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NID857- Journey Episodes2

2015-01-25-Journey Episodes 2
No Idaho #857


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Episodes in the Journey
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Episodes in the Journey
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Monjoronson
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning my friends and thank you for your welcome. I’ll pick up this thought thread here and see where it is woven into the tapestry of everything. Let’s talk for a moment about this notion that it is an important part of the equation in any individuals growth that they put into thought, into word and into deed their desire to be approached by spirit, to work with spirit, to be open to spirit and therefore to be a part of the spiritual circuitry. This is what is so very important about getting the consent, if you will, of any individual. It gets this individual on the same page.

It is said in your culture that the first step is to realize you have a problem or there is an issue. It is not until you take this first step that you can begin to open the many doors to finding a solution. Much is the same about the positioning of yourselves by humbly coming to your Divine Parents and family and asking to be brought into their fold, thereby opening yourselves and creating the willingness and the openness for any such transaction.

It is very true and observable in your own lives and eternal careers that you get out of something what you put into it and when you bring yourself to the equation, the more of yourself you bring, the more you are able to take away from the equation. Likewise, it is similar in the spiritual realm, in the healing realm, in the realm of growth and aspiration, it is significant that you see yourself as part of the process, that you literally install yourself in the process and the way to open any such door is by humbly approaching your Divine family and asking for help, asking for insight, wisdom, strength, courage, those things which you may feel are lacking as you go about your encounters with daily life.

And by asking for such assistance, you position yourself to receive it. You position yourself to gain that which you are requesting, thus the significance of anyone who would be healed, that they be willing to be healed. This is made evident by the affirmations, often of a vocal nature, which are provided, allowing all those who are observing to get on the same page. This is why prayer is so powerful and effective. It aligns you with your highest component, your spiritual self and takes this alignment and seeks to come together with the alignment of all spirit and all divinity. In this way you align yourself so that the process may occur, so that miracles may manifest, so that healing may happen, so that peace may be upon you even though you are in the middle of a storm.

As mortals of the realm, it must be an ongoing challenge to you to have faith that a simple matter such as a prayer is indeed significant and important and to hold fast to your conviction that this is so and true, but I assure you, these are the keys to opening up the doors which are all around you. It is with this key that you will be able to open up and receive that which your soul desires and it all starts with the simple action of being present, being loving, being focused in the moment.

It all starts with your intention in the process; there is no substitute on earth or in heaven for your intention, for your desire and willingness to participate, for your awareness that there is a divine circuit for you to participate in and for your willingness and faith to hold fast to these truths. Therefore is your choice so sacred. No one may make it for you and it is required of you to make such choices and to align yourself with such forces before any of this may transpire.

You referenced the inauguration of Light and Life and I will point out to you that these very same principles were in play, the realization of the spiritual component, the desire to put this spiritual component into play, the conviction of faith which allowed that the participants would not only believe but act on this belief, and in the end there were tangible results, real outcomes. And albeit these tangible results may be only experienced with that very part which created them, that spiritual component, they are nonetheless quite real just as your spiritual selves are quite real.

It may be said in fact that your spiritual component is the most real aspect of your being. You are here in this life to make that discovery and to act on your awareness of having made it, and the more aware you are that you are a part of this spiritual family the more flexing of your spiritual muscles you do and the more practiced you are, the more reliant and comfortable you are when activating these principles.

So, in closing here today, I would encourage you all to once again bolster your faith with the conviction that you are correct in your assertion that it is necessary to offer yourselves, even in words in addition to thought when it comes to your spiritual family. It is not good enough that you gave your consent and expressed your willingness yesterday or even an hour ago; as a spiritual being you are who you are in this moment. In this moment do you choose again spirit? Will you affirm one more time your desire to be aligned with spirit? Is it still your conviction today, in this hour, to function in that capacity?

This is what is sacred because we are in new moments, new days. You are not the same person you were yesterday and this new person that you are in this moment may once again choose to consent to work with spirit and act in spirit and this consent, this affirmation that you provide of your own accord, is what opens the door each time you visit spirit. Those who are well practiced at this may never even close the door but rather simply step in and out of this spiritual arena at will. It becomes easier and easier for those who are practiced to cross this threshold and return again.

