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NID970- Claiming Potential

2017-04-16-Claiming Potential
No Idaho #970


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Claiming Potential Now
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, LIGHT, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Claiming Potential Now
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, LIGHT, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA” [Mark] Good morning friends, I invite myself into your sacred space this morning, I am Dr. Mendoza and I am drawn to this vortex of energy and I would like to pick up this thread with you at this time. First, as you have rightly declared in your intention, first comes the gratitude, the peace and grace that gratitude brings into the equation allows you to orient yourselves in the direction of perfection. So, having oriented yourself, having charted your way with your compass of spirit, let us then take some of the rest of the steps together.


It has been expressed, this vibration and sentiment of well being for one of the brethren, so let us choose to, having oriented ourselves, apply our intention. Next is the step of projecting your intention as to what you would have manifested and the technique we have entertained before is quite serviceable wherein you see your projection as encompassing a more perfect state of being and invest your energies in this vision of a situation or an individual made whole in advance of its arrival.

This is the projecting of your intention and staking out the claim at the place in the future where you will arrive in time. This is what manifestation and creation are all about, this seeing things that aren’t there yet, the visualizing of the way you would choose before it manifests and comes to pass. Then, having something to invest in, hold fast your ground for what you have willed into creation surely must be reckoned with in a universe of time and space.

This is the function and the role that the healers play, is to go out and stake the claim on a future of wellness, of wholeness, of movement towards a more perfected state and as you have learned, it does not necessarily serve to apply minute specifics to your visualizations. Let the details sort themselves out as to what this will look like when you arrive but accept that there is a place for it and that you will go stake the claim on this future reality. You do so by means of this spirit aspect of yourself that you have brought to the surface with the invocation of gratitude. The thought, the word and the deed applied.

Thank you for being open to my contribution this morning. It is always a pleasure to take advantage of an opportunity such as this.

JONATHAN: [Mark] Hi guys, this is Jonathan. [Happy Easter] That was going to be my next turn of phrase. I appreciate being able to be with you at such a time. Happy are we who are graced with the knowledge that He rose again in service. Easter is always such a fond memory for me because of its close association with springtime and renewal and regeneration, reminding us all that there is always time to start afresh and regrow and renew and pick up where you left off and start again. This indicates so much room for optimism and hope, this ‘always another chance coming up’ scenario gives you an opportunity to decide to get in the game whenever you choose, when there is always a new game coming up, always a new season to plan, a new opportunity to start fresh.

This experience on Urantia is so deeply rich with this sense of cycle, this returning over and over again as you pass through the seasons and as different potentials become real and change and finally return. This predictable sense of passing through time as witnessed in this way, is one of the most treasured aspects of the experience on Urantia. You will not ever be subjected to such a profound experience as the changing of your seasons as you evolve in the spiritual realm. This earthly experience where there is sun on your actual face and wind in your actual hair is so treasured that other universes look on with eagerness to see how we navigate through all these elements that we are not only surrounded by but composed of.

So this Easter, I would bring us all the reminder to savor the moments at hand, savor the journey as we are on it, even perhaps the rapids before us because we all know the truth that there are silver linings to every experience designed by our Creators to bring us to a higher place. I am in gratitude to join you as one of these believers who have a sense of the inherent goodness in all things. Let us seek to find this embedded goodness in all things. Let us be awakened as the springtime to the beauty around us. I bid you all safe travels in your journey.


LIGHT:  [Cathy] I join the celebration of light and growth that you call springtime. It is most encouraging to feel the energy of the group gather with intention. I join also in bringing forth a healing light for all.

MICHAEL: [Cathy] As you gather to celebrate this anniversary of my final graduation, I encourage you in the endeavors of healing. These are challenges that each one encounters in the path of this life. I know too well the challenges of adversity and the joys of accomplishment. As your Father, I am proudly witnessing each of my children as they grow and bloom as a spring flower. Peace be with you all.

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