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NID918- Time Travel

2016-04-24-Time Travel
No Idaho #918


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Time Travel
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, Charles, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Mary Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Time Travel
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, Charles, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Mary Rogers


Prayer: [Mary] Father and Mother we know you sustain us. Everything of which we truly have need, we know that you provide for. So we are in motion, we are grappling with the next challenge and we are willing when we find ourselves feeling strong in your presence knowing that you uphold us in our efforts. The strength of the light cannot be denied, even on Urantia. So let us sit in this space for a moment, absorb it and take it with us into our week. Michael we feel your hand on our shoulder, Mother, we breathe you in and breathe you out. We stand in gratitude for the goodness and open ourselves up to whoever might like to visit us from the teachers realm.


DR MENDOZA:  [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Dr. Mendoza of whom you have spoken, here to accompany you on our rounds this morning and to utilize some of the threads brought forward for consideration today. Particularly, I would like to utilize the thread of what I will call, time travel. You have mentioned this notion of casting your intentions out before you claiming territory in the future and holding the light in advance of your arrival. This notion definitely indicates that the practitioners of this kind are well aware that they have the ability to traverse this element we refer to as ‘time’ or the ‘time line.’

This discussion of creating reality in this way is very appropriate. I will call your attention to a modern notion you may all have and that is: If your computer, your operating system, somehow becomes out of balance and corrupted there exists a feature within your machine called a system restorer. This feature enables you to choose a time previous to the corruption and to go back and resume again from an earlier point thus avoiding the whole incident of corruption to your system. This works by choosing a time when all was well with your system and deciding you will start again from there. Having done so you find that everything is “restored” to a balance, to a normal operating system.

Now, couple this idea with your awareness that it is within your capacity to go out through the element of your spirit dimension and bring this state of wellness, this state of balance and bring it with you into this realm of projection. This present moment, where you envision your light at the end of your tunnel, the light you have staked out and claimed as a higher reality, so that when you and your patient arrive there, this place already exists, it has been previously created. These concepts are indeed keys to your success and they involve your ability to be time travelers in a very real sense. These are all options that are available to those who are aware that these options are available to you.

In a very real sense, that is what you do with your normal and natural prayers; you envision the well being of an individual. This usually entails you conjuring up an image of this individual in a state of well being, in a state of greater balance and projecting that image upon this individual, literally taking a snapshot in time and bringing it forward and imposing it as your will in the equation. So while this is what is happening in the great “video game” of healing, it is not often referred to as being the mechanism but just as the video game is pre-programmed to include all options, so you are pre-programming the destiny of your journey and of that of your patient.

You are writing the game in advance of it being played. This is how it works, this is how it is done. It is simply a matter of utilizing your spirit energies to inhabit different parts of the timeline. This is done through your sheer desire and will that it be so. This is granted you by the fact that you are a spirit being and as such, untethered to the strict restrictions of time and space.

So, my fellow time travelers, let us be about this business with a greater conviction that this is so. Let us take these images of balance and well-being and let us plant them before us so that when we arrive, they are there waiting, that this system restorer has been chosen and balance may be once again struck in the equation. What a joy it is to have so many threads to weave together in this classroom. Look at all that you bring to be discussed and to cross fertilize the learning and experience of each other.

It brings me great joy to participate with you in this process, to make rounds with you, to have success with you, to be part of a team with you as you become more and more skilled in your roles as assistants en-route to becoming great healers yourselves where you will take all that you have learned and all the resources that are available to you and wield them at your command. We are making this so day by day, lesson by lesson, opportunity by opportunity. Let us all share the joy in this process. I take my leave but as you know, I am on call as needed, good day to you all.


Question: Dr. Mendoza, you have mentioned before that the efficacy of our healing prayers is multiplied by increasing the number of folks who are petitioning. Once we have brought an individual to your attention, and my list is getting long, I sometimes wonder whether you just groan when I keep bringing more and more people [to you]. Is the efficacy increased by repetition on a daily basis or is it sufficient just to mention them once?

DR MENDOZA:  My friend, I applaud your desire to be of service to the greatest possible degree that you are capable. Please, fear not that you may do this process wrong somehow, that somehow it may fall short of being adequate. Such is simply not the case. Every contribution you make, no matter what its size or magnitude, is registered as a successful measure. Any Dr.’s office, I will call to your attention, contains vast numbers of files. These files are of individual patients, and though all of these files are contained and stored together, they are all not needed at one time.

The files which are pulled from storage are the ones which are in greatest need of attention. Those are brought forward, those appointments are made, those rounds are kept and the energies are applied where needed.

This does not mean that all the other patients are not seen to as well, but rather, seen to as needed. Do not trouble yourselves with having to recall every file of every patient that has ever been brought to the Dr.’s office. This is simply not necessary and an undue burden. This is not your role. Your role is to attend to those with in greatest need before you. Another way of putting it is to put out the fires immediately around you. This is what your role is, to be flexible, to be on the ground, be where the smoke is rising so that a fire may be put out, to see where these are so that the resources may be directed. This is on the hourly basis, on a moment by moment basis. It will not be the same this week as it was the last.

