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NID871- Opportunities

No Idaho #871


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Opportunities with Light and Energy
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Opportunities with Light and Energy
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Dr. Mendoza, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: I would just like to offer this cup of goodness, this cup of greatness that we experience when we huddle up together like this and offer this tribute to our Divine Parents whose gift of grace it is, and invite them to join us and savor the greatness with us as we sustain each other, as we support each other and as we are supported by you, our Divine Parents. We are so grateful for these gifts of grace.


CHARLES:  Greetings this morning, I am Charles, here to join your rousing conversation. It is indeed enjoyable to observe as you all witness your encounters with opportunities to need the light, opportunities to consider using the light and opportunities that you exercise to wield and demonstrate your command of that which you know. Life’s circumstance is so fluid and dynamic that it seems when you are positioned with an appropriate stance and a posture which positions you to interact with life, then life brings you many opportunities to try your stance out, to defend your posture, to see if your position will best serve you or are you knocked off guard?

While it is important to develop ones stance and ones position, any master knows it is equally as important to maneuver and change swiftly. So there is value in the constant’s of your stance, of your perspective and your view and there is value in the ability to change, to reposition and to accommodate what may be thrown at you. In this way, you truly are becoming the masters, standing firm on ideals and principles, while being flexible in how to administer these and transfer these into the mortal scenario. This is what you are positioned to do in life and, as you are witnessing, life responds to your preparing yourself for such occasions.

Suddenly you find that there is thrust upon you an opportunity, a chance to choose. This is where the rubber of your principles and your training and your faith meets the road of action, movement and grace in manifestation. Now, you have come upon yet another great leg to your stool of awareness and that is, that you are connected to a greater, bigger source, a source which brings you abundant light if you would but learn how to wield it, a source on which you may stand firm as a constant in your situation and wield at will with your intention.

This great asset and tool that you have been referencing this morning is made available to you by these combined circuits of mind and of spirit, where you are taking your awarenesses and understanding and using your mind to put in play the principles that you are aware of, thus transferring from the material mindedness of intention into the activation of material reality. Your discussion about each persons perception and their own definition of reality is so appropriate. This is one aspect of human-mindedness that has lagged behind in development in your race, that is this perception that you are in fact all connected and yet, no two identical.

This is a hard concept for mortals to grasp and get their faith around, but you have begun to have some vague understanding of this principle and incorporate it into your toolbox and because you are willing to make this leap in acceptance, you are then connected to this entire whole field of energy. When one understands that they are a part of the whole, and that as the whole breathes, they breathe, and likewise as they breathe the whole breathes. This is such a great connection and yet still, so many feel isolated and alone when in fact you are a part of all that is.

I appreciate your discussions about these matters and how they are all intertwined in your understanding and your appreciation of all that goes on around you. Truly, the more a master knows the more he becomes humbled by all he has yet to know. He becomes inspired and ready to learn more. When you are willing to change your stance to accommodate a greater perspective, you demonstrate to the universe that you are willing to grow, you are ready to take steps forward in your ascension and the universe steps forward to meet you and greet you.

I support this notion offered of strengthening your bond of togetherness with this projecting forward of your intentions. This is another dimension of your being which you may come to expand greatly in this process. The idea of setting in motion your reality before it has come to pass, the notion of coloring in the pictures before you, before they have arrived. This is a very powerful and potent notion that you pursue because if it is true as you have said, that you create your own reality, then what stops you from getting a head start on that process.

So now I invite you all to consider, that you might not wait to react to life, that in fact one of your choices includes the option to be proactive in your life, to pre-plan, to envision, to visualize, to form the construct much as you have done with this entire process. This was an act of casting your intentions before you, this is a brave act to create something in advance of your total awareness of what it is. So now, each one of you has the rest of you, each one of you has this dynamic portal opening creating an avenue of passage, of energy, of light, of individuals, of consciousness and now you are recognizing you have this tool that may be used to spark the conditions wherein all of these factors that you have assembled may then connect and flow together and because of your awareness that this is so, because your reality is true and sacred to you, it is.

You have in fact created your reality and will continue to do so and it is your reality regardless of who else even knows about it. All the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together, and truly you are gaining a larger perspective on the entire picture. The effort is paying off, the lessons have apparently found their mark. All of this is but observable phenomenon.

It is my pleasure to make my report to you this morning of my observations and encourage you to keep moving, to not rest on your accomplishments and this sense of accomplishment that one feels when having engaged in the process, but rather use this as a stimulant, drawing you and pushing you to do more, to try again, to get up to bat one more time and show the team what you got, knowing there is an entire team standing behind you, not only rooting but participating with you in your endeavor because they are your team. That is what I see assembled here today, a strong team, one for all and all for one. I am honored to be asked to sit around the council with this team. Thank you for the time.

