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NID938- Michael’s Celebration

2016-08-21-Michael’s Celebration
No Idaho #938


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Machiventa, Lester, Nebadonia, LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael, Gerdean, Serena, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Michael’s Birthday Celebration
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Machiventa, Lester, Nebadonia, LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael, Gerdean, Serena, Monjoronson
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: [Mark] I’d like to give word to the thought of inviting Michael in on His birthday. We are gathered here on this special day, this is the birthday of our Master and that we gather and come close in this time and of course we seek Michael and all the others who gather and come close with us. I’d like to make this invocation public although we all know its the intention of our hearts. So in an effort to make it real, I make a motion that we open the floor to our unseen but present friends who have been here with us before. [I second the motion.]


CHARLES: [Mark] And I’ll give another second to that motion, I am Charles and I am thrilled to come here this morning in the role of facilitator for indeed I bring with me, or should I say, we arrive together in the effort to come and make our presence better known among you. It has been my pleasure to have been provided with the role of facilitator for many of your most recent lessons but I too stand on the shoulders of others who came before me in this process and who have been devoted servants to you throughout.

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome to the circle some dear old friends and companions. Let us all rejoice in our companionship. Truly that is one of the greatest tributes that the one we gather to celebrate would have us offer, our companionship, our brethren with each other. So it has been my honor to grow with you in this process together and now I make way for others, thank you.

ELYON: [Mark] I would greet you my friends, I am Elyon here to join in your celebration once again, lending authority to the truth and the reality that if you build it, they will come. If you build the spiritual citadel within it will be attended. If you create the space for this to occur, then it will manifest. I call you all to witness we have created such in our experiences together. We have created the space and it has been filled with spirit. Congratulations my dear associates and friends.

I join you in your sentiment of ‘hallelujah’, praise be to God. When you are in alignment with such a sentiment, such a statement of purpose, how then can you go wrong? How then can you be too far astray at any time when it is your desire to be in the flow of spirit? So I will join you in this sentiment of praise, this ‘hallelujah’ to the heavens for all that we have had and enjoy and will continue to enjoy throughout. There are others who would make their presence known. My fondest wishes to you all, farewell.

MACHIVENTA:  [Mark] Greetings all, I am Machiventa and I too have enjoyed great privilege and pleasure in my association with you and in our relationships together. I will say that your efforts have exceeded expectations and your extra-curricular activities have been cherished and embraced. These efforts will open many doors as you are all explorers in this process and opening doors for the first time. Many who come after you will have the benefit of your perseverance, they may derive much from your efforts having been spent and even if they do not, you will, you have and you do derive much from the efforts that you have spent. And so, all is well, hallelujah, praise be to God. All is well and getting better. I bring you this report from the field. I would issue as well my appreciation, even my love for all involved. Thank you each one, good day.

LESTER:  [Mark] Hey friends, Lester here, can’t miss a good opportunity, a good gathering to wish you all the best, the best that life has to offer. Your efforts to look for the best is what brings you the best. When you seek it you shall find it as you all have come to know well. So let us seek the best, let us find the best, let us in this process create the best that there is and praise be to God with hallelujah on our lips as it were. It’s a treat to come around and bid you all well. I take my leave as I do bid you all well.

NEBADONIA:  [Cathy] My children, we embrace you on this occasion of gathering in tribute to Michael. It is a great joy for us as parents to become part of your continuing growth in spirit. Remember that we are always available to hold your hand, to comfort you, to aid in the clearing of error that still lingers within you. It is our great joy to participate in your daily challenges and triumphs. You only need to ask and we are with you at any time. Let us move forward together and bring forth the world we desire.

LIGHT:  [Mark] Thank you, I am here waiting my turn and enjoying being in the circle as always. It is my great pleasure to make my presence known but I always feel welcomed and I always assume my association with all of you. Nevertheless, it brings me joy to be with you in voice as you celebrate. Thank you for allowing. There are others, hallelujah.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hey friends, Jonathan here, I’m over here sitting to the side of the circle and it is soaking in and feeling wonderful just as it has so many times before. Thank you all so much for carrying on the tradition and the faith. It always brings me such great pleasure to join you, to make my presence known, until later, farewell.

