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NID975- Patterns of Triads

2017-05-28-Patterns of Triads
No Idaho #975


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Pattern of Triads
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Pattern of Triads
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


ELYON: [Mark] Thank you for such a nice introduction, I am Elyon and I do consider myself an old friend of all the spiritual seekers who have been attached to this whole process, this avenue of seeking and finding. It would be my pleasure to offer to weave together some of the many versions of this truth that has been stated this morning into one strong rope that may be grabbed when in need.


ELYON:  It was discussed, this sacred triad, the First, Second and Third Source, the Father, Son, Spirit and the implementation that arrives with the application of this pattern. You also know it as thought, word and deed, where if you see yourself as containing this entire triad, you are first the source of all that is. You are a creator being. You are as [the Father] is in the other example. Your expression of self, your individuality and unique perspective and all that makes you who you are, are this manifestation of the creative desire and now as a manifestation there is a tone, there is a flavor, there is another component which is the relationship of these first two.

The creator and the created now give rise to the reality in your case of the moment, the reality that is. Once you realize that you are two of these three components and that the third one must somehow follow suit, you realize that within you resides the potential of the entire equation as it relates to you. And so I invite you to play with this individual triad of creative prerogatives within you. You do contain all of the elements necessary to activate this sacred triad. I would make the distinction however that this scenario holds true so far as it does for you, the creator and observer. Once this scenario takes into account other individuals, other sacred triads of creation, then this component of connected-ness alters the equation.

Nevertheless, those who are strong in their conviction and faith of the reality of this sacred triad can hold fast to this internal realization and bring this conviction and certainty with them into the equation with others. This is how your individual reality may co-mingle and influence other realities around you. The simple connection of the two causes transfers of energy and blessed are they who will maintain their posture of spirit throughout all life exchanges and thereby influence and flavor all the other life experiences whom yours may touch. Simply being the brightest light illuminates all they come in contact with.

It is such a treasured joy to witness the eager students coming to class with their materials to present and discuss and the thoughtful exchanges generated as the result. It oftentimes feels as though there is little we can offer from our side but we cannot resist the temptation to join with you as you have so allowed and created in this process. Indeed it is a joy to be with old friends and with that I take my leave, farewell.

JONATHAN: [Mark] Hey folks, this is Jonathan and I’ll take a turn at the open mike, I’m always a sucker for that. What a treat to hear from our old friend and companion Elyon, certainly fond memories of having been introduced by him to our new arena of awareness. Certainly this whole experiment of the Teaching Mission and this notion of transmission from one side to the other has been the journey of a lifetime. This is one of the things we will take with us and cherish that we share and that we have deep camaraderie about.

It becomes part of who we are, our very composition of being. It is so great to see the growth that can happen when there is opportunity and there are willing participants. I want to say that I could not agree more about your observation that this third component be of love, be comprised of what love you have to bring to the equation, the greatest love you can envision each and every time. This is your sacred opportunity to represent all that you have come to know about spirit. This is your chance to vote each and every time what flavor your surroundings will take.

This is your chance to demonstrate who you are in every moment, whether it is with healing or with any other of life’s activities. Truly a master in the art of living makes no distinction between his work and his play and so you are becoming masters in this art of spiritualized living, of bringing spirit and that which you know of it into your material plane and manifesting it in a form that is shaped by love. This is your honor and privilege as a member of this divine family.

I serve with you among the ranks of honored children of Divine Parents. I feel with you the urge to do good to others and we call this love. Let us rejoice with the abundant love that we feel and let us spread this about freely. It is our joy and our privilege to do so. So as one team member to the other team members, let us go about doing what we were created to do and let us infuse it with as much love as we can master. Good luck to all the workers in the fields of the Lord. I bid you all a joyous week, good day.


DR MENDOZA: [Cathy] In the co-mingling of energies that Elyon presented, you bring your creative intentions together with the energy of another to up-step the available energy for use in healing. You do not force this transfer but openly act as a conduit for the love, light and action of healing. By being open to a new action you allow the other person to choose a different action and view of themselves. You provide acceptance and new possibilities to someone who has become trapped in a static view of themselves. This is the gift that could be offered in love to the afflicted. Many times this acceptance is all that is needed to start the process of change. We of course are available to help.

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