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NID890- Physician’s Assistant Service

2015-11-08-Physician’s Assistant Service
No Idaho #890


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Serving as Physician’s Assistants
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson

Topic: Serving as Physician’s Assistants
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Inner Voice, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Good morning to you all, I’d like to seize this opportunity to dissect a little bit of the discussion here and examine an aspect of this mornings discussion which may serve to illuminate for you a little more about your role as physicians assistants. Any good person of this description knows that their primary task when approaching an individual they are considering ministering to, a patient, that it is first necessary to come close to that individual in one way or another and gaining proximity to them to establish what are called the vital signs or ‘vitals’.

What this means in terms of the medical metaphor is your having your finger on the pulse of the patient and you are observing the various state of affairs of your patient, you are observing the signs and signals that your patient sends to you as to where they are in their physical process. These signs and signals may be observed in a number of ways using a number of different methods but they are the vital signs, that it is up to the physicians assistant to establish and thereby relating to them in accordance with where these vitals indicate.

In this way, you are as one on the team of healers approaching the patient and encompassing them with your awareness of their state of being, observing their different aspects so that you may make report, if you will, to the lead physicians. You may make an assessment of this patient based upon your willingness to observe as a physicians assistant. Now, I invite you to consider, once you have extended yourself in this observation process, could you not bring with you the awareness of the power of the whole, the power of “we are all one”.

Could you in so approaching another intimately enough to gather this personal information, remember that you are in a position to share this awareness even through the simple acts you perform. You have spoken this morning of the connection of all the individuals and the principle of the 100th monkey shifting paradigms. I invite you to envision that when you extend yourself in service, you are part of a great chain. You are connected by your Indwelling Fragments to all Indwelling Fragments.

Your patient is connected to you by virtue of the same circuit and this circuit may provide much contact and information back and forth between you. It is not required that words be spoken, that gestures be made, that total awareness even occurs. What is required is that you extend yourself in service so that these connections can be made and then you trust they will, bringing even your faith to the very spear tip of your service. To the degree that it assists you in visualizing some of these exchanges as in the forms of light, make it so.

These energies are flowing, they are in flux between you and any way that assists you to visualize this process may be serviceable or applicable to you. I could not stand to stay away when such talk of application is so relevant and applicable to all of you at this time. When the student is ready, the teacher surely does arrive. Let it be so this morning as I stand in gratitude for such eager students. I take my leave and allow this space for use by others, good day to you all.

[Mark: I have now my Inner Voice to whom I apologize for the wrestling match and ask for strength to move forward.]

Inner Voice: I do indeed come through the fog and the mist to make my presence known to all of you. It is so very relevant to your discussion that I make my presence known, make our presence known, for I have joined forces with all of you as we are all one. What it means to be all one is truly a spectacular gift of grace because while we are all fragments of the whole, we are each unique and individual. Such contrast from the uniqueness of self to the infinity of divinity is the scope of travel we have before us.

I have, we have, arrived from on high to accompany you and this journey was as nothing for us. This journey was a simple desire made real. Your very existence is also similarly a desire made real. We come together at this place of inception, for you this point of beginning, and we now have the long journey back to where we have been issued. This journey represents this enormous gift of grace. This experience that we will share represents the gift of an eternal career so we all have a lot at stake in this process. We are bound to each other and proceeding forward together.

When you desire to reach out in spirit, it is I who acts as your liaison; it is I who oversees your development and approves of your explorations in spirit. To consider that one day we will be as one is another universal gift of grace. Knowing this brings with it the awareness that we should drink deeply of this cup of mortal-ness, these fleeting earthly life experiences which will remain as cherished memories but will be eclipsed by the vastness of the road before us.

These times you experience when you are seeking and searching indeed will be a rare commodity in your treasure trove of past experiences for once you have set out and are well down the trail of experience, you will be less and less challenged by the doubts and uncertainties that seem to surround you in this initial life experience. More and more you will trust and have faith and belief and awareness and these are your gifts of accomplishment but for now, there is some struggle, there is some petitioning for strength. These are all perfectly applicable to your state of being. They are as has been designed for your experience.

I bring this greater perspective, not to diminish in any way what you are about but the exact opposite, to illuminate for you that in order to go and see yourselves further down the trail, the steps that you take now are ever so significant. You must travel the course of this trail, the entire route. You may not skip ahead or pass any over. This trail has been designed for you to traverse to your greatest good. So gather in your awareness of the steps you take now and treasure them. One day you will recount these with fond recollections, even your most tumultuous times will end up being recognized as some of your greatest gifts. You who know where you are going, have to love where you are.

I, we, are here to join you in this grand experience and are greatly enjoying where we are. Look to summon our circuitry into your extensions into service. Look to bring us with you, look to communicate on this circuit. Much more may be transferred across these lines than may be transferred through the limitations of word or sound or perception.

It is my pleasure to have brought these thought patterns for your consideration, from one of your circuits into another of your circuits, the circuit of your Indwelling Guide made into thought and word that you may cross over into your mind circuit for your edification. Let it be so, even now, farewell to you all.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I also join in the discussion to emphasize the importance of your intention to apply yourself in service. There is great power in connecting on this personal level in the attempt to help a brother or sister. It may seem simplistic to say listen to each other and connect in the process of service but this is the key element in being serviceable, service-able. In the human life there is a reticence to step forward and reach out in a social contact situation. I see that this is where you can be most service-able.

You are in a unique situation where a point of contact is possible. You are indeed the spear point that opens the wound to the healing process, first contact. Don’t underestimate the value of the position. The temptation is to downplay what is happening and step back. It is just the opposite, this is your opportunity to step forward and embrace, embrace the opportunity, the patient, the connection. The growth will flow with the energy that begins to flow between you. The access point will be established for greater ministry by the combined forces of our Creator. It is a great step forward for all.

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