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NID874- This Grand Pearl

2015-07-05-This Grand Pearl
No Idaho #874


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: This Grand Pearl
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Dr. Mendoza, The Voice
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: This Grand Pearl
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Dr. Mendoza, The Voice
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


SERENA:   [Cathy] I join the group to bring news of great import. The progression of our preparation has been most pleasing. The plans were laid down and they were ambitious. Michael outlined our action and his plan is accomplished. Our desire is to move into the next phase of correction leading to the desired state of Light and Life. Students have been growing and developing. Some of you have been teachers in training. Skills have been enhanced and connections have been made. There is much to celebrate in this achievement. I am here to encourage you to continue to experiment. Continue to grow and move forward, continue to be the light you want to see in this world. As we move forward together in spirit look for new opportunities to apply the skills you have developed and claimed for your own. Spiritual support is available for each of you. Together we will move on to new phases of growth.

DR MENDOZA:  [Cathy] I listened to the discussion and wish to add a viewpoint about healing. We will act at your request. When you see a need we are able to access the details of the situation. We can perhaps see more clearly the problem and the solution. It is most helpful for you to facilitate a connection. It is most helpful for you to bring a space for a connection to be made. There is no set formula for this connection. It will be accomplished from mutual desire. Vocal requests are a way to clarify a desire for connection. Vocal requests may help you to increase your commitment to this process. We are able to bring connection to you when the desire is expressed.

THE VOICE:  [Mark] Good morning, I greet you all. Such an inspiration it is to see you all wading into these different pools of awareness and association. Know that when you fellowship with each other, when you fellowship with your unseen friends you are all coming together bringing your own intention, your own awareness and your own purpose into the pool with you. This is well and good for you are powerful co-creators of your own right. However, the option before you exists to enhance all that you do, to make all that you consider and all that you bring to the equation of its highest possible caliber by simply bringing with you into your sphere of awareness that you are all joined, you are all accompanied by a Fragment of All That Is and as such, you may have some direct access to All That Is.

Your awareness may be expanded by your simple embrace of this truth and this particular workshop or classroom that we view is ripe for such an incremental leap of faith. You are all aware of all these principles. They are all pearls laid out before you and now you are beginning to assemble them and construct them into a meaningful string of connections. Truly it speaks to the miracle of grace that you are aware of such pearls at all, that you desire to become aware, that you seek and you find in your process, this awareness and then that you would take these nuggets, these gems and string them together to make a purposeful creation of your own. This stringing together of these pearls of awareness are ever more potent and powerful when they are combined. Much of the human life is spent simply trying to identify these gifts of grace that you possess. Lifetimes may be required to open ones eyes to what is immediately before them as individual gifts for you to take, receive and embrace.

So I ask you all, in your inner sanctum, to pose your own personal question for your own edification and growth and this question being: What will it take, what would your mind accept as suitable for you to accept this grand pearl before you as yours? What would you have to tell yourself to make you believe you deserve this? What act might be required before you reach the tipping point and fall into the grace that is all around you? I say you are all right there. You are on the edge of the abyss. Your mortal life has you standing and clinging to this edge because it is what you know, it is what you are comfortable with and aware of and all that is well and good, but, true growth is when you are willing to go exploring and search and seek for that which is not already your possession.

That is where you all are right now. You have amassed great spiritual gifts, all of you, and you rest on this foundation that you have built of your awareness. But there is, as part of your very composition, an inherent hesitancy, a pause that you take, feeling as though the next step might be too much, too grand, too perfect, too divine. But my dear ones, I assure you, the Father brings you nothing that you cannot handle and He brings you all things that He desires that you have. He has already bestowed upon you this eventuality, this truth already exists. It is only time and space, it is only your experience or lack thereof and your willingness to accept that creates the distance between where you are and where your Divine Parents already see you.

So take as long as you like, there is no real hurry in your universe ascension career, but to those who have devoted so much of their lives to manifesting the grace from on high, to those such as yourselves, much will be given. It is only left for you to accept it, for you to ask yourselves: Why not? When? What will it take? What would it look like or feel like? These aspects of your experience and your mind as your reference, are your conditioners. They allow only what will make it through the gauntlet of thought. And so, since your mind is under your jurisdiction and since your spiritual awareness is under your jurisdiction and since these gifts of grace have been endowed upon you, all of this is simply a matter of time, a matter of your experience for you to come to this place, for you to forsake the obstacles that your experiences and your immaturity would present for you.

I come to you this morning in boldness that I may offer you words of inspiration, to tip you over the tipping point, to make you fully realize that you need not wait, you need not qualify, you need not prove, you need not pass a test, you need not have anything imposed upon you; rather, it is all up to you and to those who are willing to lay themselves out on the line and to be in this process of spiritual exploration and growth. It is a gift to hear these words. This configuration that you present so faithfully and regularly has so much potential to be infused with spirit content that I cannot hold back from my enthusiasm, our enthusiasm. I speak for us, all of us who await your signal.


THE VOICE:  It is a joy to behold these miracles from on high unfolding. There is no wrong choice about what you choose and decide. All is well, I only come before you to say that I anticipate all getting so much better when we all are included in the lodge, when we all come together in recognition of each other in appreciation, when we all form the bonds that you have formed among yourselves. This will exponentially enhance our experience and I await your choosing to do so. Thank you for taking my words in, our words. These are the words of the Voice within you, the Voice within all. So be it, thank you. I forever await your consideration and your choosing, farewell.

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