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NID889- Healing Colors

2015-11-01-Healing Colors
No Idaho #889


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing Colors
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Michael, Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Healing Colors
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Michael, Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


LIGHT:  [Mark] I would step forward into this sacred space this morning. I am Light and I am drawn by the references made earlier to the observable, powerful healing effects of light and how even within the range of vision of mortals, it is observable that light, when altered, carries different messages with it. Each color that you observe is a different vibration, a different level of vibration and so these energies are directed and can be absorbed by the recipient.

Behind all this light is a clear white light that contains all these shades, all these different hues are contained within the full spectrum of light. These colors indicate only a small fraction of the spectrum. The colors that you are able to observe are but a small part of the spectrum of wavelengths available, many of which are outside your range of perception.

But nevertheless, this model serves to reinforce for you how light may be changed and altered as from one color to the next and in so doing, this represents a great change in the very nature and characteristic of that particular hue. This conception in your concept of thinking is a very potent tool for you to use in how you see or how you visualize your role in shining light out upon others because the light you are wielding may also be colored and in that way, modified for the circumstance at hand. We have had great fun over the years playing with the many analogies of light and the use of light, the application, purpose, meaning and now we arrive with yet another way to visualize this implementation of light as circumstances might require.

It is always a great pleasure of mine to make my presence among you known. I am humbled to be in your association as I love you all so much and cherish these experiences we share. I now will give way to the floor for others as you have summoned the attention of others as well with your discussion. My love I leave with all of you and I bask in the glow of yours, thank you all.

MICHAEL:  [Cathy] My children, my brothers and sisters, I join you in sending light and healing. Together we send this healing out into this troubled world. Many are in need and many as yourself have skills in being a source of light and healing. You are my hands. You are my helpers. You have the ability to focus and bring the healing. I am always eager to join you in these activities. Help your brothers and sisters as they struggle with the challenges of this world. We are indeed all one in the Father. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the action of the First Source and Center. Develop your skills and step forward in the certainty that love, goodness and beauty will prevail, it is our Creator’s will.

DR MENDOZA: [Mark] I greet you all as well, I am Dr. Mendoza here ever willing to respond to your requests for my counsel as lead physician. You ask about the efficacy of a particular treatment or course of action and you have rightly discussed these various elements involved of the requirements of those who would be healed to get on board with the process and of other necessary elements being in alignment for healing to occur. I will repeat, there are no wrong methods, there are no incorrect approaches in this experimental laboratory we find ourselves in on this world. We simply must go with our intuition, our desires, our nudges, our feelings, our urges, these are our guides and if you perceive to be nudged or guided to proceed in any fashion, consider this a lead, a tip.

Consider this the instruction from on high that you seek for this is how we communicate, little inspirations, nudges, bumps and moments of awareness. We will stop at nothing and try all things in our service to our Divine Parents. I would also seize the opportunity to take you with me to the next step in your construction of this awareness of the application of light. I invite you to take this construct of your thoughts of this machine in which the proper colors of light are applied to the patient and this application of the proper tones and hues brings with it a transforming effect, an alignment of energies so that the projected energy, the projected color literally transforms and rearranges the existing energy to more closely match the desired frequency.

You have seen this in your minds eye as your description of the dissolution and the reestablishment of matter from one state into another state and this is indeed what is actually occurring. I invite you to consider that the application of light into this equation is the medium, is the conduit for introducing into any healing scenario, the proper frequency needed.
This of course is where, once again, you come into play. As you are positioned in proximity to those in need you are likewise connected to this grid in which you are furnished with all the power necessary to facilitate this gesture of healing that you would create. We have many times alluded to this connection and transfer of available power from your portal, your lodge, your circle, your circuit to an individual or a place or a circumstance and this awareness is well and good, however, I invite you to open yourself to the potential of not only directing this light energy at your point of choice but as well, infusing it with healing tones.

This is where you and I may work together. As a physician’s assistant, you have your finger on the pulse of the patient and know the needs and may feel the energy present. I may come into the room and provide the necessary prescription or color of light energy that you are directing. In this way we may truly work together to issue this desire of ours made real to serve. I appreciate your awareness and your attempts to keep up with the program here. We will take this one step at a time and you have grasped many steps before; this one should be no greater of a challenge. I am grateful that this concept of the different tones of light having different healing characteristics has been now infused into the equation. One more tool in our toolbox and we are gathering a number my dear friends. Thank you all for your attention. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and work together. I will return as needed. I am, as you are, on call. So be it, farewell.


Question: Should we be aware of the various healing properties in the different colors? For instance: What are the healing properties of green, where and when is green applied? What are the healing properties of red or yellow and where are they applied etc.?

DR MENDOZA:  I return at your request. Ah, the good and faithful students would ask for more. There is much to be learned which will add to your construct of thinking, to research for yourselves the known qualities of the different hues of light and to the degree that this is useful in your mental training exercises, then by all means avail yourselves of it. I invite you however, to be ready to assume the posture of one who would assist the patient no matter what prescription the Dr. might advise, that is to trust that your actions, your motivations and intentions and purpose are sustained and filled with your service to the individual, that you should know the proper prescription is not required. The Father above knows the proper prescription and will provide the proper hue.

Do not let this become any form of an obstacle for you, this ignorance of these various properties as in all your prayerful petitions, allow that Father knows best and trust that your petitions may be modified to accommodate the best possible scenario. Perhaps even the greater point was that there are but a fraction of the frequencies visible to the human eye that are available in the whole, that is this awareness that you may see a handful of different colors and they have a handful of different aspects to them should only indicate to you that there are innumerable other shades which you may not perceive and which you therefore could not of your own purpose refer to. Trust that the Father above will know the appropriate frequencies, will apply them if requested, will make assistance just as I will make assistance, as requested. You simply do all that you do in your service and trust that the prescription will be left up to the professionals. I trust this serves to satisfy for an answer.

Q:  Oh yes, thank you very much.


JONATHAN: [Mark] Hey guys, I am Jonathan. I just wanted to stop by and say hi and be counted among you, the eager students of one such as Dr. Mendoza. I am as inspired by him as you are no doubt. We are both graced with the opportunity to learn many things from such a devoted one. I recall playing with light in terms of stage lighting and observing the different moods and affects one could have over any given performance. I was moved many times what the application of light does to a physical circumstance and how it transforms the mood and the basic composure of individuals, the simple application of a different color of light.

Such a passive thing having such an observable impact always impressed me and the very potential behind all that. Now we have discussions from the master of healing regarding these different hues of color and the different applications of energy. I am not surprised that light is as powerful as this although I certainly never grasped it in the mortal state. I am having a lot of fun joining you for some of these lessons and learning as you are, many things. Thanks for creating the classroom, thanks for inviting the teacher and thanks for allowing me a seat in the class. I cherish this relationship and look forward to further meetings. I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Catch you later, bye.

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