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NID924- Experiential Faith

2016-06-02-Experiential Faith
No Idaho #924


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Experiential Faith
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Experiential Faith
Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for these many circuits that touch us, the circuit of spirit, the circuit of love, the circuit of your presence, the circuit of the Spirit of Truth and so many other circuits which we are connected to by virtue of our being a member of the spiritual family. I would invite at this time spirit influence to take ahold of the microphone and to turn over the input at this time to others.

CHARLES: Greetings to you all, I would accept your invitation at this time, I am Charles and I would walk up and take the open mike that is available. It is my pleasure to join you in your foray into spirit, to be here with you in this place that we share, that all of us share. We have this in common, this thread running through all of us, our spiritual nature and our being in spirit. I have observed your discussion and your questions and I would make some remarks.


One observation was: Are there interactions between the spiritual realm and the physical realm? I assure you, there is nothing but interaction between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. The order of beings you refer to such as midwayers are keenly interested in their home environment as are you and they are keenly aware of circumstances as you are at times and so you both share this common interest of the preservation of your environment. Certainly you can rest assured that they are working on their side equally as diligently as you are working on yours. You may trust that wherever there is a desire to be true, good or beautiful there is rendered assistance from the other side. Your request for this assistance is your choosing to be in action. This opens the door for the universe to rush forward and assist you and it does and it will.

It is a common trait for mortals of the realm to wonder about their association with all these forces at play and to consider themselves separate and disconnected at times but such simply cannot be the case for the environment is so pervasive that you are a part of it and the organism moves as one. Another point of question was whether the advent of combining forces of spiritual allies rendered equations more potent and of a certainty it can be noted that a choir has a greater impact than the soloist. This is a simple matter of fact, so whenever you can join forces with others, your contributions will be enhanced. Many times this amping up of the equation can serve to spark within the individual new realizations and awareness. This is observed in many a church setting, so your assessment of this principle at play is correct and whenever you can combine forces you can add greatly to your effectiveness.

And then there is the ever present question of who is involved, who is at play behind these happenings and presences and awareness. Is it this order of beings or that order of beings? Once again, I can assure you that when I say the universe rushes forward to assist you, I mean all manner of spirit forces rush forward to assist you. It cannot be said to be strictly only one order or another but a variety of orders are responsible for these glimpses you have seen. Trust that as you seek, you will find. You have discovered this to be true for yourself. As you continue to seek you will continue to find and things which are a curiosity to you now will be well known as a result of your perseverance to know them. Your free will choice may be directed in this way and so you shall have all that you seek in knowing all of these things. Doubt not, only believe.

[Thank you Charles]

CHARLES:  It has been my pleasure to step up to the front of the classroom at this time.


Question: Does God the Father have a quality of faith or is He just all knowing so that He doesn’t need faith?

CHARLES: : In the strictest sense it can always be said that God is all things, knows all things and has awareness of all things. The faith that you speak of is a faith derived from a place of uncertainty and grown into a place of certainty. This type of faith is what is nurtured as it is grown organically you might say, and this process is the sweet result of the matrix which has been provided to accomplish this development of faith. Higher orders of spiritual beings are created without this component of their being, this earned faith to which you refer. They have a different aspect of faith that is unique to their orders. Their faith consists more of degrees of absolute trust.

Your faith that you nurture through your eternal career is sacred. It is the desire of your Creators that you have this experience and develop this faith. So this term faith is so colored by your experience that descriptions of other types of faith might be inadequate to the task. Your question deserves an answer and I will tell you right now, your universal career will provide you with these answers, for those who seek shall find.

Comment: I Suppose God vicariously enjoys our faith, the quality that He Himself doesn’t have in a sense.

CHARLES: : My friend, you have touched on the pulse of the entire purpose behind universe after universe, the vicarious experience of God, of the Supreme. It is through all of you, through each of you, through every one of you that the total experience is had. Each one of you has lived a separate aspect of the whole. You are a piece of the gigantic puzzle, without which it is incomplete. Your piece is absolutely critical to the composition of the whole, therefore have you been granted all these gifts of grace to insure that your piece returns safely to the puzzle. Your unique contribution may be added to the Supreme so that the complete may be made whole.

Comment: I like your [observation] where the piece returns to the puzzle, I was thinking peace as in peace without war, calmness.

Comment: I like your expression, the complete becomes whole.

CHARLES: : And I like your expression, your vision of peace and its different meanings and invite you to bring that vision to give it to the Supreme as your contribution to the whole. This is all that is asked, this is all that is anticipated, it is all that could be offered by any individual.

Comment: Thank you Charles, I appreciate that.

CHARLES: : Thank you my friends for your comments and questions. They make for a good discussion. I invite you all to consider another aspect of our encounter here tonight. Speaking of the different circuits on the different levels that are available to you as individuals, there have been a rather steady stream of word symbols that I have attempted to string together to point to certain meanings, to underline certain values and to make certain connections. These are very real neural net connections that are made over the mind circuit into your own minds where you then assemble these word symbols and form meanings based upon these relationships. This has been transpiring as we have been here tonight, as it does even now but as well there has been this saturating of your spirit selves, this feeling of spirit welling up within you being touched and recognizing this sensation within you.

Even as these words go by and are strung together there are two very different things occurring simultaneously and these are but two of the many circuits that touch you. Likewise, as we gather here today there is a circuit of our Indwelling Guides among all of us, our gifts of a piece of perfection that will return to its Source. These form their own circuits around all of us. Many circuits touch us all making us wound together in this gigantic enterprise and it is a pleasure to join you on one of these circuits that touches you, a door you opened through your own will and desire to let in the spirit, to feel it well up within you and to nourish you.


CHARLES: It is always a pleasure to join you in this process as one among you delighting in this exchange of spirit. Would there be any other dialog this evening?…pause… With no more contributions being offered, I would draw this meeting to a close. It has been a delight to be with you in this process of sharing, of learning and discovery as we each extend our boundaries by practicing and doing it again. It has been a pleasure to practice with you this evening. I enjoyed every moment and will return again.

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