DR MENDOZA:  I am here to report in, I am Dr. Mendoza. I would seize the opportunity as I see all the pieces sifting into position to interject the notion that in each context and in every context that you could imagine yourself involved in, there may be an element of healing woven into it, interjected into the equation. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, you will realize that all individuals are in need of healing. Every individual has wounds, every individual has issues, has burdens, has traumas. That is their journey in life. But you in your positions of desiring to interface and shine the light, may also shine the healing, which is inherent by the way, in this desire to be of service and to direct the light. There is always a desire for health and healing that accompanies a desire of well wishing or peace. Simply an added frequency, simply a chord where there once was a note.

This is a simple matter and I invite you to be mindful that you are the instrument. You may play the note, you may play the chord, it is your choice. If you only know how to play the note, then play the note. But since you, have invited me to be on your team, I would like to play as well. And so, I invite you to be my ministers and allow me to chime in a note into your chord. Think of me as you may think of some of the others, simply think to include me. That is all that I ask because that act provides the permission required.

That act demonstrates the faith of choice and I will respond. So I give you more tools, more instruction perhaps on how to play the instrument at hand. Doubt not that even the lone note is highly effective and soothing and well received but even more so perhaps, would be the group effort of a chord, the combined effort of those who would join together in the process of playing this instrument and of guiding this force. It is my pleasure to be able to voice this to you here today and to be welcomed as an active member of the team. I look forward to participation with you as you will so allow. So be it, good day.

LIGHT:   Hello to you all, I am Light. I would step forward from around your gracious circle. All this talk of wielding the light, directing the light and shining the light always makes me want to rise in appreciation. I understand these are but word symbols but they do have a connection to your consciousness because of your experience with actual light, its properties and dimensions, how it functions and when it does not. So therefore we may use this common experience among us and between us to benefit from analogies using these word symbols and the thought patterns that they invoke. And as I have said before, as long as such a tool is useful, we will use it.

In fact, we have spoken so much of the similarities of the properties of light and of your directing of energies, but now lets seek some of the contrasts. This energy that you are associated with, connected to and are part of, is far more malleable than are the wavelengths of light which may only be bent slightly but have the attribute of projecting out indefinitely in a rather straight line. This energy field that you refer to that you are able to wield and direct and use from your portal source, may be bent, may be split, may be redirected or may be stopped. All of these are unique to its characteristic of being a wave of energy as opposed to a wave of light.

Waves of energy may be directed, may be channeled even through wires to have amazing results. This field of energy that you play with is highly malleable in that you may take it, decide to direct it, decide to use it, decide to send it or decide simply to bathe in its qualities. So in this way it differs from the light that we talk about focusing or shining in that the direction of this energy field is governed by the strands of your intention. It follows these just as electricity follows wires. You are the ones who make the connections in this process by your act of association, that is, your ability to project your will out to another individual is a thread of intention.

Once this thread of intention has been connected through your act of will, energy may then flow. This is why you form these intentional connections so regularly in your process. You invoke names and descriptions, you bring people into your arena. You are in these cases creating a thread between you and among you that then may be energized.

This operates different from the light theory because its relies on your individual connections to individuals and each other. This same network of connections is what brings you all the power that you sense when you are alone and yet feel the strength of the group. The same web, the same intention thread connects you to your circle, then connects to an individual of choice and then there is the ability for this transfer of energy. That is why prayer groups are so effective. They are tapping into so many parts of the web, they are bringing so much of that connectivity to bear.


LIGHT:   So it is my great pleasure once again to join you and further look at this distinction of light and of energy and to venture out a little bit into the characteristics of this energy because it may come to pass, that the visualization of a light force, light beings and directed light energy may not quite fulfill your updated awareness of how the situation actually exists. As was mentioned before, having conviction and faith and a strong stance still may require that it be changed and altered in accordance with the new you, your new level of awareness. And so, we will always be here to assist in this process of redefining yourself based upon who you currently are.

What a wonderful opportunity to join you this morning, it brings me great joy to be so welcome in your midst, to have a connection with you, each one, an intentional thread that we have secured with each other. Now that you know of me, now that you have me in your awareness, we may access each other, energy may flow between us, we may bring the strength of each other into our equation. This is the beauty of the brotherhood of man. You have each other, a huge living dynamic organism, and as you are learning, you also have a gigantic spiritual enterprise. What a pleasure it is to simply remind you of these realities existing all around you. I invite you to re-read this at your leisure for there is much to be embraced. I leave you with all of my affection, good bye.

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