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NID966- Fear Not

2017-03-12-Fear Not
No Idaho #966


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Fear Not
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue

Topic: Fear Not
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


CHARLES:  Yes, thank you for the welcome and I would seize the moment, this teachable moment if you will, as being of great value in this continuing effort to discern how to navigate the imperfections you find around you both in the environment, in thought, in word and in deed. I would seize this moment to emphasize the conclusion that all such episodes are teachable moments. If the student is receptive, it is a teachable moment. So I would offer you a reason that you seek for adopting the attitude of fear not. It is easy to state and refer to but it has certain very demanding conditions to bring yourself with the needed conviction into the equation so that you may stand firm in your beliefs of not fearing.

So I would offer you yet another reason to build your conviction to stand in this place of certainty and that is, you all are aware that as you have witnessed in your own lives, things that strike fear in you, that bring up your other nature of fearfulness, tend to be followed by episodes life brings you to encounter such fears. Time and time again, you will witness in your own life that those things you have made yourself fearful of have generated a great imbalance in you and are then subsequently followed by an encounter with the same thing.

This is among your greatest reasons to fear not, because if you allow yourselves to be stimulated and dominated by this element of fear then the universe, as you have seen, may line up to serve you a dose so that you can confront these very basic tenants of yourself. So, if one is aware of this dynamic, they can relieve themselves in great degree of the need to encounter any particular adversity. This may fly in the face of what you consider valuable in terms of being well informed but there is a distinct difference between being informed and being consumed by fear of the information or fear that the information implicates.

In this day and age, as has been stated before, you are confronted with a barrage of information and dis-information and even fiction to choose from, sort through, adopt or reject as you are so inclined. All this is well and good for the growth of the individual to the degree it does not paralyze in any way with the fear of implications. To the degree that it stimulates one to be vigilant, to take action into their own hands even to the point of arranging the earth around your vegetable seeds so as to provide good and clean nourishment for yourselves, these are ways you take action based upon your awareness and knowledge to promote goodness, health and peace.

These are the ways to channel your energy productively towards the vision you would have of health and happiness, peace. But to the degree that you allow yourselves to be distracted and burdened by fears over which you have so very little control, then it becomes an irritant in your life much as the irritant in the shellfish in which then great energy may be spent to turn it into a pearl. But pearls are hard won, hard come-by and one does not need to be constantly introducing irritants in the hopes of by chance creating a pearl.

So I hope some of this imagery is helpful to you to arrange the priority of your approach. Certainly one desires to be informed, to be aware and to be apprised of the situation. Then it becomes your choice how you would react to such input and how you would channel your energies towards the best results you can envision.

This is the art of living, this is the art of living with the spiritual awareness that you bring to it with an overall view of the eventuation of truth, beauty and goodness in your vision. This is how you flavor reality, this is how you condition your own experience. This is one of the keys that you have just asked for in the equation and this I am so very honored and pleased to offer you as we work together in this process. Would there be any dialog surrounding this concept?


Question: Yes Charles, I have a question: We are addressing individuals who are essentially manifesting fear and having to confront it then in real life. Is this also true collectively as in a nation at large fearing a particular situation and then that would manifest as well as an experience for the entire body of individuals?

CHARLES: : Thank you my friend for your question and yes, you are on the right path that the same laws of nature, if you will, apply to both scenarios. The basic principle in simple terms is that the universe responds to what you are responding to. Whenever you are responding favorably, it will rush to assist. When you are responding in a fearful manner of protectionism and worry it will also respond to promote what you are promoting. That is the significance of you being creative beings.

You truly do direct the tone; the direction of the energy that flows through you responds to what you are responding to. Whether you consider it to be a good thing or a bad thing, if it is your choice and your energies are invested therein, the universe promotes your choice, thus the importance of these choices. You have more of whatever it is you started with. This is the universal principle at play, so wherever you begin and maintain your focus and energy, you can expect it will be increased, magnified, even as you state, manifested. Thus the spiritual masters know never to waste any of their creative energies in directions they do not endorse.

Question: Thank you,  Could Charles tell us something about living in 3 dimensions and vibrating at a higher level and moving into a different 4th dimension?

CHARLES: : Referring to different levels of vibration, I would say that as you are trying to understand the different wave lengths of being it might help you to embrace the concept to consider what this feels like even in this moment. In this moment I refer to the moment of spiritual connection where you will all witness that there is an additional sense added to the other senses which are commonly used, that when you engage in the effort to connect spiritually you are increasing your dimension of vibration right there.

So that feeling that you recognize when you come to the well of spirit and dip in for some refreshment is a real-time example of you altering your frequency and changing your dimension thereby expanding your capacity to be more than you were before.

This is as close as I can point to that is present in your experience to help you have a sense of adding additional aspects to your being and becoming more as a result. This additional frequency that you refer to is impossible of description other than to relate it to an experience you are currently aware of. Trust me, you will go through a number of these frequency adjustments as you ascend the morontia plane. Each one will feel to you of great significance and that much has been added unto you as a result of your acquiring these different ranges of frequency.

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