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NID885- Reflections on TM

2015-10-04-Reflections on TM
No Idaho #885


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reflections on the Teaching Mission
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Serena, Elyon, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Reflections on the Teaching Mission
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Serena, Elyon, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


MACHIVENTA: [Mark] Hello to you all this morning, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, here to make my presence known in response to this wondering of the individual and even the collective as to what difference it makes whether the masses are drawn towards the teachings or whether it is all about the individual. I would put it to you this way: Even if there were only one of you I was addressing right now, and even if the universe were constructed entirely to facilitate your individual experience, this would be worth it. This exercise that you engage in, call it what you will, I call it individual spiritual growth, I see it as your individual endeavors. At this time they may come together collectively under this umbrella that you would call the Teaching Mission.

And so far as it services you in your need, so be it. You are really all honing your skills, coming to this forum together to be in a supportive loving environment wherein you may walk some of the walk as well as talk some of the talk. So whatever form this takes, the universe is poised to accommodate you in your pursuit and so long as this avenue or this venue that you choose is serviceable, it will be here for you. For those who have need of it, it will exist and serve just as you would desire. The fact that you also observe side by side, this observation of a lack of participation from the greater herd, is merely another of the transient factors that require your interpretation.

As to the why and the how to affect the change and what is going on behind the scenes, these are your challenges to grapple with as you attempt to see trends and follow lines and observe changes. But, you all are well versed in the fact that you are living in an ever changing paradigm and you are also finding comfort and peace in the unchanging steady nature of spiritual truths and reality and you are learning to apply these unchanged values and principles out into the changing world and using these changeless values to establish your direction and determine your actions when confronted with an environment where everything is in flux.

As you may have witnessed before, all things are turned to the good under this gigantic plan, this enterprise set in motion by your Divine Parents. No stone will be left unturned, as the saying goes, to find ways to facilitate your well being, to enhance your awareness and to promote your spiritual growth. Rely on your trust and faith that this is so, that you are cared for, that in the moment you will be guided as to what to do or say and that overall throughout the entire equation, you are aware of the workings of the hands of spirit behind the circumstance. It is this awareness that you bring into the equation which amplifies its magnitude of impact.

So I will leave you now with the thought that it is so very worth it, even if there was only one of you to tell this to. But look how many, right in your sphere of awareness, are there to benefit with you, alongside you. Has such an effort been worth it? Words cannot describe the worth inherent in this effort. I stand in gratitude for this effort that has been extended and the results and the rewards and the edification of all those involved, the growth apparent and the satisfaction that all this brings.

Thank you all for being a part of it and thank you Divine Parents above for orchestrating such an event of grace as we witness here, thank you.

SERENA:  [Cathy] I am joining in the discussion to bring an idea of personal progress. In the enactment of the Correcting Time, an effort was made to bring the level of personal awareness to a new level. Its up-liftment was a vital element in the plan to move the planet into a new perception of spirit. Each person is on the path to increase their understanding of the potentials of spirit interaction and action. Individual growth was a large part of our original intention when this contact was initiated.

As you have participated in these lessons, you have cleared error that limited your perception as well as reached out for new horizons of ways of being in spirit. All this was an individual journey but taken with your group partners, we have used the idea of climbing a mountain to new heights while encouraging others on their paths with an uplifting hand. You could see from your present position that you have moved from your previous comfort zone and your concept of possibilities has transformed. With the acceptance and practice of each new skill, you have insight and new abilities to interact with spirit.

From this point of view, your growth and progress have been phenomenal. The mission continues as each of you increase in love and service and usefulness to the Creator. This is what enables the progress in our Correcting Time. This is the value added to each and to the whole. Continue to grow and expand your capacities so that you will be a light to those who are searching for growth.

