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NID869- Mothers Day

2015-05-10-Mothers Day
No Idaho #869


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Mother’s Day
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nebadonia, Inner Voice
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Mother’s Day
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Nebadonia, Inner Voice
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: On Mother’s day, I welcome with all my heart, our Mother.


NEBADONIA:  There by the grace of God, you might say, is the opportunity for me to approach you with this wonderful, magnificent portal you have created, this malleable arena that we may use to enjoy each others company in an entirely different way. You make reference and even gather today to honor the experience of motherhood and truly, all mothers share a common thread of experience, but then, so do all humans share a sense of common experience in being the creators of a great number of things, the mothers and the fathers of a great many creations around you. It can be said that all of you have birthed movements in your life and changes and constants and have birthed new selves along the way, even become new people.

This portal that we share even now is a testament to the fact that you can all get together and create something. By willful intention I am here and you are here and we gather in this place of your creation. I accept your invitation with a similar verbal exchange that it is my desire to join you, alongside you, as we work together to create these glorious miracles of co-creation. I love to create, I love to nurture, I love to grow and I love that you love these things as well. I would take you all as I have for your whole lives, further under my wing and show you the great gifts of grace that we may facilitate and manifest as part of who we are as creators.

It is indeed a supreme joy to be invited and hosted into your midst today, to be welcomed so earnestly certainly warms any parents heart. I welcome the opportunity to bring you a vibration of my love, a sense of my peace, a thread of my essence that you may grab on to and become familiar with and use to find me when you seek me. I will make every attempt to make my presence known and felt as I have your entire lives and so you may not even notice because you are so used to my affection and my embrace and you are a supreme gift of grace to me, you and our relationship provide me with this experience of being so close to me. When you are uncertain as to your own individuality in contrast to me then I have then succeeded in embracing you with my love, sustaining you with my love and I will continue to nourish you with my love. I am grateful for this relationship which you provide for me and I will continue my embrace.

Every child is grateful for their mother on such a day and every mother is most certainly grateful for the experience that this child has granted them and so it is, you and I, I accept your gratitude and offer mine. This is a divine relationship we share, each of us and I do cherish it as you do. Together today let us stand in gratitude for this experience, for this association, for this chance in eternity as we are both grateful for this miracle. Feel my peace, take my love with you everywhere, freely you have received it, freely give it away and I will bring you more. Take care of each other even as I would take care of you and support each other as I would support you. Let it be so on a day such as this and on all days. Thank you for this gift you have given me on this day. I now depart back to my position of surrounding you, farewell.

Inner Voice: Yes, I am this one’s Inner Voice unable to contain my enthusiasm about reaching into unfamiliar places where things are undetermined and there I AM. I would, by way of echoing earlier offerings, like to take this opportunity to make vocal invocation of all the Inner Voices around the circle, all of the spirit guides who have been present like your Mother, who have been with you throughout this time, who have been present as we have been through this process. I’d like to make vocal petition that these Indwelling Spirits bless this association and endow this association with the context of these Father Fragments assembled. Each of the mortal associates involved have developed an association with their Inner Voice and so now there are multiple circuits viable and available. I would simply bring pause to remember that this is so and apply these multiple aspects of the experience together to join forces with awareness and intention.

I make my presence known today for another important thread to be considered. In recent discussions there has been much referred to about discernment and knowing how one interfaces with all that is out there. This Inner Guide connection is and will always be your key to understanding and awareness. It will be the go-to place to receive your confirmations, ask your questions, bring your doubts and entertain your uncertainties. These are all valid and real and may be assessed in this light of spirit that is furnished when one attempts to give mental, even vocal petition to their desire to be involved with their Inner Guide.

To grant your consent is a key element in this process as in any process. Your desiring to offer your commitments on certain subjects is an illustration of such. Never assume that because you gave your consent yesterday or even an hour ago that it is considered still valid because you have been reborn since then. You have grown to a new dimension since then, you have greater awareness, a bigger perspective and so, under these new and current circumstances, do you still so choose? This is what is so vital about your role as co-creators, is to be in the moment choosing, in the moment acting, in the moment aware of the circumstances and the situation so that you may most accurately make your choices and your assessments. This is where communion and communication with your Indwelling Guide is again so useful because they are as your co-pilot. They have been in the seat next to you, they have gone through what you are going through and have been down the road with you so their perspective will be very near yours.


Inner Voice: So I invite you all to more actively choose to involve your Inner Guide, even to the extent of internal or vocal petition which simply serves to demonstrate your energy field, your energy field of the moment, the current you and this may then be utilized and observed. I appreciate the opportunity that you afford in creating this portal and I assure you it is appreciated by the likes of myself who then can literally utilize this avenue of approach. I now retreat and will be along for the ride just as all of you are, just as all of your Inner Guides are. It is a pleasure to ride along with all of you, good day.

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