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NID904- Nature of Exploration

2016-02-04-Nature of Exploration
No Idaho #904


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Nature of Exploration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Exploration, Uncertainty
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Goals
 3.3.2 Communication
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Nature of Exploration
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, I hope you’ve enjoyed our conversation and hope you see in all of our hearts as you do, our desire to approach you at a time like this. Come and join us once again as we come together for this purpose of seeking with that part of us that can find you and embrace you in this process. I want to express my personal gratitude, and I’m sure it is shared by those members here tonight, for this gigantic experiment that we have been engaged in for lo these many years. It truly has been a doorway to open for all of us here, an avenue of approach that we have found and adopted, to be able to explore in spirit in a whole new dimension to us.

We know it is your desire to bring us what we seek in our searching and so it is we have come to rely on you in times like this and your emissaries of light to reach down to us as we reach up and to in fact make contact. Thank you for the opportunity to develop this faith, to become strong in this faith, that we can utilize this strength to cross over this gap between material and spirit. What an opportunity we have been provided with and let it be said of all of us, that we have accepted this opportunity, this gift of grace of yours and we have done our best to explore its dimension and to live the reality of these truths. Even if all that we have done has simply been for our own edification, then so be it. If our entire efforts have simply produced a bigger version of ourselves then so be it and if our efforts have served any others along the way, then we are grateful for that as well. Thank you for everything.

Exploration, Uncertainty

CHARLES: I will take an opportunity to join you in this conversation, I am Charles. I sense in the conversation I eavesdropped on that there exists a sentiment of wonder as to what the future is, what was meant to be, perhaps what could have been, a sense of wonder that things may not have transpired as you had envisioned them, a sense even of disappointment from time to time that you do not receive more signs of verification and validation. This is the path of the true spiritual explorer. It is easy if you choose to follow someone else’s path, a path that has been created in advance of you, a path that has been built and structured and is well lit and signed so that every step of the way may be supported and illuminated for you as you go.

It is easy to take someone else’s word for what it is like and to follow their steps in hopes of having it be the same for you. It is not so easy when you decide to go out and explore an unknown trail or to climb an unknown mountain before you which requires your effort every step of the way or to find your own trail and to make your own passage through the many choices and obstacles before you. When one blazes a trail like this there is not much support for there are not many with you. But in blazing a trail there is a deep and profound sense of accomplishment. The growth rings that you have put on in this process are well earned, the increase in your capacity is a direct result of the effort you have put forth and while it may be true that it is not one of the more well known trails out there, you are witnessing in your own lives that it leads you in the direction of spiritual growth.

In fact, it can be said, that all trails will lead you there eventually. You may follow others, you may brave your own trail, you may lead as others follow you, you may decide to switch trails and take another avenue but you are all so versatile in your faith that you are aware that all trails lead to the one destination. All avenues of approach will take you to this eternal career which leads you back to the First Source and Center, that no trail is a dead end, every trail has value, has a lesson to be learned, an experience to be gained, choices to be made and decisions to suffer the consequences of.

So seen in this light the spiritual traveler becomes more lighthearted, more joyous, more accepting of the many many paths out there and of all the different experiences that are being had by all the individuals on all these paths. In the end you will be immensely grateful that everyone out there has in fact explored every trail out there and every experience has been harnessed and brought back to you; as you bring your experience back to the First Source and Center, so are all the others. They will gain from what you have mastered and you will share in their victories as well.

Fear not that your paths seem less fruitful than you may desire. They are deeply fruitful to you individually and personally and that is your greatest opportunity, your greatest task, your greatest assignment before you as an individual. No one else can grow you. No one else can move you from one level of awareness to the next. This is a trail you must take yourself. Each step must be yours. You may be inspired by others, you may try some of their techniques, they may try some of yours but in the end it is a personal gain.

