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NID949- Choosing-Manifesting

No Idaho #949


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Choosing and Manifesting
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Choosing and Manifesting
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Unknown
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES: [Mark] Thank you my friend, thank you all of my friends for making me so welcome to join in conversation with you so casually and so sincerely. In referencing the image provided earlier, that being the overlaying of spirit force over the physical forces at play, I would call you to envision this laying over of spirit influence and principles as the bringing of timeless and eternal values into the time frame of mortal construction, that is, you are bringing an aspect of yourself, you are bringing an aspect of an individuals composition when you consider this spirit approach and that not everything which you see in the material world is governed entirely by material forces.

There are great influences at play all around this observation of yours that it is probably more effective to transpose the observable equation into the tone of spirit. I trust such analogy might lodge within you. You are able to transpose the key, if you will, of what is transpiring to a wholly different register. You are able to act as interpreters, even as guides in these circumstances, where you have become familiar with these different tones, with this variation of universe principles and you are willing to bring it in so that it may be integrated into the equation you are observing.

This will be your privilege in this life. For those who have ears to hear, have heard the tones of spirit, may bring these tones into the song that is being played on this plane. You may interject the realities of a higher dimension into the dimension that you inhabit and observe as mortals. You are able to do this because you are composite beings. You are not limited to the material restrictions of time and space. You have learned of these other influences which are present and which are indeed part of the composition of the whole you observe and having some familiarity with these higher concepts you then may choose to wield them at your command, to orchestrate them and bring them in to harmonize with the melodies that are being played.

In this way, you augment the totality of the circumstance you are observing. You bring more of the reality, the truth of all that is transpiring into the equation for consideration, for impact, for the effect it will have when your tones of harmony are added to the sound present in the equation. When you do this, you are bringing a real sense of immortality, of timelessness, of greater truths to the equation and you are flavoring the scenario with these tones you inject. Those of you who have heard these tones of spirit long to hear them again, long for them to play alongside the other tones, long for the harmonies that transpire as a result of your weaving these different tones together.

This, as you have rightly observed, is your prerogative, your ability to choose and manifest. You are all seeing in your life experiences what effects transpire when bringing these different aspects of the whole together as best you can. Merely opening the door to other possibilities and potentials creates the space for them to exist. Merely having the desire to bring, as an offering to the pot luck of your experience, these different perspectives provides that they may be put out there to be chosen, to be activated and to be enjoyed by others.

This is all a result of your desire, your choices to be of service, to bring that which is known to you and is comforting to you, to the table for consideration and consumption. So go about your task with joy, to bring tasty new dishes to the pot luck, to bring harmony which you may add to the song that is being sung, to bring a new tale of awareness so that you may uplift the circumstance with your offering, your very awareness, that others might join, subscribe to and celebrate with you.

I hope these images are supporting to your premise that this is indeed significant and important, that it does in fact expand the scope of the paradigm you are involved in and that it was your decision to do so that created the space and made it possible. Bless you all for your desire to interject spirit wherever you can. You are bound by this innate feeling to share that which you have learned and which has brought you peace and comfort and you will continue to be these guides for others who are seeking the same.

So be it, now and always for you, you who have had ears to hear. You who have had eyes to see, may you bring what you have seen and heard to the party, to the patient, to each other as you are so led to do. Thank you for the place at the table, I do feel welcome and join you with a deep love.

I would continue to beg your indulgence to look at the other side of the coin perhaps. As spiritually and mentally mature individuals, more and more you may find yourselves in the distinct position of having to navigate a new paradigm. By this I am referring to the simple act of growing awareness means that you must encounter life with a different set of truths, an expanded version of what you once knew. These realizations may force you to reconsider some long held views and understanding.

For example: During the course of your life you may have given little or no consideration to the relative value of your food sources for instance; food has always been there, it has always been good for you and nutritious and did not take much consideration, it simply was. Now you are learning as intelligent mortals of the realm that there are significant differences in the relative value, the relative nutrition, the relative worth of food supplies and options before you. As a result of your growing awareness, your choices about what is appropriate may in fact need to be altered, brought up to date and modified to adapt to current realities.

No longer can you function in ignorance about the relative values once you know them. This has the likely response of changing your choices, of modifying your acceptance of what is around you and determining what might be a better choice for your better health considering the relative values you are now aware of. Likewise, all other aspects of your life are conditioned by your growing awareness of what is truly meaningful and valuable. So it is that you modify your position, your change, your choices and grow in accordance with new information and expanded awareness. This makes it perhaps more challenging for you as individuals. Once you know the difference and you decide to make different choices, this may put you at odds with what is normal and standard practice.

But this is what it means to be a developing spiritual being, to have the uniqueness of choice, the ability to decide for yourself what you will engage in, believe in, offer, do, subscribe to and all of these are in play throughout your entire life. So many people do not consider them as such. You who have ears to hear and eyes to see have changed yourselves as a result, have made different choices, have modified your very existence based upon expanded awareness and new information. This is all well and good although not always comfortable.

So I invite you to see that as you are enjoying the goodness and grace of your expanded awareness, your eyes to see and your ears to hear, it will also bring you to new places where new choices will be required of you and new selves will be created as a result. So be at peace with the evolving you in this process. It is as ever changing and ever modifying as you will so allow. That being said, the core aspect of your being, the self that is eternally you, will remain constant throughout the process, will remain a common thread through all the different transformations of self that may be made on route in your eternal career.


So there we have it, much to think about this morning on both sides of the coin. Thank you for entertaining my thought patterns and assimilating them even as your own. I bid you all enjoy the feast and banquet that has been presented this morning.

Unknown: [Cathy] The times they are a changing. These words are indeed applicable in these times. In action and power the plans of Michael for the Correcting Time are being implemented. Your position as assistants is to hold your light and stay connected to the spirit circuit. You have been trained and tried. You are capable of holding fast to your truths in the face of adversity. You are indeed ready for any challenge of these times. You are prepared for this challenge, it is only necessary for you to embrace your skills and training. You are supported in this effort by all of creation.

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