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NID946- Ascension Trail

2016-10-06-Ascension Trail
No Idaho #946


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Climbing the Ascension Trail
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Climbing the Ascension Trail
Group: Lightline TeaM, N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: I would make vocal petition at this time to invoke spirit into the equation more fully, to bridge whatever gaps may exist so that we can converse in spirit, to welcome them. We are in the saddle, ready to ride. We welcome your influence at this time.


JONATHAN: I humbly greet you all this evening, I am Jonathan and I sense a certain sense of free-form this evening and so I petitioned to interact with you at this time. The metaphor provided of jumping in the saddle and being one of the partners riding along out on the trail is a greatly satisfying one. I can truly envision this scenario even though I was not intimately involved, I can still gain the sense of camaraderie that this image invokes and so I am pleased to saddle up and ride with you on this trail of spirit.

I feel rather qualified to install my presence alongside yours in this endeavor as we are both familiar with what it is to be out on a long trail and have comrades along to share the journey with. I have long enjoyed sharing the journey with the likes of you and I plan to continue to foster this relationship because I can choose to do so just like you can choose to do so in this process where we choose together; we can meet and join and be comrades on this trail of spirit.

On such a trail as this we will both call to witness in our life experience that we have gained new vantage points, that we have attained new heights to view from which have increased our perspective and granted us more and more a view of the whole picture. There is a certain satisfaction to be had from enjoying the view from the climb you have made and the effort you have invested, knowing that you are responsible for your own efforts to bring you to these heights; no one makes this climb for you. You must invest every step, you must be participating the entire way. For you to achieve the summit you must in fact do it yourself.

That is what is so rewarding about these spiritual achievements as well for having risen to a certain peak you can then take full responsibility for having arrived there under your own efforts. And so you should seek to have this sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for you have earned it and you will never be the same individuals for you have been expanded in your experience and you will now inhabit a different space for you have been added to and grown as a result of your efforts.

So I applaud you all for your efforts at scaling these peaks and transcending these mountains so that you may look from the summit and see for yourselves that which you have gained in the process, the view from the top of your efforts.

It is a great joy to work with these images with you for I have a keen fondness for imagery such as this. Thank you for creating this arena where we may share and commune together in this way. I have enjoyed my request being granted to be with you tonight and look forward to our next encounter. And now respectfully I would open the floor for others.

CHARLES: Surely I would take this opportunity, I am Charles and it is always gratifying to grant the desires of all those involved in this process whenever possible. To fulfill the desires to be in service is one of the greatest opportunities we could ever experience and so it is that every effort is made to grant those opportunities of their hearts, to fulfill their desire to be in motion to serve, to grow and to love. This is the purpose of the entire plan which encompasses everything, the desire to fulfill the desires of the participants, the desire to create the conditions which provide for the survival and growth of all those involved.

These underlying desires are what support this entire operation that we are all a part of. It is the grace from on high manifest as those things that we need to survive and thrive. And from such a good and positive plan come the offspring of which you are some and this offspring has innate desires to be good and true and beautiful. When these come forth they are fostered as they are throughout in the process and this union of desires come together, this union of intention comes together and the plan is fulfilled, goodness is attained, beauty is evident and the truth abounds.

What a great honor it is to be a part of this process of unfolding that we observe, even now. This process of growth before our very eyes, this perception of the unfolding of the divine plan and our willingness to participate and assist and enable this plan binds us together so we are all acting as one. It is my great pleasure and privilege to act as one with you in accordance with our desires to approach spirit, to foster spirit and to grow in our spiritual component. I would conclude my remarks but I would allow the floor to be open for any contributions, questions or observations that one might have.


Comment: Well Charles, I would like to thank you for reminding me, reminding us, such an underlying and all pervasive field assisting our growth and our ability to love is sometimes taken for granted just because it is so trustworthy so thank you for pointing it out there. I want to thank Jonathan letting me touch again some companionship I had as a youngster called the Boy Scouts and then later a group of men who actually were proud of the fact of a esprit de corps, a spirit to be shared. So thank you Jonathan for bringing those up in my mind again.

CHARLES: : It is always a welcome opportunity to attempt to share these constructs of thought and always a joy to hear that they may have met their mark to some degree upon delivery. The underlying nature of this divine plan which we are all operating under is a great thing to consider and a matter of perspective indeed for earlier on in your spiritual careers you may call to remember that you may have had no such large construct of thought but it was introduced to you and adopted by you and now it is part of you.

This evolution, this growth you can witness in your own time scale, you can see from where you have come to where you are standing now and this change in perspective and embrace of truth is what the entire plan has been designed to facilitate. Thus, it has been successful and it is good from time to time to take the time out to rejoice about such success, such accomplishment, such achievement, such growth, such heights to be looking out from.

Indeed the creators of the plan are well pleased when the students so thoroughly excel. Thank you all for joining in this program so eagerly in this classroom we share here today, knowing that these classrooms may be everywhere and that you may participate in a number of them at any time. But, I appreciate the fellowship within this one, the camaraderie that we feel and share and express. I always look forward to rubbing spiritual elbows with you all, I feel gratitude.

Comment: Well thank you again Charles, again you bring to mind that the mountain you talked about that we are climbing, that all the little footsteps up to that wonderful viewpoint, all those footsteps of hand-ups from other human hands, God’s creation of all these personalities that we have known and shared so much with, who gave us a further hand-up as they joined our soul and now to be having personal spiritual beings along the way, we thank you very much.

CHARLES: : Yes, Charles again to continue playing with this analogy if you will; there are those who have blazed the trail before you and on whose efforts you can count to help you along the way. They are the guides and even the sherpas who will assist you in your efforts. But in the end, the steps you must take must be taken by you, the very effort must be extended by you individually regardless of who has mapped out the route, charted the course or guided you through.

Likewise, as you become more seasoned in your climb and more successful in your efforts, you then become the guide for those behind you, you then help chart the course of the trail. You may be seen by others as this necessary guide just as you now may see others before you as having traversed this trail ahead of you. There are many roles to be played as we evolve through this process and every bit of effort that you extend qualifies you to speak with authority about what it is you have done and accomplished and how far you have come.


CHARLES:  So this analogy serves useful purposes to illustrate the many functions which may be experienced throughout in this process. Thank you for the conversation and the play back and forth. It is nice to have a serve returned and even create a volley. I now would take my leave after expressing my gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to facilitate such an encounter. Until next time, enjoy your days, weeks and hours as you can so consider them, good day.

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