In this personal gain you may enjoy great episodes of being of service to others as well and this, as you recognize, is a gift of grace, to be in a position to be of service to another as an entirely new dimension to your experience. It is not required of you at any point. The fact that it is your choice is what makes it magic, is what opens the doors to all the universe to assist you, to support you, to promote your desires to be of service. But it is you who opens this door just as it is you who has taken the path to get you there.

So while it is grand and noble to consider ways in which you may be of service to more and more of your brethren, never forget your first and primary responsibility, to make sure your house is in order. Make sure you have availed yourself of every opportunity, have taken every trail that appeals to you, have exhausted the potentials inherent in your life experience for no one, not even the Father Himself, may do this for you. This falls to you and in this regard, all your efforts may be seen as a success for you have grown yourself, you are greater beings than you were before you were exposed to any of this and you may call it what you like, you may refer to it using the word symbols of your choice but in the end, all of these referenced opportunities and your individual personal individual growth is a result of your choosing to activate these opportunities.

It is good to be inspired and dream of ways in which you might be helpful, but every day, every hour there exists the opportunity for you to be helpful to you and while you are inspired to go about and visit others and bring your inspiration with you, all of this only serves to build a bigger you and a better you. So while it is true you will help others in small ways and big ways that are unknown to you, this is not the objective of this life in the flesh. This is the cream on top, this is the grand opportunity your Parents provide you to minister to your sisters and brothers but you are engaged in your primary task all along. Every morning when you wake, every hour through the day, your decisions are combining to grow your soul.

So be of good cheer that this mission one, this primary task is well under way and is meeting with most definite success. How can it be otherwise as you will witness even in this hour? You seek and you are rewarded with finding. It is my distinct pleasure to have this opportunity of grace to be of service to you in this hour. It grows my spirit just as it grows yours. I thank you for opening this opportunity with your simple and yet strong faith and conviction. Without it we would be unable to share in this way and so I express my gratitude of your command over this experiment to the degree that you have it, to the degree that we are able to share even now. It does not matter what others think of it, who knows about it, what impression it makes. What matters is what it does for you as an individual and in this regard, it is a sweeping success. I would conclude my remarks there and remain in attendance should there be any dialog or questions. I open the floor, thank you.


Comment: Well you sure seem to put a damper on having goals and trying to pursue them. It seems you just say go out there and just live a life and work and sleep and come back and don’t have any goals, pursing them doesn’t seem to be important.

CHARLES: : My friend, probably to the contrary, in fact goals are what make you rise in the morning, what gives you a purpose in your day, what brings you into focus in this life. I am merely attempting to say that while all this transpires, the real objective is being met. The real growth internally is happening and that it is not a function of the goal itself, it is a function of your desire to be motivated by the goal and what this does to you as it draws you out and forward and makes you stretch and reach into new dimensions.

The goal is absolutely an inspirational factor. If however, it is determined that the goal is misplaced or somehow incomplete in your perception, this should not dampen your enthusiasm to go after it, to find if that goal changes, what is the new goal and how do I act and react in the circumstance? You would not be here tonight if you did not have an internal goal to pursue your expansion. So goals are absolutely part of the equation. My point was merely to point out that while you’re busy making other plans, you are growing. Life is happening to you throughout the entire experience and that every aspect of your journey may be turned into these learning experiences, these growth opportunities.

For instance, using the example of having to put on a conference and bring people together is a service opportunity. This desire to reach this goal may bring you more growth, the simple act of preparing and striving for this goal will have innumerable growth opportunities before you even get there. So while the goal is good and will provide its own reward, every day between then and your decision to pursue the goal provides equal opportunity for your expansion and growth. Since it is personal it is up to you to gather to yourself these opportunities. I hope this serves to clarify somewhat my remarks.

Comment: Okay, from this equation we have a goal and that makes sense but we’re not talking about the actual energy that the goal produces to actually help produce the effects that not only gets you through the day, the goal helps you get through the day and produce those opportunities, those effects, so there’s kind of an energy in there that you’re not mentioning.

