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NID983- Communication

No Idaho #983


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Language, Words, & Communication
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Language, Words, & Communication
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: I extend a welcome to Charles.


MACHIVENTA: Thank you indeed for your invitation and your registration of my presence here today. The sensation that you feel when we are together, the energy signature, is how we will know each other throughout time. I would like to express that in overhearing your conversations and your sharing it becomes evident that many times there is not much that can be added to your contributions, that you are filling your own cups with spirit, with your own experiences which are hard won and well earned and which when shared, show the fruits of the spirit indeed. So it is always a joy to observe the sharing of spirit and the bounty of the pot luck before us.


MACHIVENTA:I will seize on the opportunity to take a certain ball and move with it down the field, that is the idea around your aha moments having to do with language and words and portraying what is within and communicating it effectively to bring it out. As you have discussed, there is great significance to this component of your being, this acting as translator of what is occurring to your description of it. This is where your creative prerogative is at its height. This is where you make the call, you make the interpretation about what it is that is transpiring and even more significantly, what your reaction to it is.

And so, since you are realizing there is this juncture where great influence may be had in the equation, I invite you to consider the action that happens in your normal course of activity, your greetings to others, your responses to questions, your statements of observance. These are all being created by you and I submit that many of these casual common responses are simply being replayed from having been long since recorded and that you spend much of your time interacting with others in simply repeating familiar exchanges. I invite you to consider that each one of these exchanges you make with others are in themselves golden opportunities to decide what the moment would say, what the heart would say, what the highest aspect of yourself would say and choose one of those.

Realize that you are not only making the connection to respond but that you do not have to passively hit play, your recorded response; you may decide to go live and give your own slant or interpretation in the equation because, as you have witnessed correctly, the power of the word is mighty. The words chosen are significant. The attempt to convey thought into word must pass through this gate that we are referring to. It is there at this juncture that you may choose the response rather than simply repeat a response.

This is extended class material asking you to observe your thoughts as they happen, inviting you to become a greater observer within and as such, inviting you to choose at will your opportunities to create anew, to infuse spirit into any equation, to decide to take it to the next level because you are actively going to throw the switch to do so. Any interaction like this has the potential to greatly alter the environment.

I thank you for your consideration of some of the lessons recently and your consideration of this one. I am pleased to work with you in whatever capacity you may desire. It is my desire that each of you come to know me individually and personally through this energy signature present at this time. I invite you to accept this that I offer at this hour of a greater embrace of spirit. I would surround you in my love as well, I would embrace you with my energy, even now.

I am one who is keenly interested in your welfare and your spiritual endeavors and I promise to assist you as you have need of me and as you would solicit my help. It is my fond wish that you would take me up on my offer. Once again thank you for allowing all this to be, for allowing us to be together even now. I look forward to our future embrace. I bid you all good day, farewell.

DR MENDOZA: I am here as well, I am the Dr. Mendoza referenced before and I would respond to your question referencing the apparent on again, off again nature of working together as spirit and mortal individuals. As was referenced, there are a number of factors involved in this equation, any one of which can cause failure in the circuit. Remember always that the guardians within, the Thought Adjusters, are always in communication in instances where there is this attempt at communication and always are there recommendations taken as to the willingness and readiness of any individual to engage in spiritual pursuits.

That is another part of this circuit that exists, another piece of it and that is the fuse in the circuit. Those are the guardians to the gates of spirit for these individuals and they will safeguard these individuals and shepherd them through as they are ready. Therefore in these matters of spirit, all deference will be given to the condition of the participant. So it is not at all surprising that time and configuration of individuals will bring about different results from one time to the next. I assure you there is always a desire to work together with you and I appreciate the referral that I have gotten by you to others and will always reach out to any who will reach out in my direction and we will all have relative levels of success because this is a relative place of living.

It brings my heart joy that there have been successes in our working together and it is not surprising to observe there will be shortcomings as well, but maintaining your faith in the process, in the overall outcome and in your inevitable attainments of your divine career, these are things which move you through the transient ups and downs, the obvious successes and the apparent failures. Your continued faith in the overall good of the program propels you to move instead of being paralyzed by fear. These are what we are growing and fostering, the skills and ability to manifest the depths of our being.
I enjoy working with you along these routes, whatever capacity it is in. I now make room for others, thank you for your attention.

JONATHAN:  Hi guys, Jonathan here, always looking for a chance to join my friends. I would like to seize the thread that was mentioned earlier of discernment and would like to point to the obvious fact that we live in times of great opportunity to employ ones discernment and it may be a great exercise to be had just navigating ones way through the events of the day. This notion of practicing discernment is a great one for consideration. The idea that one becomes complacent over time, relaxing and relying on another’s interpretation to be imposed upon them because this is the way it’s done, this is easy and all I have to do is take it in and soak it up.

This is where discernment of what is good for you comes into play. Just because things exist out there does not mean they need to impose themselves upon you unless it is your desire to open the door and let them in. So there is some truth about staying happy and reading the newspapers. There is certain truth that one can become overloaded with things which are requiring your discernment. Is it real, is it not real, how bad it is and what does it mean to me?


MACHIVENTA: As Charles reminded us, we are all here for one purpose, to build our own being, to create our soul to the fullest of its capacity and so we must protect our environment to some degree. We must use our discernment to determine the amount of information we wish to process at any given time and we must concern ourselves in the process with not overloading as we now have access to so many sources of information that are potential to be processed.

So I invite you to consider that if priority one is to build and protect a healthy and happy soul, then certainly we must guard against too much toxic exposure. It’s always a joy to come and be with my friends. I thank you for pulling up a chair at the table for me, a good day to you all.

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