ELYON:  [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am Elyon and I arrive in response to the bidding of your hearts about effectiveness or appropriateness. I call you to witness that if it were not for these adventures and forays out into the spiritual realm, you would not know me, I would not know you, we would not have a relationship, I would not be a personality that you would be familiar with. But because we have invested this energy in reaching out and touching each other, we have developed what may be an eternal beginning. I cannot express how significant a relationship like this can be. It will of course have to wait the test of time and perhaps even eternity to prove itself, but the very fact that myself, Machiventa, Michael, Mother, Monjoronson, all of us who have met you in this arena of spirit that you have fashioned and created would not be familiar to you, would not be known by you in the same fashion as it is known through your experience of this mode that we refer to as the Teaching Mission.

You all are quite aware that your planet has had special privileges afforded it and that many aspects which transpire here are of an experimental nature. This advent, this rise up of the phenomenon, referring to the Teaching Mission, is no different, another experiment launched on an experimental world. As you know, in the laboratory, many many experiments are needed to arrive at an effective understanding and awareness. The lab of Urantia is no different. Many different methods are employed and tried and some are selected.

You are all as scientists, trying your different methods and means and approaches, offering your different recipes and approaches in an attempt to facilitate your neighbors experiments. Nevertheless, you are all experimenting in real time. The Teaching Mission has been an experiment and will bear out whatever fruit it is capable of bearing, but no doubt, like any experiment, will be observed and modified and changed and perhaps tried under new conditions, with new variables. You can trust that the process is an ongoing one and is under due observation by all those responsible and you will witness in your lifetimes, many modifications of models which become outdated and must be refashioned to represent the current reality.

Indeed it appears all around you these days, that any model, every model may be in question, may be re-evaluated for its appropriateness as you grow and change in your awareness. So then will the models of necessity have to grow and change. There is no end point, there are merely more opportunities for growth, more experiments to be tried, more opportunities to wield your skills before you, more chances to choose. That is what is ahead, that is what has been behind, that is the continuum of how it works. Many institutions and hallowed models will be in need of reexamination and reconstruction, all as the result of the observers changing their positions and viewing the model from a different perspective.

As you all know, change is unchangeable and so we begin to see these rolling episodes of change as simply the next wave, it’s easier to ride them out. It’s nice to see that all of you are moored against such waves to such a strong foundation of spirit, that you have your lines in place, that no matter what the tides may bring, you are tied to something secure and certain, the spiritual truths of which you are aware. So I am glad to bring you more imagery and remind you of our relationship and how eternally grateful I am for it and how we have both been graced by this gift from this process and I think it was so very well worth it, thank you.


LIGHT:  [Mark] Hello, I would take voice today, I am Light and I too would stand with Elyon in eternal gratitude for where this process brought us, brought me in particular. I represent the inception of eternity and how can one express proper gratitude for the beginning of an eternal career, nevertheless, I am here to do so. Sometimes it is easy to fail to consider some of the impact you have on others as well as the impact you register on yourself. I am here to simply remind you of my love and our relationship and my gratitude for these things.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hey guys, Jonathan here. I wanted to barge my way in here today to stand in gratitude as well. I truly feel loved and embraced by all of you and for many of you, this extends to the real love and embrace encountered by the human senses, but for all of you, the love and embrace that I have for you is enduring and tangible. And what a gift of grace it is, that we have come together to accept this gift of grace, to believe when we were told, even in the Urantia Book, that we were children of destiny and of divine lineage, to believe it enough to allow it to express itself and to become that which we believed. And while we owe a great deal to this book for providing these seeds, it is us who watered these seeds and grew them within our beings to allow all the rest to manifest.

So I still do and will with you always, have a fondness and affection for the Fifth Epochal Revelation which so changed and benefited our lives. In the end, even the greater gift is what we were inspired to explore as the result of believing that we were a child of the First Source and Center as we had been told. My love for you all is expansive, my affection for you all is deep and as I said, I stand in gratitude always for this that we share and may continue to share forever. So be it, thank you all, good day.

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