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NID887- Healing

No Idaho #887


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Healing
 3.2.2 Faith
 3.2.3 Heart
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Healing
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Michael, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: [Mary] Father, hear our prayer, hear our prayers. Open up the path that allows us to believe in You, in Your truth, in Your power, in Your love. Grant us the vision that we seek. Help us in our times of unbelief. Help us see the signposts that You have so graciously put along the way and in this moment, let us each kindle the fire within our hearts, the love that we feel for our brothers and sisters. Take a moment now to sit with that love, that fire, allow it, believe in it and know that others will be touched. Thank you Father for always being there to give us what we need, amen.


DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Good morning friends, in response to your collective movement in the direction of healing, I will join you this morning to perhaps steer a little bit more the direction of intention. I am Dr. Mendoza and as my physician attendants, I invite you to see your desires to help your brethren as making your rounds to your various patients, for in fact that is not so very far off from what you are in fact doing. By bringing up individuals in your consciousness for consideration you are in a very real sense, paying them a visit. You are bringing their presence, their energy signature and those aspects of their being that you recognize into the equation to be considered, to be ministered to, to provide service to. In this way you are indeed making your rounds, bringing your intention of goodness, of health and healing as well as your projection and visualization of them in a more perfect condition, perhaps in a higher state of being.

By doing this you are connecting the various parts of the equation, bringing the patient into the environment to receive the upgrade of vibration to a more healthful state while at the same time preparing to usher in the greater powers that be, the physicians who will administer these healing measures. You are connecting the ones in need with those who can provide the service needed. This is the all important role that you play, to simply be aware and know that there are healing forces at play, to so simply and naturally desire to wield such forces for the good of the individual or the nation or the planet, it is all the same. You may make your rounds to Syria, you may make your rounds to any point on the globe that you choose that you feel is in need of health and healing. To spend time making your rounds is a sign of a good physician or physician’s assistant.

You have a saying that history is made by those who show up. Perhaps it is equally true, healing is obtained by those who show up and are involved, otherwise it may all simply remain potential. But those of you who are willing to act and create and foster and promote do in fact yield great sway over the equation because as you have been discussing, all conditions are modified by the participant, by the observers, by those living the truths. And so, if there is this potential to modify the equation, then why not take an active role and steer in the direction of health, healing, goodness, truth and beauty.

I applaud your efforts at throwing names into the circle for consideration. This constitutes the consultation between physicians, the bringing up of individual cases for reference and consideration, an affirmation that such measures of healing may indeed be brought to bear on specific points that you refer to as individuals but that you also may refer to as nations and peoples. The principle is the same, bring these into your domain for evaluation, consideration and allocation of mercy and grace as needed.

It is always my pleasure to come among you and work with you side by side as we roll our sleeves up together to be about this service, to be these instruments of peace, these conduits of the greater love. I am enjoying greatly developing deeper and greater relationships with each of you so that we may be even more effective as we toil in these fields together. It is a pleasure to stand by and attempt to steer those who are in such active motion in the process. I look forward to our efforts as we move more and more boldly into these arenas of our interests, of our common interests. Thank you all, I stand aside and extend my gratitude to all, farewell.

MICHAEL:  [Cathy] Believe in the power of healing, it is real and active as you reach out in faith. Healing is needed for the planet. Healing is needed for the family of humanity. Healing is needed for the error of past actions. Together we can form an expanding pool of energy and healing to be applied to this world. All my children have need of this energy and light. All my children are reaching out for connection and brotherhood, the world cries out for connection. Together we can bring the Father’s love and show a path to our combined future. Your faith and intention are key elements in bringing this possibility to the attention of others around you, indeed to the whole planet. I am supporting your every effort. I am holding your hand as you step forward in faith. Take a chance and act upon your impulse, all will be for the good. All is supported in this, my Correcting Time. My peace I leave with you.