You will never be done praying, you will never be finished petitioning your Divine Parents, there will never be an end time when you can say ‘I got this.’ So get comfortable with returning to the well by means of putting yourself there, aligning yourself with the process, providing your permission – even your request to be involved and then let your spirit self fly and all those around you may be of assistance to you because you have made your desire to operate in spirit evident and plain to all. You have granted permission, you have requested assistance and the universe will stop at nothing for those sincere seekers and believers.

Be one of those but never take it for granted. Always check your attitude: Are you present and loving and focused in this moment? Is it your desire to approach spirit now? The first step is to realize you have a challenge, the next is to embrace it. As always, it is a joy to participate with you and offer my contribution to your discussion. I am in deep gratitude for this opportunity that you provide. I thank you all and bid you a good week ahead, farewell.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Jonathan here to access the airwaves this morning. Let’s go fishing. It is said, there is a common expression that no man can step in the same river twice for he is not the same man and it is not the same river. So picture if you will this analogy, where every time we would like to go fishing and step into the river we must anew commit ourselves to the process, the fishing of the moment and of the day, not how it went yesterday, not what we hope for tomorrow, but what do we do when we step in the river today.

The river is different and we have changed, we are not as we were yesterday when we went fishing. It will not suffice that we rest on our laurels about how we cast our line yesterday. No, we must step in and try again. It does not matter how successful we were yesterday or to what degree we were committed to the process. We find ourselves in a new hour with a new river and new opportunities. We must once again, recommit to the act that we would see done, we must take the steps in this moment, at this time necessary, we must re-commit to the process anew and fresh. We cannot simply rely on the bounties of what we did before to carry us through.

We must have spiritual nourishment regularly and ongoing, we must show up at the proper place and submit ourselves to the proper stance and commit once again to the arduous task of getting the job done and if that job is a spiritual pursuit we must act appropriately, have the proper attitude and be ready to go, to open up our hearts to the process and commit ourselves genuinely and with authenticity.

This is how you fish in the hour, this is how you approach spirit in the moment, suit yourself up, psych yourself up, commit yourself again in this hour, in this moment with focus. That is how you are most successful in the process. If you are only partially committed, only temporarily committed, then you find your results waning whereas when you commit yourselves wholeheartedly to the process you find an entirely different set of results.

So if life is a river flowing by, every waking moment is different as it passes by you and you have changed since last you slept, last you spoke, last you fished and now it is time to try again with the benefit of all that you are aware of, try again. I call you all to witness that when you try, you succeed. Every true effort meets with success.

I enjoy standing by the river with you and contemplating the significance of life flowing by and us flowing by in life, changing who we are with each day, changing how we see the river and more and more desiring to be at one with the river, to be part of the flow of life, integral, combined and focused in the process. From my perspective, I will share with you that small rivers flow into greater and greater rivers.

It is all a flow towards the great ocean of spirit and the smaller rivers that I contemplated in my previous incarnation merely flowed into greater and greater ones in which the vessel may change, the mode may be different but a component of showing up prepared, willing and committed does not change. This is what you have to look forward to to gain your sea legs about how all this works and understand that it’s your connection, it’s your attitude that makes so very much difference in your experience of navigating this river.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with all of you. I have a deep affection for all of you and I find comfort with my association with you. I am grateful for this. I leave you with my peace to add to yours and this combined peace that we feel when we share it together in this process. So be it, good day to you all.


MONJORONSON:   [Cathy] I join you this morning by request from the earlier discussion. The structure for my mission was created by request with the intention that information be available to be accessed by all interested parties. I am served well in this activity. As all participants are unique, it is necessary for each to follow the leadings of spirit. The Spirit of Truth is also involved. As these transmissions are processed through a human element the most effective reading is also by your unique human experience as you know it.

Request spirit guidance and help will be available in interpreting the messages. As individual growth increases, so will insight and understanding modify and grow. In this process, start where you are and as you are and growth will bring you an enlarged view and a scene of greater action. As I approach the time of action, it will happen when those on the planet have the capacity to receive. The challenge for now is for each to increase capacity for understanding and spirit action. The challenge is to bring mercy and compassion with you in each moment by request. You are the key to the plan for advancement. I await your participation.

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