JONATHAN: [Cathy] Friends, we are together again in joyful celebration. Thank you for including my music and spirit.

Mark: Thank you Divine Parents, what a flood of friends.

MICHAEL: [Mark] I join you in your petition of gratitude for this flood of friends displayed before you and the many that are behind the scenes undisplayed to you. I am the one who you gather to celebrate today and I am honored by your tradition to do so and by your remembering my service to your world. I still am very possessive of it being my world as well. I still feel very attached to all of you and all that is and so it pleases me once again that you gather in my name in remembrance of me and my efforts made. When you do this, as I have stated before, you provide me the opportunity to join with you, to gather with you, to be part of your gathering and assembly at this time, in this moment, in this sacred space of creation we share.

That is what is so treasured about when two or more are gathered in my name, there is an open door for me to be there as well, an implied welcome and indeed with you all I receive more than an implied welcome. I receive an enthusiastic one, a determined one, a purposeful one and it pleases me and fills me with gratitude. And so I will take your gift that you offer to me on this day of my incarnation. I will hold it close and dear to me as a treasure for it is a gift that no one else could give me. This gift of your longing heart seeking to find me is the greatest treasure of all and this is the gift that you offer me, this is the gift I will accept.

I hold you all in my embrace. I assure you all I have my hand on your shoulder and my spark in your heart. What a glorious gathering if you could but see from my vantage. I will one day grace you with this vantage for it is truly a spectacular sight to see, those of you in the flesh gathered, some near, some far, surrounded by so many celestial onlookers, even some celestial participants all coming together.

The glow on the horizon is profound. As you go to insert yourselves back into your lives, go back with an enhanced capacity to feel my spirit of peace. Allow that there may be more room to contain this spirit of peace which I would bestow upon you so that you may then share it abundantly. Take this gift from me as I would receive your gifts even now, today, in this hour, receive this gift. So be it, today and always. My love I leave with you all. I never completely leave you at any time but I say farewell in words for this opportunity. Go now in peace.

JONATHAN: [Cathy] I am reminded of the many times we laughed and joined in song and dance. The sweet spirit lingers as a jewel in my collection. Take advantage of the opportunities to celebrate and connect in spirit as we journey forward in companionship. This is just the beginning of a glorious journey.

GERDEAN: [Mark…welcome Gerdean] Yes and I do feel welcome I must say. Your having conjured up my image set the stage for me to walk out upon it and because we are all friends here I feel I’ll give it a go. Indeed, I too share in the pool of fond memories having been generated around this event of Michael’s birthday and while we may have disagreed perhaps from time to time on what the event should be called or how it should transpire, we all agreed on our intention to honor Michael in so doing.

And, I will witness with all of you my friends, that we accomplished our mission, our goal to honor our Creator and I was with you on this team, I still am. I will continue to be as we have chosen the team of Michael. What a treat to be invoked, literally invited to the open mike. Now, as with any good act, I don’t wish to overdue it. I’ll step aside for perhaps there are even more to avail themselves, toodle-loo.

SERENA: [Cathy] I wish to encourage enthusiasm as we move forward with the Correcting Time. The progress is continuing and even though you see chaos and confusion, doubt not that all is proceeding as it should, as designed. This is supported by all that gather here today. Hold to your training be secure in your trust in Michael.


MONJJORONSON: [Mark] Indeed you know I am here, I would not miss such a gathering. Doubt not that I am still keenly interested and aware of all that transpires with this group as I am with others because we have embarked on this mission together. We have taken up this banner and are assisting each other as we march forward downfield. The very fact that we have created this team and are advancing the movement forward is a testament to the goodness of the plan. It is our hallelujah to the heavens, our praise be to the Creator.

The efforts that we make for the mission are pure devoted energy; this energy that has been so freely offered may then be so precisely directed. Thank you for calling me out, bringing me forward so that I may make my presence known around the table as well. I would echo the sentiment offered earlier that all is well. Do not doubt, all is well. As with all the others, I wish you my best and offer heaping helpings of love. Let it be so.

MONJJORONSON: : [Cathy] I am indeed moving forward in line with Michael’s plan.

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