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NID978- Source Within

2017-06-18-Source Within
No Idaho #978


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Source Within
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: The Source Within
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] I would make my greetings to you all and barge into your intimate gathering as I feel I am welcome. I am Charles and I would like to throw a couple of things into the melting pot today for consideration. I would borrow a phrase from the matrix of human thought and play with it a little bit, that phrase being -“the things that lie behind you and the things that lie before you are small matters compared to what lies within you”. This phrase is illustrating the point made earlier in discussion that you have been created with all of the vast potentials built into your very being.

You have the grand ability to access some of these potentials that are wired into your very being and choose to awaken them, choose to advance them, choose to promote them. They are part of your composition by virtue of the fact that you are children of God, children of Michael and that as descendants of such, you are designed to resemble the parents.

This intentional design is what is embedded within you. It is the structure on which you rest and the formula with which you operate, it is your desires becoming apparent to you and being made real. It is this divine light, as you refer to it, being channeled and focused by you, the creative individual and this is as per design. The master creators have created the mini-creators and you are going about accessing your potential to create, to manifest that which is your desire just as the Creators on high and there is a desire you are manifesting to grow into your cosmic family, to become the source itself of love. You are growing towards fulfilling a dream, a desire becoming real by your creators and all along the way you are fulfilling your destiny of creating all that is around you and conditioning it with the divine characteristics you have come to know.

Another thought concept I would seize and utilize is that of the difference one notices when they go from a thought within, perhaps a knowing, perhaps an experience or an awareness and then they proceed through this next stage of expression of trying to put into words, even in your own mind’s concept, what it is you are trying to express. Choosing these words is very significant as they impart meaning and value and so there is this process of definition and of choosing the right concepts to attempt to express what it is that you are experiencing within.

This is what is so significant in the triad of thought, word and deed for how are you to manifest any creation in deed when it has not been defined in your own concept? This is where your creative switch-board, as you referred to it, of light may come into play where you may have a thought and in choosing to express it, your switch-board of light may choose the highest concept you are aware of, the most divinely inspired words may be chosen to bring to the greatest light that which you are trying to describe. This is where each and everyone who walks this world has the ability of interpretation and the different factors one uses to interpret, even referred to as the”stance”.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to seize some of the library of human thought and the contributions made thereto to draw from and use in illustration of points that are attempted of definition. Always a pleasure to join you in your morning discussions. I bid you all good day.

Group: thanks.

CHARLES:   Well my dear ones, you make it easy. You brought the entrees to the pot luck, I merely attempted to describe them.

JONATHAN: [Mark] Hello to you all, did I hear there was free food for thought offered? It is always my pleasure to join you at your banquet and feast alongside with you as we enjoy the bounties that spirit brings into the equation. I have to jump forward and say that I believe you are onto something and this something is merely another construct of thinking but it may be serviceable for you to consider, this whole notion of having everything you need within and that the greatest treasures are there to find.

What does this mean? What do these words imply? They virtually beg you to turn within and seek the bounty that is there, to utilize the tools that you are given, to focus the minds attention on the expansion of spirit, to with intention and purpose direct the flows of energy within towards spirit.

You all find routinely that there is a monologue which goes on within and much of the time it may be that this monologue is occupied with mortal and finite concerns, perhaps even preoccupied and one of the grandest lessons a mortal can learn is that this dialog, while it may seem random and unintentional, may be corralled, may be focused as the owner so chooses, that these random ramblings of the mind may be directed into spiritual pursuits, into creating space for spiritual awareness.

I invite you to recall that your onboard partner, your Thought Adjuster as you refer to it, is your direct link and connection to the Divine. It is your gateway thereto. It is in charge of your spiritual progression as It is intimately familiar with your capacities, your desires and your intentions. Therefore, if it is your desire to grow in spiritual capacity, put your attentions towards directing that, towards creating that to occur, towards asking your Thought Adjusters for their approval, towards working with your Thought Adjusters towards this end.

These are all your internal choices to make and if you so declare it, it will be, it can be nothing else. So I invite you to declare it. Observe as your mind skips off down the path and call it back like a small child and say: I would like it if we went down this path, please let’s go. Utilize your mind’s circuit to be your mind’s servant. Choose to direct it and have it be so, thereby completing within the triad of thought, word and deed thereby directing your creation at will. Simple and yet, as has been alluded to, perhaps the most profound thing to discover about your nature.


JONATHAN:  I always enjoy a good pot-luck of sharing and today’s has indeed been a feast. I also am in gratitude for the welcome I feel here as I now take my leave, farewell.

MICHAEL:  [Cathy] I wish to encourage your participation in the shift of consciousness that is beginning on this planet. I have the original plan and you are creating this Correcting Time shift by bringing forth the highest concept in your awareness. Together we can uncover the foundation of the original divine plan, the pattern that will build the world in a new direction. It is my hope that you, my children, will be the ones to bring a new direction to this world.

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