CHARLES: [Mark] Good morning, I am Charles here to pick up on the single thread interwoven throughout this entire tapestry, the thread of belief. It was stated here earlier today that it was a significant factor to simply believe in the very principles we have been discussing, in the very nature of spirit, in the very awareness of the spiritual dimension. As it turns out, observing the mortal condition it appears as though this single element, this single aspect of the whole looms so very large in the mortal experience, this idea of truly believing and having faith in who you are, your very lineage and who you are becoming, your very destiny.

Who would have thought that these traits of conviction would be so hard to develop and maintain in this mortal life? It seems as though you are constantly challenged with doubts, reasons to doubt, circumstances which apparently change reality around you are constantly challenging you to reassert this conviction, this belief that you maintain and then just around the next corner it appears as though your belief and faith are challenged by the next set of circumstances before you.

The spiritualized being is less and less thrown off course by the normal inconsistencies of life. Having found a solid foundation, they are less and less swayed by the tides and the winds and the storms of adversity. They tend to stand strong on these pillars of faith and belief and are not near so buffeted about as those who are yet to find this solid footing or foundation. This represents the fruits of your spiritual growth, these are tangible pieces which may serve not only to demonstrate your belief and faith, but then to bolster it as well because the more you are standing firm in conviction the more your direction is determined by your own desires and not so much by having to correct course after being derailed.

This whole notion of all things being possible to the believer is indeed the very key that you are seeking in the entire process of spiritual growth and development and as you will so allow yourself to approach and then embrace and become one with this truth, the more you will be swept up in this divine plan before you. Truly your Master spoke right when he said: Fear not, only believe. He was speaking to the greater force, belief can certainly vanquish fear. Fear is the response to the unknown and uncertain, faith brings in the certainty of spirit. The conviction of one who is a spiritualized being modifies this purpose. To those who do believe, more is given. It is always a joy to come among you and make our presence known. Thank you for the opportunity you provide to do so. I look forward to our meetings such as this and will now retire so that this forum may be accessed by others, good day.


LIGHT:   [Mark] Hello, this is Light and I would like to pull on the thread of heart and heart spaces for I’ll call you all to witness that many of your cherished relationships with your loved ones are considered to be harbored by you or shared with you in your heart space and in this way, even those loved ones who are distant from you are brought close and may be felt by virtue of your providing your heart space. In fact, I feel you all in a very real sense even though we may differ as to what heart space may mean to us each one, we all can relate to that space of our being where we feel love, where we feel vulnerable, where we feel welcome and accommodating.

The discussion before of science coming to some realization of the power and potency of the human heart even over the human brain is another realization that your being, the essence of self, is an illusive thing to identify and quantify and locate but we all are aware of it, we all know it, feel it, sense it and are aware of it. So all these different attempts at defining it are steps individuals take to isolate and determine aspects of the whole; but whatever words are used, whatever symbols are arrived at to identify this, just as with spirit, it is known when it is felt. It is understood within the heart space shared, within the spirit space shared. There is communication, there is awareness, acknowledgement, love, all these exist as a result of our allowing them by virtue of our belief and our faith. This extends our trust and we are able to move through this avenue of approach back and forth to each other.


I thank you all for believing in me as I believe in you. I thank you all for having the faith to support such an awareness, such an understanding, such a grasp on those things spirit. I am, as always, touched by my relationship to you all and look forward to many more exchanges. For now I simply stand with you and join you in the belief of our truths of the reality between us, of those aspects of spirit we have discovered and created and of all this, I stand with you in conviction of the truth of it and let us stand on this foundation of awareness, this firm footing so that we may grow to expand atop this accomplishment. Let it be so, farewell to you all.

JONATHAN:   [Cathy] I am joining your efforts to bring healing to those around you. From my point of view the potential is enormous. We can draw from our pool of potential energy and focus the energy as we are led. This is most exciting and I encourage you to move forward in faith. Let’s make the music of spirit and play it with joy, I am with you always.

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