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NID898- Healing Responsibilities

2016-01-03-Healing Responsibilities
No Idaho #898


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Healing Responsibilities
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Healing Responsibilities
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: [Mary] I invite us all to circle up in this moment, the emotion, with our intention and to practice the breathing in and breathing out with the memory of breathing in love. Taking it in and then breathing out love, sending it forth. In so doing we are generating light, the love and the care we have for our brothers and sisters who are struggling. There are physical vicissitudes we grapple with as human beings and our compassion rises and our love for these individuals. We place our trust in the Father’s watch care of each individual person. We seek the sensitivity to know what it is that we can do. We pray for Michael’s peace that He has left with us to color the picture and help us find the way through it, in the light and with the light and through the light.


DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Greetings, I am here, summoned by your internal petitions. I am Dr. Mendoza and my “heart” is warmed to see the eloquent statement of this understanding of this universe principle. Truly the students have command of some of the material and it is heartwarming to know that these lessons have been so warmly accepted. I point out that today’s sharing constitutes a fleshing out of some of the aspects that have been mentioned here today in “staying present, staying loving and staying focused.” That aspect of being present in the moment is so greatly enhanced when coupled with the active awareness and applied intention of the individual.

It is one thing to have awareness that you are a powerful co-creator, it is another thing to choose to activate that awareness on a regular and consistent basis through this application of self, this directing of your creative being in a way that you would have it. This analogy of envisioning the breath to be the carrier of the universal wave of love and as well the projector, enables you to distill down these techniques of focus into one common thing and focus immediately on the breath as both the source and as the strength of the individual who would act as the powerful co-creators that they are.

This attention to the breath at regular intervals in your lives will snap you into clearer focus, will make clear some of the clouded atmosphere around you; it will bring you into a greater state of alignment with spirit and in this way offer you so much more to have in your arsenal.

When we apply, as we have today, ourselves in this healing circuitry, we not only envision all hooking up to this circuitry, but then projecting out, each one of us, our intention towards individuals and scenarios and in this way acting in accordance with who we are, with what our very nature is and our very destiny to bring in the goodness from on high and to infuse it into all of the circumstances and scenarios and individuals we are aware of. This is how we go about with bliss bestowing hands, by being focused, by being present and by being loving.

So I endorse this rallying cry and encourage that it is always a good time to try it and implement it and manifest it as you so will. I bring you assurances that your efforts are meeting with certain success, that anytime that individuals align themselves with divine values and try to implement divine principles that much good is accomplished in the process. So let us move forward with this assurance of certainty, that our attempts do meet with success and that we more and more would like to manifest our own being and the capacity of our own selves.

Thank you all for maintaining our arena we share together and continuing our purpose that we both uphold. I assure you, wherever you are having interest in healing, I am not far away. Let us continue to act in this partnership as we so will. I bid you all a good new year. May we delight in all the opportunities that will abound before us, farewell for now.


Question: Dr. Mendoza, do you have any ideas of how we could help ——- in the physical realm here?

DR MENDOZA:  As for your friend, I was tickled with this concept of hooking him more securely to the grid of healing. This unique opportunity has been presented as a result of my dear physician’s assistant who has earnestly planted the seed whereby we may build on this foundation. Even the mention of my name has lodged a place in his consciousness where we may now reside and perhaps the greatest benefit may be accomplished in envisioning, desiring and creating this stronger line with this brother.

Since he is aware of me and my function, and I include you and your function along side me, he now has room to accept that we are a bigger part of his experience, that we have more leeway than we would had he no awareness at all to identify with, no name, no concept of being, no awareness or understanding at all. This brother has been brought up to speed by the physician’s assistant who has taken his pulse, who has reported back as to the state and condition of the patient.

He has even gone so far to plant the seed for a healing. Now it is up to us and him to build a stronger bridge to connect even more the patient to the grid, to the network of which we are familiar, to bring this energy, this network to the patient and install it where it has been given root.

This is exactly how this works, now we strengthen the bond with the brother, even greater connection, even more love transferred, greater light flowing. We have been given access and we will do our best to apply these forces and have this pervasive sense of well being flow to and through the patient. With each breath this may be so, with each co-ordinated thought this is expanding and compounding. With each attempt made this bond is strengthened.

These are universe principles and this is where they are in play. At every juncture that you are aware of you may influence this natural principle, you may intensify its capacity, you may choke it off. You may alter its course. This is why you are seen as powerful co-creators. There is a force and then this force goes through you and you alter it, change it, direct it, focus it and in this way you have commanded a natural force and redirected it at your own desire. Thank you for your question my dear ones.

Group:   Thank you.

Question: Dr. Mendoza, the thought came to me that we are just physician’s assistants, we are not the Dr. so just relax and don’t think that the whole weight of any healing is totally our function. Is it possible that we take on too much of the mantle of healing and disrupt the process somehow?

DR MENDOZA:  My dear friend and assistant, it is ever a challenge for any care giver in any circumstance to be mindful and careful not to assume too much responsibility for the entire equation. There is only so much you can do in any given role and to partition, if you will, the part of the equation over which you have any jurisdiction and be okay with doing your part as good as possible without feeling as though the entire circumstance is either dependent upon you or is a direct result of your individual action.

There are many many components in all of these scenarios being discussed. Your actual jurisdiction is very small, that is why it is important to choose it wisely and as you have demonstrated, to be versatile enough to insert components, perhaps out of the blue, that the patient wasn’t even thinking about to illustrate to them this shifting of gears.

Yes there is this physical ailment, it’s description, components, symptoms, causes and cures and those are a very mechanical, material aspect of their being. In suggesting that there was another physician who would attend from another perspective, it enables the patient to remember that there are multiple aspects of their being. There is the physical which requires its certain attention, but there is also the spiritual which requires its own attention and it is good to remind the patient that there are other physicians who attend to other aspects of the patient.

So I do support this idea that it is quite possible for those who are trying so hard to help, to assume more of the responsibility than is proper. Remember, the physician’s assistant sees many many patients. You must be okay with your short roles and realize that there are others attending as well. You need not feel the pressures of the entire universe to be resting on your shoulders, rather the opportunities of individual peoples mini-verses and you have but moments to interact with them and bring into their experience love and light. To the degree you can stay focused and present and loving enough to do that, then you have truly mastered the human experience here. Thank you all for a delightful discussion.

Group:  Thank you.


JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hey guys, Jonathan here, I thought I would pop my hand up in the classroom. I have been sitting off to the side and I assure you, I have been enjoying these lessons as much as you have and learning perhaps as much as you have. It is a great honor to sit and take in such a class. There is a certain aspect of myself which has such fond recollections of the deep winter snow and the sound of the skis slicing through the snow.

I will always think fondly on the shushing up and down the hills. Truly, one of the many many things to be cherished about the human mortal experience, the quiet that one experienced when out in the fresh snow, the brightest stars which light up and sparkle on the snow, the full moon shadows that are made in the winter wonderland.

The good news is, all of these memories and fond cherished associations are all stored in the mechanism of self. They are all part of who I am, who I am becoming is all flavored by these past mortal experiences which are so ingrained into my being, these treasured opportunities that we call our lives. And to think that we have so many more of these before us, experience upon experience adding and combining to become greater and greater beings. As we said before, such a life on such a planet. I now say such a life in such an eternal career.

It is with such great fondness that I maintain my association with all of you and I am not ready to give it up. And so you may count on me so long as we both may allow. Let there be peace and love in your new year and always. I look forward to sharing it with you as we stroll though this wormhole called time. Warm wishes for all of you in the new year, take care.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I join the group in an attempt to continue to connect in the healing activity from this side.

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