CHARLES: : Where does this energy come from my friend?

Comment: I don’t know, maybe you could help me there?

CHARLES: : I am endeavoring to illustrate for you that the entire equation originates within you. The energy for the goal is yours, the pursuit of the goal is yours, the results of all this are yours. The entire equation is completely your jurisdiction. It is you who decides that the goal is worthy of pursuing. It is you who will take to yourself opportunities and run with them and it is you who reaps the rewards of all these activities.

Comment: Yeah, I’m really missing, I’m missing a point here, I’m really missing something, I know there’s a nugget in there somewhere, I can’t seem to find it.

CHARLES: : Well, I assure you and you may witness that all things come clear to you when you apply yourselves, all the pieces will fit into place. My attempt here tonight has been to empower you each and every one as the individual that you are, creating the scenarios in your life that you do and reaping the rewards that you have, that this is the true magic of the plan if you will, this is where the rubber meets the road and growth happens.

True, there are many many opportunities provided when you orchestrate opportunities such as gatherings, but all of this is a result of the energy that you project, the goal that you put out in front of you and your efforts to get to it. They are not thrust upon you, they are not required of you, they are not mandated by any force outside of you, in fact, they must come from you in order to be original to you and have a personal impact on you.


Comment: Okay, we have a little segue here then. Wouldn’t that be something about telepathy here about energy feeding on energy like two people of the same …… and the energy combined, something like that. Can you talk about that and how they communicate with each other?

CHARLES: : Surely, this matter of communication, as you refer to it, between two individuals is achieved on a variety of levels. You all know that if you are in proximity, that much communication may be had between two individuals with no word symbols whatsoever. This notion of meeting each other on a mind level is simply the act of tapping into the same energy field and sharing through this medium back and forth. It’s agreeing to meet someone on a particular plane and be willing to share in that dimension.

There has been expressed this concern over whether this might open up unwanted floodgates of interaction and communication but it was rightly noted that such a thing is closely guarded by your internal Mystery Monitor who is in keeping of your individual identity and keeping safeguard over unwanted interference.

It is very true that your Thought Adjuster holds the key in many cases, to your receptivity. They know you even better than you know yourself. They know what you are ready for, what you are capable of and what you are in need of as you grow spiritually. This is a key component for those who are even aware of this dimension, this Thought Adjuster works with you closely to insure that you get what you need and that you don’t get what you don’t need. They truly are your guardian in some cases and would not allow intrusion into your space but would rather make sure that all the factors are compatible before there is a sharing.

It is difficult to describe this attribute that you are referring to because it is so easily mixed up with other attributes which exist side by side and therefore it is necessary that there be a guardian at the gate, if you will. You are a young and tender soul and your pursuit of divinity is your safeguard that you will not be led astray. When one aligns them-self with the search for their Divine Parents, then one becomes in a protected capacity for you are as the little children coming to their parents and there is a sense of protection and fostering of your growth. You have referred to before having an allegiance with Michael, and if you are in allegiance with Michael in pursuit of Him, how then could much go wrong with this pursuit?


CHARLES:  I encourage you to be at peace because you have all shown yourselves to be seeking for your divine aspects of being and when this is demonstrated, it is protected. In league with Michael, all things are possible. Fear not when you are in this pursuit. I feel we have touched on many different, overlapping aspects tonight.

There is much to be considered but I would leave you tonight with the simple basic uncluttered truth that you are well cared for, that you are the children of the Most Highs, that you have succeeded in bringing yourselves to this arena of spirit and you have all witnessed that you have been touched, you have been moved and grown by your efforts. Be at peace with this.

This is the beginning of a very long relationship and you are on the road to developing this relationship. You are becoming more and more secure of this truth. Relax into it because when you have apprehension or doubts or concerns they slow your progress. Be at peace. You are the children in whom your Parents are so well pleased. They would have you be in joy and awareness of this truth, let it be so. I bid you all good evening and happy consideration.

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