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NID880- Waves of Energy

2015-08-30-Waves of Energy
No Idaho #880


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Waves of Energy
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Waves of Energy
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers


MICHAEL:  [Mark] Yes I am here and it is not as though you have not felt my presence here among you, it is no surprise but I will take the opportunity at this time to converse with you by voice and share with you the afterglow of having indulged in relationships and having indulged in fellowship and having come together almost as if you were in stages of Light and Life because you choose to do so and be so. I can’t tell you how this pleases me to watch and even be invited in and participate and to share with you to this level and degree is a supreme gift of grace and I stand in gratitude for it.

I would pick up on a couple of threads. First, is this picture of the ripples which emanate from the stone tossed into the waters. We all know of this phenomenon and are familiar with it. Now I would add to it. I would have your mind’s eye see that in this body of water there gets tossed a large stone in the center and this represents the gathering, the coming together for one unified purpose, the large stone thrown in the center. As you all arrive and participate, all around this are tossed and scattered your stones of origin, your points of beginning and these cast out their own waves in all directions.

What you begin to see are the coming together of these waves and when this occurs they are magnified greatly. This coming together of these waves of energy in connection with the waves of other energies causes spikes in this energy and where they meet there is relationship. This is where your energy and the energy of others, the energy of events, the energies of time and space collide and this becomes a point of impact of two energy fields where there is great potential, a spike in energy, a possibility of relationship of combining energies. So I thought I would play with this analogy of stones tossed into the water and visualize all of the different effects that take place as a result of the interplay of all these waves of energy emanating from all these point sources.

I also would like to pick up on the thread fostered here today of standing up for who you are, being not afraid to assign yourself what you see to be lofty assignments. You are beings of lofty origin. You are of a divine family and purpose, so how then can you not consider that these aspects may be attributed to you as well? I know your culture has taught you deeply that you are far removed from God or Gods or divinity at all. They have cast you in such a light that it is difficult to overcome these shadows in your life but I have come to be with you to form an individual relationship in which you may know me, we may know each other and I am so very glad for this opportunity. I will seize it and take it and I sense you all feel the same way.

Together we will activate this opportunity and manifest it as we so desire because we are, all of us, co-creators acting with divinity and in accordance with grace, we all create. This notion, because it may have originated from such human and mortal sources that it should not be identified somehow with its divine heritage and destiny, is difficult for one to overcome. So it is my purpose to assure you that I think you can, that I think you do, that I see you as a member of our divine family as we move forward in this evolutionary and eternal process. Be glad that you have imaginations, that you have desires of the heart and that you have the courage and the strength to pursue them, to take them from their origins of thought in the human mind through the process of expression into concept and word so that they have a chance of being acted upon and created in deed.

This is the principle at play and the principle we use regularly and you most definitely have what could be said to be the most key creative role to start the ball turning, to create the path from its inception in your mind, in your dreams, in your thoughts. This is where the spark of all creativity resides and whether or not it turns into flame, this is where the spark first occurs. So join with me in gratitude for imagination and spark and creation and courage and strength as we move forward in this natural process.

I cannot express how pleased I am that you all join together and gather in my name with such fruits of the spirit so plainly evident. Surely, something is going right, surely all is well with such ambassadors of light which you all are. Father, join with me in witnessing the fruits of the spirit that we will so gladly harvest, thank you. Thank you all, I love you and bid you farewell but as you know I am with you always. Be in peace.


JONATHAN: [Mark] Hey guys, that was a great weekend. I certainly enjoyed every minute of it. Where else can you go on Urantia and be near so much light. Truly, it is impressed upon all of us, this impression of spirit and love and it leads naturally to matters of light and healing and wherever goodness may lead. I sure enjoy the chance to get together with you and because we can, if you would so desire, let us go now, right now and let us go back to the lodge, let us reassemble, let us circle up.

Let us step back in time to a timeless place of spirit and make the connection again, build it once more in our consciousness. Allow our senses to fill in all the gaps and bring us back and what we come back to in the end is not a place. What we come back to each time we do this is a sense, a feeling, an inner knowing that is completely in the spirit realm. It is a spiritual sensation that we return to. It’s the coming together of us in whatever configuration of our minds stance we choose to illustrate it. And so it is we can step back into it at any time and enjoy the sensation of where we are and this is in relationship to each other. This is as the stars and constellations are to each other thereby defining their positions.

So are all of us who gather, forming a constellation in which our position defines the shape of the constellation and seen as a constellation as a force or a field of energy, we may wield great collective power, just as the constellation in the sky, when recognized, provides a great comfort to the traveler.

I just thought I would jump back in the circle with all of you and fire the grid between us and among us, charge it with our energies and I thank you all for joining me. As you witness, it is that simple and can be that profound. Always a pleasure to join you at times like this. I stand in gratitude for the opportunity. Farewell and have a good week.

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