributes of light that are still to be brought into reality on the physical plane. The potential is great and the possibilities are astounding. I am hoping to bring our group together to expand the use and efficiency of this gift. Please continue to keep an awareness of light. Together we can blaze a new path.

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