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NID876- Building the Platform

2015-08-16-Building the Platform
No Idaho #876


1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Building the Platform
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Building the Platform
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers


CHARLES:  Greetings to you all my friends, and I do consider you all my friends. I’d like to jump in here and talk a little bit about this thread of inherent value that is found within what appear to be stressful and even perilous life situations and circumstances. You all know the phrase, ” there are no atheists in foxholes”. This is a dramatic example of supreme tests in ones life forcing them to consider where they find comfort and peace, forcing them to reflect on the more significant things in life because they are threatened with extinction, or at least they think so.


CHARLES:   What is so lovely about your sharing this morning is the reflection and awareness that all things in life may be turned toward the good, that yes, it is good and well to be thankful and grateful for all that you can in this life and be greatly content when things are lining up for you and going your way. But to those with spirit eyes to see the circumstance, they are aware that miracles happen and goodness occurs even when life circumstances appear to be unkind and difficult. One might say they appear especially in those circumstances and each of you can witness the power and significance of those moments when you can see the hand of God behind the circumstance before you.

Truly, those are blessed who make this connection, who find this realization in their experience. That it is not only good when it’s good, but it is also good, even when it is bad. This is a truly en-light-ened individual who brings this awareness into the equation, who brings the peace and comfort that this awareness brings with it, with them into the equation, into the dark places, into the troubled scenarios, to be a beacon of hope and love and light because you are aware enough to know that the hand of God is never far. It will always be there behind and underneath the situation.

So as I say, those with this awareness are truly blessed because they can maintain a peace, a composure in the face of apparent difficulties that others are unable to summon by virtue of their faith, their belief, their trust, that truly they are cared for, whether it is here or there, the same care exists, the same influence of spirit may be discerned, the same presence may be felt. What a joy it is to observe the enlightenment that occurs when one reaches this level of awareness. Then there is no end to the miracles that one may behold, and each one, does it bring you faith or is it a reward for your having faith? I say it starts with you. You generate the conditions and the environment wherein you cannot only observe but participate in the flow of this goodness and this grace.

Thank you all for your dedication to your own spiritual processes, your own individual enlightenment. I am ever here to assist you in that process and to work with you together as we team up in spirit for the benefit of all in response to this goodness and grace that we perceive. Let us join together in gratitude and in love to reflect this peace and grace, to shine it out and facilitate the brightening and enlightenment of all. I leave my peace and grace with you to mix with yours as we join together on this council. I would as well invite us all to consider our further installation of energy into our power grid wherein we may have useful effects as has been witnessed here today. It is a joy to work with all of you, I look forward to our future together, let it be so, good day.

MICHAEL:  Yes, greetings to you all, I come at your bidding. By this I mean I sense that you are all preparing to gather in my name and in my honor. I will tell you plainly, I will do the same. I will gather in your name and in your honor. I would bring with me my special request of you. There is a statement you are all familiar with: If you build it, they will come. I invite you to join with me as we build it, as we assemble the platform for the upcoming event. Let us build it and they will come.

But, when we build it, let us join together under a theme if you will, let this theme be the Hand of Spirit. I have stated to you before that I and all of us await your signal in the universe, that we may join with you, that you will engage with us and in this process we may work together. I would like to activate this principle with you with intention, with forethought and with the deepest of convictions. I would like to bring the Hand of Spirit into the equation with you as we are able throughout the upcoming event.

I have mentioned before that in my day, my chosen ones were of deep conviction in their desire to follow me. Likewise, I see in all of you a similar deep conviction, a desire to reach for me, to follow me, even to offer yourselves in service with me. I accept your offer. I hereby officially request that you allow me to follow you, that you will be the ones present with boots on the ground. You will be the ones who have the opportunity to look in another’s eye and you will be the ones with the sacred opportunity to put your hand, our hand, on the shoulder of our fellows. If we do this together, when we build this platform, we will touch everyone.

We will leave no one untouched and they will come and they will be changed. They will be touched by the hand of spirit, yours and mine and through me, our Father’s. I look forward with great anticipation and joy at the prospects before us, at the opportunity that is being fashioned, forged, created by our combined creative potential and I assure you, I follow you as you take the steps. As you literally fashion the environment, I am there with you. Let us be about this with great joy so that all the others who behold us working together will be transformed by our partnership, will long for a relationship such as they observe, will desire to be a part of that environment that we will construct. We will do this not only for each other when we gather in person, in proximity and in spirit, but we will do it for all the others who will be drawn as moths to the flame.


MICHAEL:  So be it, Father we invite you into our partnership as well. We would create this, we would promote beauty, we would foster truth and in whatever ways are before us we will transform through our enlightenment, the circumstance before us and through our partnership, let it be so as we will make it so, as we will choose it and as we will be it.

What a joyous occasion before us, I look so forward to working as closely with you all as we may manage and I assure you, when working with God, all things are possible. Let it be so as it will, even now as it is. I look forward to our next conversations as we retreat together to build our inner spiritual citadel as well as our meeting in time and space. Thank you Father for this opportunity, let us make the most of it. So be it. I shall be in contact, for now, farewell to all.

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