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NID964- Miracles of Love

2017-02-26-Miracles of Love
No Idaho #964


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Miracles of Love
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Miracles of Love
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


LIGHT:  [Mark] I do hear your call and it is much as you describe the call of the small child. One feels compelled to come see what is the matter and what might be done to alleviate the struggle. It turns out this is a universal call, you refer to a statement that things manifest traits of being either “call of love or a call for love.” This simple statement describes much of what you are referring to in your observation of your associate as you encounter this experience together.

This notion of wielding the forces of light is the same exact notion as the parents responding to an internal call about the distress of a child. It is innate, if you will, within you to want to respond to the cries for love and you have trained yourselves to know that it is love that you respond with. It is love that you bring into the equation, it is love that you wield as a part of your powerful manifestation, the same love the parents feel for the child, the same love your Heavenly Father feels for you, the same love which guides and steers this universe and all creation.

I feel a unique opportunity to address you here today in reference to a spiritual miracle we are both aware of, that is my presence, my being, my beginning and my eternal nature. These things do indeed represent a miracle on this plane of your existence. I would submit to you that such a miracle was only the slight alteration of your and our individual timeline. That such a miracle as has been witnessed here in this realm will not be considered as such in other realms, it will be more routine and part of the pattern that is observed.

This act may have been out of context, may have been beyond the scope of your imagining until it happened, until it was part of the scope of your awareness and then you grew to absorb this as part of your experience in truth, thus expanding yourselves to accommodate this truth of the future, even now.

I cite this example to all gathered here today because you are ones who may most readily associate with all that has transpired around this circumstance. I bring my deepest gratitude for the parts that were played to create such an experience on such a plane as this with you, with your feet firmly planted on the plane of your common mortal career and yet your spirit so ever willing to expand beyond the limitations of this dimension. So you ask, do you really create miracles? I submit to you, you do on a regular basis as you so believe.

You may create a miracle any moment, any second with the alteration of your own individual experience, with the receiving of new revelations and perspective which cause you to expand your very dimension of being. And because you are a member of this gigantic community of man, you may also, because of your shared experience, alter the course of the experience of those around you and if this is true and as you have learned it is, then those children of light will seek to direct the experience Godward, will seek to influence the experience of not only themselves but those around them with the direction of spirit and steer the universal career towards God.

Doubt not my dear ones, that you are creating miracles even as you speak. Only believe that this is in fact so. This is my prayer for you today, that you may believe the scope of your being, that you may embrace all that you are, and as was mentioned, if you will let go of some of these rocks in your backpack on this journey, the burdens you carry of feeling as though you are at fault, as though life will deal you out the hand you deserve, as though you are bound to pay for your sins of the past, these are enormous burdens you may carry with you on your journey or you may choose to take out and to kiss good by, thus embracing them for the endurance and strength they have brought you in carrying them but to realize they are not necessary for your journey and to let these go even as landmarks on your trail.

I pray these things for you and so many more. I pray for you and I pray with you my dear ones as we work together for many of these common goals which all are reflective of our desire to make more perfect and more divine each and every circumstance, every opportunity and every chance that may come our way, may we seek to bend the arc of experience towards truth, beauty and goodness. May we be an instrument of the peace of our Lord. I’m sure you will agree with my sentiment.
Thank you for invoking my presence, for pulling up a chair for me. I certainly appreciate the invitation. I bid you all a wonderful day and a joyous eternal career. Let it be so, thank you.

JONATHAN: [Mark] Hello to all my friends, Jonathan here, once again I simply cannot resist such a gathering of close friends. It feels so warm and cozy in this circle, I am drawn to pull up around the fire with you. This notion that it is such a mortal reflection of life, this idea of wondering if one has made a difference, if one has been effective in their efforts to alleviate pain and suffering, to create peace, to foster wellness. These are such mortal desires that they are at the very core of your being. These things which are so cherished and sought after are very difficult to measure. How does one determine whether you have decreased the degree of suffering or increased the level of joy or modified the equation in any way that is discernible. This is where faith comes into play and fills the empty gaps in this equation.

True faith sets the tone for your experience and at times even the experience of others. Faith would have you believe from the start that of course your efforts will have an impact, that absolutely your efforts will meet with certain results and that most definitely the circumstance will be made better as a result. Absolute faith will accept nothing less, as you believe, so it will be done unto you. When you encounter results that may not measure up to your standards, may not rise to your expectation, recall that this is the mortal side of you which doubts, which wonders as to the efficacy, which has you questioning the validity of your very actions.

This is your mortal nature who would opt to debate the relative merits rather than to be in faith that you have made a significant contribution. Faith would illustrate that all acts of loving service will meet with certain success, are embraced from on high, that merely the following through on the inspiration to be of service is in fact success. Merely extending your efforts in the direction of your faith is success let alone practicing this faith in the face of so few tangible rewarding results. There are of course so many factors at play when you are involved in your process that it is not possible for you to have jurisdiction over them all. There are other free will choices in the mix.

There is a physical reality of the circumstance in the mix. There is the presence of faith or the absence thereof. These factors all serve to formulate the unique formula which is the experience of the moment of those involved and so I bid you all rest in faith. Faith is not the idea that you will change and make everything okay. Faith is the awareness that no matter what happens, you are okay. This is what you may pass on to others with your conviction. No matter what the tangible results may appear to be, to one with faith, they are assured they are okay.

This you may demonstrate, you may show, you may refer to and discuss as the factor which can alter the experience. This you do have jurisdiction over in your own experience and to those with faith, they will rest in peace and in comfort that this awareness brings them. Such a fascinating place you find yourselves at, at this time in your ascension career, where you literally may feel as though you have one foot on the terrestrial plane and are drawn towards the spiritual plane as well. Such is where we find ourselves at this time. I am thrilled to be an observer here with you as we chart this course, this unknown terrain together. Our Master truly said right: “Fear not, only believe.” Let us all strive to live by this admonition and to be in His peace and grace and even an instrument of His peace. I pray with you that this is so. Now let us set out to make it so, good day to you all.


DR MENDOZA:  [Cathy] I join with a brief comment that the healing experience is a complex flow of energy in intention. The one to be healed is of course in the central position of control of the reception of the energies presented. One aspect that will be helpful as we proceed in the future is the process of allowing a person to bring forth their areas of difficulty in a non-judgemental and loving arena. As was mentioned earlier, pain has been blocked and hidden but still causes physical effects.

This is why great healers follow a process of listening and accepting the perception of the patient involved. This is a service that you can provide to facilitate the healing. As the patient becomes more open to healing, the feelings of unworthiness will lessen and the reception will increase. This can come to pass in many ways. Each of you will find a place of peace to offer that will facilitate the reception.

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