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NID902- Sharing Truth

2016-01-24-Sharing Truth
No Idaho #902


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Sharing Truth
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Light
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Sharing Truth
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Light
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Charles here, reporting for duty, what a wonderful morning conversation, so much to be shared back and forth that illustrates the powerful potency of fellowship where one individual may bring to the entire group a shared experience, one that can be passed along and lived vicariously through what it was like for one of the individuals. All the individuals may then relate to it and borrow this experience from the collective consciousness. This is so potent in fact that few things can rival its significance in the life of a mortal. The ability to share experiences back and forth and to have an experience vicariously is one of the grandest potentials of human existence.

You all will recall how moving it is to watch a movie or a video or even experience a concert and feel as though you have lived an experience, feeling the emotions which are associated with that experience and going through it internally to the degree that afterwords you feel as though you have genuinely “had” the experience you have just observed.

This ability to share experiences back and forth is what is so significant about your attempts to portray your spiritual truths as well, and as you have been expressing, there is this notion of authorship and ownership to navigate. Authorship indicates that the thought originated with you, that you are its creator and its first source and center was you. Ownership refers to all other things that you have experienced through others, through circumstance, through observing and witnessing through the course of your life and some of those many many contributions to your data base will lodge and become secure within you.

You will resonate to these factors that you have been exposed to and then they become part of your composition, part of what makes you up, part of the total that is you. When these things become yours and you become them, you have ownership. These truths may not have originated with you but at some point they may in fact belong to you.

You have an expression that you may be the only Urantia Book that anyone reads or the only Teaching Mission anyone ever knows about. It will not be their exposure to word symbols on a page. It will be their exposure to the effect these word symbols and this experience of yours has had on your life, the results of the exposure to these truths of yours has had on your life. In this way you are back to the potent and fertile ground of being able to share your personal experience back and forth, to contribute it to the collective total that it may be experienced and withdrawn to be used by others.

It is noted that mortals of the realm crave to point to authorship as so important because they are trained to distinguish and identify as to what is true or not, based upon its source. You as an individual are a unique combination of many many sources, thus you can genuinely say, ‘I remember it was said’ or any one of a number of other references you may choose while maintaining that it is indeed your truth. It is claiming that truth and not referring responsibility for that truth to another source.

We have discussed this before, about boldly speaking your truth because it is your truth to you. That does not mean that it may not change and alter with time and experience but currently, it is your truth and therefore you may claim it as such and speak with the authority of one who has gained this truth in their search. So it is very true that no matter who you would identify yourselves with in terms of groups or association, none of these will hold a fraction of the significance that individually you maintain when simply sharing what you believe, the possession of knowledge and wisdom that you have gained.

Feel free to employ your own truth offering in this way without feeling you need to cite references or have the backing of other individuals or groups. Your words are as valid as any other mortal of the realm. Share them, be free with them, these are your gifts to give and do not be dismayed when these gifts are rejected. The same loving act of service was provided regardless of the reception by others. No act of faith followed is ever truly lost. It may not find fertile ground to sprout and grow, but it was a kind and generous act of service and no such thing ever goes unnoticed.

Know that what you are really doing is building your inner citadel of spirit. With each act, with each choice, with each opportunity you are growing this aspect of yourself, of your own being, and as much as your heart would desire that you be in service to others, remember always, your first service is to grow yourself. Take from life these experiences, these circumstances and allow them to bring to you what lessons they will that you may grow.

I encourage you all to be at peace with the process, at peace with yourselves and at peace with the others in the process. Be at peace with the growth cycles which transpire and occur and with the overall plan which encompasses everyone. Be patient as all these things unfold and continue to act in faith which surely is your guiding light. Thank you for your invocation and invitation this morning. I always appreciate the opportunity to join you at times like this. I bid you all good day.


JONATHAN:  [Cathy] Mark, it is sometimes difficult to step out in faith from a place of comfort. I am so impressed by your willingness to share with your brothers and sisters. You have only a dim concept of the power of this step you have attempted. Others of course have the option to be open and try to understand or to attack the unfamiliar. On the level of where you are in action, you are unable to see the ripples that have been started by your toss of the pebble into this pool. You are supported and loved as you try to share your truth. We have your back always.

LIGHT:  [Cathy] The light is strong, feel free to apply as needed, I will help you.

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