So you should not ever worry that you have lost track of a previous incident or case for they are all there in the great file. Simply move ahead with what is directly in front of you. This is what the universe has brought you as your opportunity, as your challenge and let go of all concerns that somehow you will fall short or are not doing enough. This may represent the greatest obstacle to anyone, ever. You are doing enough, you are doing well, you are doing all that could be asked. You are serving as hands for The Father and the Mother for your patients.

Trust that their welfare and their care is being overseen on high as well, that there are many others who will assume the long term task of looking over the patients in rehab, the ones who are doing better, the ones who no longer require your immediate attention and focus as any emergency room Dr. would, on who walks in and what is the emergency.

That is your role to play as physician’s assistants, as boots on the ground to take the pulse of the patient and trust that the system encompasses all patients and that they need not be directly stored in your memory. They are part of your experience and will remain with you for that reason but they are being cared for on high. You have brought them into the system and their files are being monitored by the greater physicians. I hope this serves to bring you some comfort my friend.

Response: Well it most definitely does Dr. Mendoza, thank you for your counsel.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] I say hello to you all, I am Jonathan. It is my pleasure to join you here and to play this string, this awareness of travel in time. This aspect is near and dear to my heart because I freely choose to recall my association with you all and this recollection, this bringing back to life this experience and memory are what serve as the catapult to be here now with you. I bring these elements of affection and love, appreciation and well being from those times to this one. This degree of fellowship and association is the same one that was had back then and, here we go, the same one we will have in the future. We’re riding this same wave of energy that was created back then, fostered and grown between us and promoted even now.

It’s the same action of bringing a time in the past into the present with the intention of projecting it into the future. This we do with our common spirit component, that thing we both have and can utilize to traverse these apparent differences in time. We are growing to a point in our future where we will no longer have this sense of time and the march of time and the force of time, but now we must navigate this time line that is impressed upon us and realize that it does not have to dominate us. We have some control over where we choose to be on this line. This is how a planet may be saved as was discussed by those of you visionaries who would hold Light and Life, for example, as a reality and stake the claim that we can grow into.

If life is a great programmed video game, then why not program the end results of Light and Life? The more creative thinkers that donate their intention to this positive outcome, the more it sways an entire planet to gravitate towards this reality which has been claimed and has been built in advance of its arrival. This is how an individual is changed as well and this is how I am here now.

What a great opportunity, as usual, this life on Urantia provides, all these chances to try out and experiment with these different notions of what is possible and how it is done. You are claiming new territory and you are inhabiting this new territory because you have chosen to do so. Keep up the good work, keep up the exploration, the finding of new frontiers and the pushing past boundaries. As you have said before so very well: All things are possible with God and to those who believe, truly all things are possible with God. Let it be so as it has been, as it will continue to be as you have so chosen.
It is a good day for us all. Thank you for allowing my contribution this morning, take care.

CHARLES: [Mark] Greetings to you all, Charles here. I will wrap things up today with the notion that rather than consider waiting for a condition such as Light and Life and considering this is some time off in the future and that it will take some amount of time before we arrive at this condition of Light and Life, I would invite you to consider that it is within your capacity, each one and every one, to create if you so choose, a condition of Light and Life that is personal and real for you.

That is, you need not wait for a certain passage of time or certain conditions to be met or certain obstacles to be overcome; one can decide to create this condition of peace, love, harmony and balance that we refer to as Light and Life, now, here, in this life. With your spirit component, you may create such a condition and while your condition that you create may seem isolated and as an island, it is nonetheless real even at this point on our timeline.

Consider the implications of a number of created individuals creating this state so that it already exists, so that we don’t have to create it en masse, we simply have to adopt it. This is where the rubber meets the road about creating the trajectory of a world. If enough individuals will make this claim, will go out and create such a condition, it then may be chosen and accessed and promoted.

You all know the phrase: “Be the change you would like to see”. This exemplifies this sentiment of not waiting for all of humanity or the rest of the world to conform. Go ahead, do it yourself and others will join you and follow and soon there will be a path that may be chosen in this direction because you have had the foresight to create it in advance of its arrival.

I offer these words of encouragement. No one need wait for anything, you have the power to create it and install it as you see fit. Even if it is only for you, it still exists, it is still real, it is still part of the gigantic matrix. So many opportunities, so much to be done for those who have vision to do it, let it be so. Peace to you all and a good day, farewell.


LIGHT: [Mary] The idea that in everyday existence we each have a window that is our connection to the Source, the goodness of God, to light and that the everyday happenings of our lives can act like dust that settles on this window and a little fog that settles on this window from the challenges of the day and the news that’s in the air and that stillness is a way to clean the dust and the grime of the day and reestablish the clear connection to light.

The encouragement to exercise your choice about the environment that you live in to potentially minimize the dust and grime and pay attention to the background of your life, the thoughts and your mind, practice cleansing them with the light, your fears and insecurities, that you will be much more effective in your ministry of heading out into the world if you take some time to keep your window cleaned up. Open your window and take the time to invite light in. I have the privilege of having a name which is a metaphor for God.

LIGHT:  [Kathy] Call on me, envision me, I am Light.

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