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NID972- Going Undercover

2017-04-30-Going Undercover
No Idaho #972


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Going Undercover
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Unknown
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Going Undercover
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Unknown
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles here to interject my thought into the stream with yours. In an attempt to bring in some humor I would introduce an answer to the question posed, the ever present question of what to do, how to be most effective and what is needed in the grand picture? And, as you have rightly surmised, it all does begin with the players on the field, the individuals involved. As such, these individuals wonder and want affirmation about what their role is to play, what their context is in which to operate. And so I would offer you a pitch this morning for you to swing at as you so desire.

Consider the picture of seeing yourself as an undercover agent for God, that is, here you stand as a player on the field. You have by right the opportunity to say your piece and express whatever aspect of reality you may so choose. What if then, given this sacred opportunity, you were to see yourself as an agent of the Lord, as a representative of the Father’s grace, as a spokesperson for that which you know to be true by virtue of your own personal experience.

In this you can literally do no wrong; you can perhaps argue over its relative effectiveness in your desired scenario but you cannot argue with the fact that your version of truth that you will state as an individual is equally valid with any other version that anyone else will state out there. And, I would submit to you that the more God centered, the more divinely infused your offering, the greater standing it has among all the relative expressions of truth.

In so stating your vision, your version, your take on reality, you then provide an opportunity for others to not only consider it but perhaps to choose it as well, perhaps to relate to it and identify with it enough to select it among all the other present options. In this way you are an absolute indispensable part of the unfolding drama that is your experience for if you decline the invitation to get involved, to put an oar in the water, then you are subject to the energies of all other factors around you. If you do become involved you are at a juncture where you can help steer the craft with your directed intention.

So when you ask again, what can I do, here is another little construct of thinking. See everything as an opportunity to present personal versions of truth, your own, and the nearer it reflects divine values the more it represents divine purpose, then the greater the gift you will contribute to this gigantic pool of gifts. Being positioned as you are, you are perfect candidates to infiltrate the rest with your divine truths.

May we all go undercover for the Lord in our purpose, only to be revealed in our eternal journey as who we truly are, ambassadors for the grace of our Divine Parents.
Just another construct of thinking that may help to support the inspiration of your efforts. I hope this serves to inspire as you are uniquely positioned and universally valued and treasured for the role that you play. Thank you all for entertaining my contribution, I bid you all have a wonderful week, farewell.

LIGHT: [Mark] I am pleased to join the group today, I am Light and I would like to offer another image for you to entertain in your thought structures and that is that the candle flame, for instance, does not know that it dispels darkness, it exists as what it is. Naturally and without any grand efforts the darkness all around it is dispelled but it knows of no other reality because this is always the context of its experience. Therefore the light does not know of its own power, of its own resource; it simply does what it does and the environment around it is altered by its very presence.

This is your function, this is your role that you play as a spiritual light, as a being of spiritual significance. You too emanate a light force that is generated because of your being, because you are and as such the environment around you is impacted as the dark is dispelled by the light. Take from this mental imagery the ease with which the flame naturally exists and the effects which naturally occur as a result of its existence. You are these generators of light and from you emanate these waves of energy which modulate and change the frequency of the environment around you simply by being in contact with it. Note this is not a forced truth, it is simply and naturally occurring.

This is the effect you have on those in your environment. Simply by being close to you, the environment which you share is tinged with your peace, with your truth, with your grace which is likewise affected and altered by the grace from on high which you choose to associate with and embrace. All things effect the environments around them and this is the role that we have in this unfolding evolutionary process. Simply choosing to want to be the best light that you can be means that you are choosing to condition the environment around you with the highest values, the greatest truth, the greatest amount of peace and grace that you can create by your own imagination.

Again, this is so basic, so simple, so foundational in your experience that its significance may be easily overlooked. Thank you all for your attention this morning. I bring you my love, and my gratitude for your acceptance into your sacred circle, thank you.


Unknown: [Cathy] As events unfold in accordance with the Correcting Time plan, your role will be crucial as points of light in connection. Your expression of the Lord’s light and truth will attract those searching for a way to proceed. Many will be truly lost as the principles supporting the error of rebellion are shown to be false. Many of the corrupted institutions will be unable to function as God’s truth illuminates the complex factors at play on this planet. One way that you will be effective is to visualize the world as it will function in Light and Life. Your intention is the motivator that will begin the change that is required. Your vision will help to produce options and we will guide you as you move forward.

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