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NID926- Experiential Faith

2016-06-12-Experiential Faith
No Idaho #926


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Experiential Faith
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Experiential Faith
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA:  Greetings once again to my faithful assistants. In my observation of your recounting of your patients and their conditions I am filled with the sense of teamwork, the sense of togetherness in these projects and I count myself lucky to actually feel a part of this team. I want you to know, that as we move forward and witness the stages of life, we will be on this same team together and that no matter what direction things may go or turn, up or down, progressive or regressive, we will be steadfast in our commitment to this team in this process.

This is what we bring as a team and through the individuals on the team just as was witnessed here earlier with how much comfort may be brought to an individual through the simple act of those who are around them. Such is always the case, your contributions always make a positive impact, they always make a difference. They are among the things worth counting and worth keeping in a universe of learning values and meanings. So as has been said, no act you may perform in this kindness is ever lost or wasted. We are now experiencing some of the phase of the progression of events unfolding which may appear as though more and more these acts of health and healing are falling short.

In many cases, there comes a point in an individuals path where there are simply too many punctures in the tire to keep sufficient pressure, there are too many parts of the system which are affected and since all systems need to work together cohesively, when a few are compromised there reaches a critical mass. This is the nature of human nature, this is what we are here to observe and minister to and foster and grow. This too is part of the plan. Any good gardener knows that a plant must have a number of different aspects to it’s being. It must have nutrients in the soil which are proper much as the food that you eat. It must have proper environmental support to insure its survival. It must have enough rain to meet its needs and quench its thirst.

There are a number of aspects, all involved simultaneously which must be there together to support such life. Such is the case with your vehicles. They require a number of different aspects to be functioning and operational in order to work together for the organism. Trust that as this divine plan unfolds before you, that in the latest stages it may appear as though you are witnessing collapse of the organism and you may feel as though the plant may need fertilized or perhaps it’s water or perhaps it’s sunlight or perhaps the ph in the soil is not right and on and on.

And so you do well to go around and tend to the obvious factors, but the human organism has so very many aspects that are in play together simultaneously that it is easy to get out of balance, it is easy to lose function in these various circuits and a certain amount of this may be maintained but at a certain tipping point, the organism will cease to have what it needs for survival. Think of this as mercy, for when the vehicle is no longer able to provide for its needs, it simply shuts down and no amount of intervention will suffice.

When this is the case, it will be your greatest challenge yet for you to maintain your positive composure about what is transpiring. But for you who are spirit born, you are the lucky ones for you who do the blessing will also be blessed and you may maintain your far reaching perspective that even at its worst, it is merciful. Even at its apparent worst, it is still merciful. For those who are spirit born, you may realize that it is only apparently that way, that underneath and behind and around all that you see, is divine energy, is the spirit flowing.

Fear not my assistants, there is nothing in this universe which can truly harm you. There is no fate that could possibly await you that can possibly harm you. There no doubt will be grand experiences to be had throughout the process but you who are born of the spirit, know of a certainty of your eternal nature and this eternal being may not be destroyed in this one mortal existence. It is not possible to harm you to any great degree for you have a long future before you and though you may stumble or fall, these are only your experiences on route. Everything is a new beginning and if you can bring that into your observations of the very end, then you are bringing the light as we have said.

So be it my dear ones, remember, we are together in this experience, in this unfolding process. I go with you and we go together. Thank you for including me and inviting me so that we may make this so. I would take my leave and wish you all a good day, farewell.


JONATHAN:  [Mark] I am Jonathan, I would just like to drop by and say hi to my dear friends and to maintain our relationship in this ongoing process. I have been greatly enjoying our lesson plan that Dr. Mendoza has brought forward. Much food for thought in the teachers comments. I would repeat my offering before, that this existence that you experience right now is so very short that anything that you can do to breathe it in, take it in deeply, soak it in, absorb it into your being and weave it into the fabric of who you are. This is the opportunity of this experience that you have now and you will never again be presented with the opportunity like this. Enjoy to the full all that transpires and you will have succeeded in accepting these gifts of grace laid out before you.

It brings me great joy to be with you as all this unfolds. I am on the team as well and it is my pleasure to relish in that. A good day to you all, I bid you go out and do something fun, take care, bye now.

JONATHAN: : [Cathy] Thank you for including me also in this fellowship, it is my great pleasure to join you in this journey. Together we will continue our adventures in spirit.

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